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  • brothers' best friend ✽ h.s
    54.7M 1.3M 80

    "So what do we do?" "We can work something out. There's just one problem... We can't let your brother find out." Achievements: #1 in fanfiction ❁ ❁ ❁ Story may contain sexual content and vulgar language so read at your own risk! COPYRIGHT © 2014, stylescloud All rights reserved, please don't copy and/or steal my s...

  • Daddy issues || h.s
    3.8M 111K 55

    If you were to mention her name in a locker room, or in a girls bathroom, you would always get the same look and smirk sent in your direction. Because she was an urban legend. Someone people told their younger siblings about when they wanted to brag about how awesome it was to be a teenager. The details and the ending...

  • Nude » h.s (#Wattys2016)
    7.5M 215K 54

    "There is a little bit of devil in her angel eyes." [Book 1] // © 2014 Qveendom. All Rights Reserved. || Editor: @lola7909 || Highest Rank #1 in fanfiction

  • Lone [MATURE HS]
    2.5M 96.8K 43

    Harry doesn't believe in coincidences. Neither should she.

  • blind. | styles (hariana)
    633K 16.9K 79

    Harry Styles is known as "The King" in the world of university fraternities, and he has the same charismatic reputation to accompany his title. In Prescott Academy, Harry is considered their unspoken leader and in his shadow lived is slightly-less interesting twin brother, Marcel Styles. Marcel Styles lived an outcas...

    Completed   Mature
  • goodnight kisses » h.s.
    610K 22.1K 10

    [short story: ✔] ❝sometimes i wish you were awake when i do this❞ every night he'd put her to bed and kiss her lips, just wondering how it would feel if she returned them. | lowercase intended | ©2014 TypicalFangirlx all rights reserved cover by: vanja p.s. i wrote this a while back and i'm aware that it's a tad creep...

  • Buffalo [h.s.]
    9.2M 181K 43

    Is fourteen days enough time to fall in love? Fae didn't think so. But when this gawky resort housekeeper stumbles into yet another awkward situation, this one inclusive of the extensively enigmatic and of celebrity status Harry Styles, she isn't certain of anything anymore. Through first glances, first kisses, and ot...

  • Background Noise [HS]
    180K 9.8K 34

    He looked like a proper rockstar up on stage. He had it all: the girls screaming his name in absolute adoration; the long, wild hair that fell over his face with every dip of his head; a much too-big frilly shirt that parted at the top to reveal his chest and two swallow tattoos. She could picture the string of broken...

  • DEAR HARRY, | H.S.
    3.2M 96.3K 60

    What happens when you email Harry Styles for relationship advice...and he responds? Highest Ranking- #9 in Fanfiction

  • Fix A Heart
    5.4M 110K 63

    Blair is nineteen, living independently with her best friend Sadie who is also nineteen; a girl who's fun, adventurous, and always looking for some excitement. Blair on the other hand still holds onto her insecurities that Harry had caused her to have from childhood, his bullying of over ten years making her think of...

  • Fat // Harry Styles
    1.8M 79.6K 50

    in which an overweight young woman in an abusive relationship wants to piece her life back together before her mental and physical health come crashing down. [highest ranking: #11 in fanfiction] [Winter Fanfiction Awards Winner 2016!] [cover made by @ashtxning] All Rights Reserved © 1DLover121

  • blind. 2 | styles (hariana)
    91.5K 4.5K 39

    Harry and Ariana find themselves going down different paths in life, but a quote unquote messenger of the greater good is sure that these two belong with each other at the end of the day. So, in a thrilling rift of events Harry and Ariana discover that sometimes fate and free will work hand in hand to bring two broken...

  • baby [h.s.]
    343K 12.2K 42

    "you touch my baby, and i swear to fucking god i'll end you."

  • changing mr. styles | styles
    487K 8.1K 106

    "I can't change." he said as she smiled. "Then don't." Sometimes you can't truly change a person. No matter what you do they'll never be the person you want them to be. But you can inspire them to be the person you never thought you'd need. So what happens when Harry Styles- a young pop-star stirred with arro...

