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  • The world belongs to the courageous (Johnlock)
    19.8K 2K 19

    Sherlock und John stehen irgendwo zwischen Freundschaft und Liebe, zumindest glaubt John das. Als dann noch eine Bombendrohung bei der Polizei eintrifft, findet sich John in einem absoluten Chaos wieder, denn er hat keine Ahnung, wie er dem Detektiv seine Gefühle gestehen soll; und das inmitten eines Spiels gegen die...

  • Bah Humbug (manxman) A Christmas Romance *NaNoWrimo 2014 Winner*
    1.4M 48.7K 19

    Whoever it was that said that money can't buy you happiness had hit the nail smack dab on its head. Ellis Carmichael had made his millions before the age of twenty. His patented internet site, was almost an overnight success. It was the main go to social site for gay men to meet and mingle; a ve...

    Completed   Mature
  • Overnight Flight (manxman) Short Story
    1.1M 33.7K 11

    A short but sweet M/M love story. Christian was more than happy to help out when his best friend, Shelley asked him to cover her shift on an overnight flight with an important client; due to the fact that she had a bad case of the flu. The both of them worked for the same private Learjet company as flight attendants f...

    Completed   Mature
  • After the Storm (manxman)
    672K 37K 27

    Luis Randall watched dry eyed as his husband was lowered into the dark cold earth that was his final resting place. He was saddened by the lost of his friend and his companion, but in a sense, he was relieved. Jackson was no longer suffering and now Luis is free, but free to do what? Luis had literally devoted his lif...

    Completed   Mature
  • Analyzing Isaac (manxman) NaNoWrimo 2013 Winner
    1.2M 44.1K 18

    After years of abuse at the sadistic hands of his Stepfather, Issac Carmichael had finally snapped in a haze of hatred, pain, and feelings of total helplessness. It was his driving need to get away from the abuse and torment, and a desperate attempt of self preservation he had made a choice. A life altering decision...

    Completed   Mature