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    Lilly Bailey Star & David go on a adventure and some things in this story happen magic,violence,mysterious fingers,I hope you in joy my story

  • My Fantastic Dairy (Not!!!)
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    OK this story is with me and my sister kiki it about a girl named Valley Katrinia Tropicals(for short Kat) who tells her life of HIGH SCHOOL!!! This looks like a journal. hope u enjoy. Love,Peace,Respect By:TAB AND KIKI

  • Ella the Wolf
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  • welcome to the reverse | gravity falls + reverse falls
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    despite how It looKS, I'm still planning to update this as of August 2018 - The twins arrive back to the falls the next year, with full intentions to relax and cut back on the apocalypse. That plan is out the window when Dipper finds an odd looking journal with nothing to do with the last three and a sensible Ford is...