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  • Lost n' Found [Transformers Fanfiction]
    19.4K 826 18

    Mirajane Witwicky, the daughter of Judy and Ron Witwicky. Born with a soft nature and wiling to give up her life to protect others from harm. Wiling to give up her freedom to protect those she loves. What happens when she meets the famous twins? What would happen when she meets the Autobots? Will they find the need t...

  • Dark Paradise [Transformers] {1}
    6.8K 208 9

    The 17 years old Ronny Witwicky is a normal girl, but her normal life is about to change after she getting her first car. Note; Sam Witwicky isn't going to be the main character, he will only be mentioned. Completed; 9/5/17

  • Reunion (COMPLETE)
    21.4K 847 11

    Anna Stark, estranged sister of Tony Stark, and secretly a human Allspark, is on the hunt for her missing brother after being in a coma for almost three months after the battle of Mission City. She has left the Autobots and NEST behind as she searches and what she finds, will change her life and those in her life that...

  • Beacon of Light -William Lennox-
    38K 890 29

    In a world of cars that transform and destruction in it's wake and gathering darkness she was his light in that darkness.

  • Little Banes --- Transformers
    149 9 3

    "Do not fall in love with people like me. I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand...

  • Drive •• BumbleBee ••
    4.9K 215 12

    •••• © Drive copyright to Queen_0f_the_Cl0uds © •••• All we do is drive All we do is think about the feelings that we hide All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign Sick and full of pride All we do is drive ••••

    15.8K 779 19

    ATHENA│❝when all seems lost, a few brave souls could save everything we've ever known.❞ if you're made of metal, do you truly have a soul? ©COCOKEI. OOOOOOO1. transformers.

  • Falling Hard » Bumblebee (Book One of Six)
    33.3K 1K 13

    Rosalie Witwicky despises her older brother. While he's always out with his friends, drooling over Mikaela from school, she heads out to her dance studio, and practices. She wanted to be a dancer. Music was her passion. But her dancing had to be put on hold, as a striped Camaro came crashing into her life. Completed:...

  • Scarlet Witwicky's First Secret
    3.2K 171 14

    She's got an anger. Can she control it? She's got a cheeky side. Can she mask it? She's got a kind side. Can she keep it? She's got a secret. Can she keep it? Thank you to everyone that helped me with this book!!

  • My Guardian From Cybertron (Optimus Prime Love story) {Wattys2017}
    2.2K 121 10

    Andy Witwicky is the Twin sister to Sam Witwicky. Her life becomes a huge rollercoaster ride once she meets the Autobot's and catches the optic of a certain Prime.

  • Loving Slow » Bumblebee (Book Two of Six)
    26.2K 928 19

    Rosalie resumes her dancing as the Witwicky siblings head off to college. Leaving Bumblebee behind was the hardest decision for Rosalie to make. But with the Decepticons movement becoming more and more regular, Bumblebee might just have to come with them anyway. Completed: 24th of June, 2017 --------- Copyrighted © 20...

  • Uneasy ~ Transformers [Bayverse] Fanfiction
    19.7K 784 16

    Elaina Witwicky is Samuel's older sister, who despite wanting to "get the hell out of dodge", is still in her hometown and can't seem to escape the crazy antics of her family. "That's the last time I take advice from you!" "Oh, because I totally knew the car, that you agreed was the best in the lot, was sentient and w...

  • Sam's Older sister Re-written
    17K 664 11

    Re-written version! Warning! There is some Mild language! Meet Sam witwicky, he has an older sister named cole. Sam hasn't seen his sister for five years, since she is in the service stationed in Qatar. Little did he know the day after he got his car. Something happens. What will happen? Will things be the same for...

  • Assassin (Optimus Prime love story)
    2.4K 26 20

    Hey. I'm Agent Victoria Knox.I have swiftly done my jobs quickly and quietly but no one appreciates me because I have gone rogue. When I was on a mission and was followed by a semi truck almost everywhere until he showed me what he and his friends were. Read to find out! (My first book)

  • Yeager Chronicles: After Extinction
    2.4K 174 26

    Well, this begins with the fight with Optimus and Lockdown - where he basically gets sliced in half with Optimus' Knight's sword from the arm of Lockdown's ship. After all of this, Optimus does leave Earth, and doesn't come back for some time. After five or so years, he does return, still with the seed in his possessi...

