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  • Smile! (Brothers Conflict Fanfic)
    80.6K 3K 14

    Hana grows up in a abusive home with her only connection to the outside world is her horrible adoptive father and an old laptop she does her schooling on. She finally gets rescued at the age of 17 by a nice lady named Miwa-Sama. Her world turns upside-down as she struggles through life with 14 siblings, which is harde...

  • The Forgotten - Brothers Conflict 「On Hold」
    61.5K 1.4K 21

    True love eh? It's different for everyone. When I think of true love, I think of the elderly couple sitting on a park bench holding hands and enjoying the time they have left together and even though they have had the past 60 years together, it still isn't enough for them. When they say True Love, I think of beach wed...

  • Alone (Brothers Conflict Fanfiction)
    175K 4.6K 49

    Would you like being one of the most adored siblings in a residence with 13 brothers? Or would you rather be their lover instead being their adored sister? "Would you hear my troubled heartbeat and ask me if I'm alright?" -in which a girl is handling conflicts against her brothers ------------ a/n: currently edi...

  • Love you, Sis! [A Brothers Conflict Fanfiction] -Discontinued-
    105K 4K 28

    With just the order of fate, a cheerful and adorable child becomes a quiet and emotionless child. But when Aoi meets the Asahina brothers, there seems to be a spark of hope. Hope of returning to her old self. DISCLAIMER : I do not own Brothers Conflict!