  • Harry Styles Imagines
    573K 5.6K 29

    [Completed] A collection of Harry Styles Imagines. © meethevamps//DG 4/22/14 - Short Story #359 7/05/15 - Short Story #173

  • As You Are // H.S
    226K 7.2K 42

    A nervous boy intimidated by pretty outspoken girls meets just that. A hard headed girl, who enjoys nothing more than drawing alone in the woods, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Who knew meeting each other in the woods, in the middle of the night would lead to something like this?

  • Harry Styles Dirty Imagines
    382K 2.1K 8

    Just some smut

  • Therapy | H.S
    676K 7.1K 23

    And she thought therapy would help her. warning | sexual content, disturbing content, age gap

  • Strawberry Fields {h.s}
    25.4K 1.2K 7

    It was the summer of 1989 in Paris, France when Bellerose and Harry first met. In which a girl who works at a strawberry field in the summer and a library in the off seasons, and a boy who writes songs, poems, short stories and paints all year round, meet unexpectedly on one hot summer afternoon in a strawberry field...

  • Detention {Harry Styles}
    449K 13K 66

    This is the story of how Jennie falls in love with her rude, young math teacher, Mr.Styles. She shouldn't want him, nor does she believe he will want her back, but he will change her life, and make her happy. And that is all she needs. Written by @AFanOf1D

  • Excessive (Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    26.4M 817K 105

    "I have been watching you for a while now, my love" he whispered darkly in my ear. "Why are you doing this to me" I squeaked, earning a low chuckle from him. "Because" he said, moving his hands from the wall above my head and down my body, resting very low on my waist. "I can". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • P.S. I Hate You (Harry Styles)
    115M 1.5M 77

    "Harry. Come over tonight?" "I can't.. I was sleeping." He said, slightly annoyed that I called him up at like 3 in the morning. "Please." I rolled my eyes. I waited for a response, as I could hear shuffling at the other end of a line. "Do you want to have sex tonight?" I smiled, biting my lip. "Pleasure to." He...

  • Harry Styles Imagines ♡
    534K 7.4K 39

    A composition of Harry imagines!!!

  • Trust » Harry Styles
    251K 9.8K 17

    ❝I never thought angels were real, but here you are.❞ Porsche doesn't believe in anything, not even herself. She hates the world, including everyone and everything in it. That was until Harry came along. HARRY A/U © QUEENARRY 2013

  • Seventeen • H.S
    47.1K 529 12

    "But, Harry, I'm seventeen- your my dad's boss..." "But, baby girl, I don't care." •sexual themes •drugs •violence S/O to @christykitten for making this amazing cover for me... Sequel to 'Seventeen' coming soon

    Completed   Mature
  • wrong bed |h.s. au|
    173K 7.4K 20

    "Oh, Wilma?" I called silently into the dark room. I squint through the darkness to see my extremely hot and very willing date for the evening already in bed waiting for me. "How the fuck did you get in here so fast?" I whisper while clumsily pulling off my Fred Flintstone costume. I slowly pull back the blanket and...

  • Too much
    182K 4.5K 46

    Just when she thought she had her life all figured out, Addie Walker's plans are drastically altered when her father gets a new job in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, and her family must move. • Rated R for sexual scenes • "Don't think about it too much, there's no need for us to rush this through. Don't think about it too...

  • Ruffled ~ H.S
    369K 15.1K 67

    ❝CEO of a top business or not, you're still the first guy I've seen who comes to the local bar in a ruffled shirt.❞ *** Deidre Winter has been living in the shadow of her care-free and promiscuous big sister since she was a little girl. And when her older sibling pulls the final straw by sleeping with her boyfriend, D...

  • Dark
    150K 3.2K 58

  • instagram ➼ h.s ✔
    7.9M 156K 199

    harrystyles is now following you! [Ranked: #1 in fanfiction 10/24/2017❥] [NO TRANSLATES, please don't ask] ©okaharreh