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  • His Indecent Proposal ✔️
    9.4M 259K 33

    Aviona Montemayor was kidnapped by a heartless vengeful man-who happened to be her family's mortal enemy. She must hate him for ruining her life, pero nang makaharap ni Aviona ang kanyang abductor ay hindi galit ang namayani sa puso niya... kundi paghanga. Paghanga sa kulay asul at walang awang mga mata ni Lander Mont...

  • Trapped With Him ✔️
    9.3M 333K 48

    "I'm no longer your brother. I am now your lover." -Voss Damon Montemayor New World - BOS #1 -------------------------- R18 MONTEMAYOR SAGA / Black Omega Society New World

  • Fall For You (R18) ✔️
    5.8M 192K 47

    He was cursed. He was in heat. And he wants you. DAYBREAK SERIES: Kaden Vox by Jamille Fumah Warning: R18. May include prolonged scenes of intense violence, blood, gore and graphic sexual content.

  • Leo Montemayor-Saavedra ✔️
    19.7M 344K 56

    Warning: Not suitable for young readers or sensitive minds. Contains disgusting humor, graphic sex scenes, adult language and situation intended for mature readers only. #ASMM