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  • Sans's lament.
    7.6K 377 5

    Sans watches Frisk (aged up of course, to 18) pass through the underground, again and again, making different choices each time. One timeline, they're the happiest couple alive, another, simply best friends. Of course, she's also sometimes a relentless killer. Sans watches in pain, seeing everything he once had be rip...

    20.5K 647 6

    *ring ring* "Hello?" "It's been ten years..." "How's it going?" "Papyrus misses you..." "So does goat mom..." "...I miss you..." "...the barrier isn't coming down for a while..." "By a while I mean decades..." "But it's felt like decades after you left..." "...sigh..." "I guess I should say something else..." *click* ...

  • I won't let you hurt them Anymore (An UnderTale Fanfic)
    24.1K 666 7

    Now before you start reading this this is a fanfic. Also this is a ship of Sans and Frisk so......Please don't be rude about what I yeah. Also I do not own the characters and the game "UnderTale"

  • Reset (Sans x Older!Frisk)
    86.7K 3.7K 18

    There are some things you just can't take back. No matter how many times you reset. After breaking free of Chara's grip, Frisk decides to do one final reset before defeating Sans or proceeding to the throne room. But some memories last longer than others, and broken trust isn't easy to repair. Female, aged-up Frisk. S...

  • Undertale: Twin sister
    104K 3.7K 17

    After Frisk goes missing, Caitlin, Frisk's twin sister goes looking for her in the the last place she saw her. MT Ebott, the mountain of dark legends, she finds a necklace that belonged to Frisk on the ground. Just like Frisk, Caitlin tripped and fell into the Underground. Caitlin finds things she never knew existed.