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  • ·life quotes·
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    these are some of my favorite quotes etc. I want to share them with anyone who's reading this in hopes that it will inspire you in some way 😇💝 ⚠ I do NOT own any of these quotes, credit goes to the rightful owners⚠

  • All my drawing
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    These are all the drawings I did, paper and online. Enjoy!!

  • KPOP Roleplaying
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    Hello! I would Like to create a roleplaying group to attract roleplayers. However, there are certain requirements So I apologize

  • ➹ Guide To : Kpop Roleplay
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    Just a few tips on how to start an rp account, as well as some rants on things you shouldn't do.

  • KPop BoyxBoy OTP's
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    Gay Kpop Idols. >NO MORE REQUESTS< Story began: June 13, 2014 Requests ended: June 2, 2015 Requests back up: October 26, 2015 Requests ended: December 21, 2015 Story ended: Very soon! EVERYTHING IN THIS STORY IS MINE. DO NOT STEAL, COPY, PLAGIARIZE, AND/OR PUBLISH ON ANY OTHER SITE WITHOUT THE AUTHOR'S (ME) PERMISSIO...

  • Idol Producer Profiles
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    iQiyi has announced China's very first boy group survival program called Idol Producer! [Chinese: 偶像练习生 | pinyin: Ǒuxiàng liànxí shēng | Korean: 우상연습생 | Romanized Korean: Usang yeonseubsaeng) The program will contain 100 trainees from Chinese and foreign entertainment labels. The final 9 contestants will be chosen by...

  • втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ? ˎˊ˗
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    bts wallpapers 2016

  • Tagged
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    So I somehow got tagged for something?

  • All About Me | KenviTrash
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    I don't think you all know about me so this book is filled with shit about me.

  • The Little Princes
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    Just a bunch of drabbles about The Jung's family, their cute sons and the annoying couple next door. Taekwoon & Hakyeon - The parents. Hongbin & Hyuk - The sons. Wonshik & Jaehwan - The annoying neighbors. Date started - 12.07.16 #926 in Random on 06.03.17 #711 in Random on 21.03.17

  • Falling | Jungkook Fanfiction |
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    Andomelia dislikes society and society dislikes her. With liking a boyish sport, soccer (not really boyish in her opinion) she gets picked on a lot. She likes to think she has it all, even if others think she's a loser, especially Jungkook. Will she actually succeed to have it all?

  • KPop Angst/Fluff/Smut Oneshots
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    I accept all ships. I'll do most groups however if I do not know the group I will check them out.

  • my random words » me (#Wattys2016)
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    Just a random book filled with random words Book 1 Started:23/02/16 Ended:30/06/16

  • Astro Chatroom :')
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    Photos and videos credit to their respective owners!

  • asylum // namjin (complete)
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    namjoon understood, just like they did (if you came for romance then you came to the wrong fic) cover by lovelyjunhoe youngbinsgf • all rights reserved

  • curvy [vmin]
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    "I wanted to make a new life, is that enough to say?" PART TWO OF STRAIGHT ©️TODAYIWRITE

  • Innocent • jikook
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    "Oh, my sweet, innocent Hyung" BadBoy!Jungkook Innocent!Jimin Shy!jimin _____________________________ Credits @PastelPleague

  • Call me Daddy (Jikook smut)
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    when Jimin is the little kitten with a complicated background And Jungkook is the son of a boss in a huge company And Jungkook got a slutty maid and a cold and horrible ex. Therefore Done bitch

  • Mr. Right (Vkook) ✔
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    Kim Taehyung is a porfessional model. Both men and women thrive for him and they'd be considered lucky even if they were just one-night stands. And that's what he's doing in a gay bar right now, looking for one-night stands. Jeon Jungkook is a professional photographer. He's not really openly gay, but he was dragged t...

  • What's worse than love? (Vkook) ✔
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    Jungkook moves to a new town with his dad and tries to heal from a heartbreak. He moves in with his to-be stepfather and to-be stepbrother. Then he meets Taehyung who has done nothing, but to cause him physical pain just because he doesn't like transferees, stupid isn't it? He encounters new people and new relationshi...

  • Goodbye | Vkook
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    5 Days before I say goodbye ~~ Love and Regrets sequel No plagiarizing intended. All Rights Reserved © 2016 - Taekooksbabygirl fanfictions

  • destruction│vkook
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    :jungkook wanted to be happy, but we can't always have what we want: ©svtwonce 2016 ©sateulights 2016 [cover credits]

  • Oneshots | Vkook
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    Know you love me boy so that I love you ~~ Date started: Aug 6 2015 Date ended: ∞ No plagiarizing intended. All Rights Reserved © 2015 - Taekooksbabygirl fanfictions

  • Love and Regrets | Vkook
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    I never wished for this to happen. But I know it was all my fault. I did this to us. And I regret everything. Everything including the day I let him be a part of my life. But there's one thing I didn't regret. Loving him. But. He did. Because he told me. ~~~~ SEQUEL: Goodbye No plagiarizing intended. All Rights...

  • Hug me | Vkook
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    How do we love? No plagiarizing intended. All Rights Reserved © 2015 - Taekooksbabygirl fanfictions

  • Next to you (Vkook)
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    This is a sequel to When you're gone. To those who have not read, you can check it out (: Life after graduation, getting back together again. Now they are happily married, adopted two kids, Taekwon & Taeguk. They couldn't be more than happy to have a bright future ahead.

  • Stay With Me (Obsession 2) | Vkook
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    Book 2 of 'Obsession' series "are you going to leave me too...?" i don't want this to happen for the second time... Please, stay with me... © -vvtaekook. all rights reserved.

  • The Reason | jjk.kth
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    You are the reason why I live [Includes : alt. ending] © creator 2011 [Highest rank: #783 - fanfiction and #694 - Taehyung]

  • [M] Bloodlust Ch. 1 "Your Lust" [Vmin]
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    Chapter 1 to the Bloodlust One-Shot Series: Your Lust Jimin has already adapted himself to his life with the vampire brothers, V and Jungkook. Jungkook has never touched him and seemingly never will, however V, on the contrary, can't keep his hands off him. Jimin begins to experience constant arousal and it's the rand...