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  • LIFE AFTER AN AMERICAN SCANDAL (Sequel to An American Scandal) (On Hold + Edit)
    • KerryB
    • 8 Parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    6K 78

    ***Sequel to An American Scandal Sophia McKenzie is back in America after her sex tape scandal, with only one mission. Get James Hastings back as her man. She...

  • An American Scandal (Editing)
    48.4K 325

    The "S" in Scandal represents Sophia McKenzie. She is stuck between two guys and in an HS fueled by competition. In this rich kids HS some stop at nothing to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Being the Bad Boy's Victim
    15.3M 284K

    He leaned in closer, if that was even possible, his spearmint breath fanning across my face. My breathing got caught in my throat as he lowered his mouth to my...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Day In The Life (A Beatles Fan-Fiction Story)
    24.9K 525

    The year is 1956 and Eleanor Whitby is what you would call a counterculture, or in other words, a hippie. She has always been different than the people in her...

  • Untitled (sequel to The truth is...)(on hold until further notice)
    699 25

    on hold until i can rewrite it sorry!. Please be patient

  • Finally Me ~
    484K 10.7K

    Alex is the youngest in a family of fifteen. To make things worse, she's the only one who isn't a twin... Or a boy. Growing up in the muggle world, Alex didn't...

  • Eleanor Snape- Book 3
    47K 1.1K

    Fourth year was a unsettling year: the Triwizard Tourtement, blackmailing Cumberland, seeing Cedric Diggory dead in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch. But now...

  • Craziness
    7.2K 162

    Calla Declan, a 16 year old rich girl from Manhattan, New York, has to start completely new in Miami Florida. Her new best friend and neighbor, Selena Roberts...

  • The Fallen and Forgotten
    1.1K 59

    Aldines a small town no one thought any good would come from. They were wrong though. When their world is condemned to darkness and needs the help it most de...

  • Hey, Mr. Gangster!
    3.3M 31.6K

    He's mean. He's tough. He's dangerous. He's a playboy. And most of all,he has extreme obsession for cheesecake. That is Callisto Worthington, son of Chip Wort...