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  • Dragon and Angel | Draco and Ginny
    1.1K 105 27

    Strolling through Diagon Alley, Lucius Malfoy comes across a little boy who could have been Draco's twin. Has his family tree been expanded, without his knowledge? Has Draco been keeping secrets? Or is he oblivious to the fact that he may have a grandson to be the next Malfoy heir?

  • Stay With Me
    13.3M 672K 28

    | ranked #1 | 01.12.2015| THIS WILL BE THE SEQUEL TO SHE'S WITH ME. If you haven't read the first one, this one will make ABSOLUTELY ZERO SENSE as this is a continuation of She's With Me. Follow me on Twitter and Wattpad for more details. Love you all, xoxoxo

  • Kiss Me Scandalous
    206K 1.7K 5

    "You don't want to get involved with me Ophelia, it'll end in more than tears. They'll be blood and bruises, and pain I can't see you bare." Jonah King was bad news, but that didn't change when he met Ophelia. Dark haired and full of secrets, Jonah King was a gangster and part of the notorious Cullfield gang. Family m...

  • THE RIGHT FIT (Chasing Desires #1)
    1.6M 29.2K 9

    When Maxine Nicholls discovers her fiancé is cheating, she turns to Twinkies and Dynasty reruns, but her little sister has a better plan - unbridled rebound sex with a stranger. As one of the Leafs' hottest players, Antony Laurent tallies scores on and off the ice, but when the chiseled defenseman hits a slump, rumors...

  • Bad Boy Bakers (#1) ✓
    2.6M 161K 35

    [aka. Whipped] When Sheriff's daughter, Maisie is about to lose her grandmother's bakery because no one is willing to work there, she enlists the help of four delinquent boys who are seconds away from being sent to prison.

  • She's With Me
    86.6M 3.2M 65

    | ranked #1 | 08.27.2015| | completed | 08.25.2016| | winner of a Talk of the Town WATTY 2016 | | Winner of The 2016 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | When Amelia Collins moves to a new town to escape her dark past, she just wants to keep her head down and finish her senior year. Her plans change drastically whe...

  • Only Time Can Tell
    47.5K 1.4K 24

    When Hermione Granger is sent back in time to make the Dark Lord fall in love... It might not be with who she thought. What will happen when the only chance to save the world goes wrong? and what will happen if she cant find a way back?

  • Kiss Me, I'm Irish {An Artemis Fowl Fan Fiction}
    165K 4.6K 46

    When Artemis Fowl finds himself suckered into a family trip to America during his last summer of freedom before college, admittedly he finds himself wishing it was all said and done already. But when he runs into a girl and her friends at the local museum, he is sure his life will never be the same again, even more so...

  • Being the Bad Boy's Victim [SAMPLE: Available for purchase on Amazon]
    16.2M 303K 26

    He leaned in closer, if that was even possible, his spearmint breath fanning across my face. My breathing got caught in my throat as he lowered his mouth to my ear. "You can deny liking me, wanting me, but let's face it- You're like all the rest. You're that good girl who so secretly but desperately wants to c...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Day In The Life (A Beatles Fan-Fiction Story)
    26.2K 581 19

    The year is 1956 and Eleanor Whitby is what you would call a counterculture, or in other words, a hippie. She has always been different than the people in her school, and because of that she's never had any friends. She's a loner. She thought that when she moved in with her long-lost family in Liverpool, she wouldn't...

  • Untitled (sequel to The truth is...)(on hold until further notice)
    784 26 1

    on hold until i can rewrite it sorry!. Please be patient

  • Finally Me ~
    562K 13.7K 100

    Alex is the youngest in a family of fifteen. To make things worse, she's the only one who isn't a twin... Or a boy. Growing up in the muggle world, Alex didn't even know that magic exsists, but she soon gets caught up in a world of Quidditch, Potions and, most importantly, Fred Weasley. How is Alex supposed to figure...

  • Eleanor Snape- Book 3
    51K 1.2K 57

    Fourth year was a unsettling year: the Triwizard Tourtement, blackmailing Cumberland, seeing Cedric Diggory dead in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch. But now it was finally over. The summer brings no peace, though. Her father is now appearing to her, but not in nightmares. He talks to her, advices her, and trains her...

  • Craziness
    7.3K 163 22

    Calla Declan, a 16 year old rich girl from Manhattan, New York, has to start completely new in Miami Florida. Her new best friend and neighbor, Selena Roberts, with the help of her other friends, Adam Roberts, Selena's twin, and Devon DeMarco, warn her about their friend Drake Chambers, AKA the gorgeous self-confessed...

  • Hey, Mr. Gangster!
    3.7M 38.4K 34

    He's mean. He's tough. He's dangerous. He's a playboy. And most of all,he has extreme obsession for cheesecake. That is Callisto Worthington, son of Chip Worthington, the most powerful and feared gang lord of the entire west coast of United States of America. On the day of father's 35th year of reign, he announced tha...

  • The Fifth Marauder
    465K 13.2K 32

    Samantha's the type of girl who's not girly, who plays pranks, and would rather hang out with guys. But she's also the type who does well in class, loves to read, and is brainy. What happens when she meets the Marauders... and especially Remus?

  • Love can't be judged! (Draco Malfoy love story)
    229K 3.4K 40

    As Harry Potters guardian, Holly Salvatore has sworn to protect him at all costs. But what happens when she falls for his enemy. Will she follow her heart... Or even have the chance to.

  • Never thought this would happen.
    2.6K 11 45

  • Another in the Fellowship [Lord of the Rings fanfiction]
    62.6K 1.5K 11

    Note ; My first story i will write every day for sure if i get a posotive reaction and i will try to keep the movie storyline as close as possible so please comment ! (: with ideas or anything else . Ara has been there from the beginning , from the very first Fellowship pact to prtect frodo from harm, she could take...

  • Falling for Darkness(Tom Riddle) Harry potter fic
    63.1K 1.2K 13

    Selene's parent's didn't want her she was different from others, very different, when she meets a young boy her age at the Orphanage Tom Riddle they become close friends but when they get invited to Hogwarts will Tom chose her, will she find someone else? O will Tom become he who must not be named?

  • The Shade of Poison Trees [A Tom Riddle Romance]
    2.6K 59 1

    Louise Banner was your typical ambitious Slytherin. As she is appointed Head Girl alongside Tom Riddle, she begins to see the being Miss Independent isn't all as easy as she thought it would be. As Tom Riddle gets swallowed into his fantasy of becoming the infamous Lord Voldemort, what will become of Louise?

  • White Demon, Where's Your Selfish Kiss? [A Tom Riddle Romance]
    8.1K 148 8

    We all know where Tom Marvolo Riddle's story ends, but where did it begin?

  • Teach Me How to Love You (A Hermione Granger Love Story)
    33.3K 953 17

    Sequel to 'I Was Dared to Love You (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)'. Hermione Granger is left nearly alone during the Holidays. With one of her best friends, Luna Lovegood, and her almost archenemy, Blaise Zabini, she attempts to win the heart of her dream guy, Caden Bone. All will go smoothly until she realizes something...