  • Creed : Unknown [> On Hiatus <]
    7.7K 327 10

    [> TROTF <]. Shortly after the Autobots had defeated Megatron, there has been a mysterious decline in the mugging and theft and murdering incidences. People explain this mysterious person as the Guardian of the City. They see the cloaked figure most frequently on the roof tops, watching over them as a Guardian Angel...

  • Transformers: Another Witwicky? ☡ON HOLD☡
    1.1K 44 9

    Ima fix the description very soon my friends, just hold on for a bit! I will probably be changing the cover later! And I might also change Evans look. So look out! ~Brandon Ajax

  • Transported (COMPLETE)
    43.8K 1.5K 13

    The world Persephone "Percy" Jackson knew is gone. Everyone, everything is gone. All except for the greek gods, and even they are fading. As a last resort to save her, the gods send her to another world with the last of their strength... and the last of their powers. What will Percy do in this new world?

  • A Different World (COMPLETE)
    34.7K 1.3K 11

    Anna Stark is the estranged younger sister of Tony Stark. After running away when turning 18 because of the inattention from her brother, she changes her name to Anna Jackson and is now a Lieutenant under the command of Captain William Lennox. After turning 23, Anna has decided it is time to reach out to her brother...

  • Always Family (Threequel to Daughter of a Prime)
    4.1K 189 10

    in the previous book, Lilliana is killed in the ending and Bee us left alone with the sparklings alone. but with the help of the rest of the Autobots, hes pulling through the tough times. he misses his beautiful flower so much. he wishes he could have her back. what if I told you one day, something marvalous comes up...

  • Sparkmate of a Soldier. (Sequel to Daughter of a Prime)
    24.9K 806 24

    Mission city was tough in a way but everyone seemed to make it out okay. Lila found her true self and has completely changed into her robotic state. Though she can still transform into a human. Things at home are going swell but there's still one question...."was the war really over? Or was this just the beginning?"...

  • If Lockdown Ever Met Me
    9K 293 24

    A normal teenage girl by the name of Sky is a huge Transfan. One night she just wanted to enjoy Age of extinction with her puppy, but of course it didn't want to be easy. Sky was just enjoying the movie until Lockdown decided to break the fourth wall and talk directly to her. She just thought it was a prank! But noooo...

  • If Lockdown came to Our World
    9K 450 38

    Sky had just returned home with her new Autobot friends, including her sparkmate, Optimus Prime. The Autobots now exist in our world. The Creators have seen Sky's message, they now send Lockdown to her dimension to seek her out. Lockdown doesn't want to, he still has feelings for the teenage Prime. But what will happe...

  • If Lockdown wanted Vengeance
    1.3K 116 17

    Cover made by me! It's been over half a year since Sky and Lockdown have seen each other, Sky thinking that her problems with him have finally come to an end. But she could be more wrong. Lockdown now has a thirst for vengeance and he decides to align himself and the Creators with the four Cybertronians in Sky's dime...

  • Little Optimus (TFP Little Series)
    19.4K 945 7

    During a battle with the Decepticons, Optimus is turned into a sparkling. Ratchet races against time to restore him before they lose the Optimus they know. The rest of the team tries to help their leader the best they can. Keeping him safe and also making sure he doesn't feel useless. Can they help him before the sp...

  • Little Megatron (TFP Little series)
    13.5K 746 8

    An accident in Shockwaves lab, caused by Starscream and Knockout, turn Megatron into a sparkling. The Decepticons find him to be more of a terror than when he was normal. Shockwave takes his time finding a way to turn him back. Seeing as he isn't a threat. Can they change him back before something happens?

  • I'm Here 3 (Optimus Prime Love Story part of I'm Alive series)
    21.2K 600 12

    We were once a peaceful race of intelligent mechanical beings. But then came the war. Between the autobots who fought for freedom, and the Decepticons who dreamt of tyranny. Over matched, and outnumbered. Our defeat was all but certain. But in the wars final days. One autobot ship escaped the battle. It was carrying a...

  • My Two Boys
    90 4 1

    "How do they do this... How?" Okay as promised this is Optimus dealing with his two terrible but adored boys... No sorry as Abby would say about these boys "My two little hero's"

  • (Optimus Prime x Male OC)Transformers Movie verse
    38.5K 972 37

    Tak was Sam Witwicky's adopted brother, every thing was normal till they went to get a car. now every thing has gone from normal to chaos. Now it up to them to help save both humanity and auto-bot from the Decepticons. this will be 1-3 movies, the 4th one is to sad for me to do, so if you don't like, don't read. As t...