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  • TF2 x Reader Oneshots
    216K 4.6K 58

    Another collection of stories for all your mercenary needs. :D I will do fluff, smut, maybe an x child! Reader or whatever you can get your mind into. I can't do male x male cuz I find them hard to do. Sorry. Anyhow, hope you enjoy them. Requests can be made in the comments.

    Completed   Mature
  • TF2 x child!reader
    29.9K 551 19

    Meet a young girl names (y/n) and how she met her strange family made of her Dad and papa,brothers,aunt and uncles, and last her toy husky and imaginary friend biscuit. In this tale she'll have a hard time getting over her fears, learning new lessons of life, and of course making friends along the way. Join us in this...

  • Grian x MumboJumbo ***S M U T***
    11.8K 422 25

    •••This is fanfic contains smut••• This is a fanfic of two Minecraft YouTubers, Grian and MumboJumbo, with a few other YouTubers sprinkled in here and there. This story is currently being edited and refined by theamayanwolf. The cover is drawn by me.

  • Hamilton x Reader Oneshots
    1.5K 46 4

    I really, REALLY didn't want to write this. WHY AM I SUCH HAMILTRASH- Anyway enjoy. (If you're reading this on any site other than Wattpad, it was stolen.)

  • Love me yet?
    175 5 1

    Attempt #2 at making a fic for a highly under rated ship, just gotta hope for the best ?

  • The Hanahaki Disease. (Hetalia One-Shots.)
    2.3K 55 9

    A story about how some of the countries have developed The Hanahaki Disease. Will their love ever be returned or will they die with withered lies in their chest? May contain triggering content. I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters within it.

  • Pink Diamond's Legacy (Blue Diamond x HalfGem!Diamond!Reader)
    10.2K 221 6

    To those of you who think that diamond OC's are overrated, the door is that way -->🚪 Don't stumble on your way out. Steven Universe and all episodes mentioned/quoted belong to Rebecca Sugar, which in turn means that some of the plot belongs to her as well. All of the pictures used belong to their respective owners...

  • Jasper's Redemption (Jasper x Child!Reader)
    18.4K 541 6

    Rose Quartz left behind many mysteries. Some of which were often hard to decipher, but the obvious connection she has with (Y/n) is probably the biggest perplexity the Crystal Gems have ever seen. For 34 years it was believed that Rose was gone and now, no one is quite so sure what to believe. Bird mom is crying in h...

  • The W Academy
    6.8K 187 35

    Adam. Ty. Jason. Ian. Mitch. Jerome. Quinton. These are the names of the seven members of Team Crafted. These are the names of some of the most famous Minecrafters on Youtube. What happens when they all get accepted into the mysterious W Academy? They will meet new people, form new friendships, and uncover one of the...

  • Youtubers x Reader: One Step Further: Completed!
    105K 2.4K 64

    You and your favorite youtubers together as lovers. From Team Crafted to The Pack, your love will go so far. I don't take any lemons......for now. But check out my request book to request for this book! All videos, characters (besides yourself), and pictures belong to their rightful owners.

  • Bring Him Back (Book 2 of Ssundee Battle Trilogy)
    23.1K 693 33

    It has been 10 years since everything happened, it was almost forgotten, but that tiny bit of memory in the back of my head kept reminding me of what I saw at the funeral. Then... when I thought that nothing was going to happen. It happens. We are teleported into minecraft for unknown reasons. The only one not with us...

  • Monster I've become (Enderlox x reader)ON HOLD!
    17.8K 562 12

    You grew up in the woods alone since you were 6 after your family died in a fire, until one day you met a boy named Ty, you both became friends and traveled together, but what happens when one day he disappears and never returns and you discover there is a monster on the loose? Read to find out!!! (also, I forgot to g...

  • My Love Can't Be Spelled (SetoLovesSnow)
    3.9K 186 4

    A princess of a Snow Kingdom. A wanted thief/sorcerer. In love. This is their adventure. (Continued from chapter "Definitely" in Young Team Crafted)

  • Mum(SkyDoesMinecraft Fan Fic ;) (Sequel to Sis and Bro)
    421K 9.4K 44

    Team Crafted celebrates Phat and Olivia's birthday with a party and scavenger hunt throughout town. When Olivia's taken as a slave and sent to Africa, she must fight to remain alive in the Congo. Matters only become more unbearable when Olivia finds a baby. Will she survive the dangers and diseases of her new life? Wi...

  • My Sky {A Skylox fanfic}
    42.2K 782 27

    Sky has always been alone, until he meets Ty. There will be other ships besides skylox

  • Youtuber Ships! <3 :-)
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    Ships of MCyoutubers,Youtuber Artist/Animators/TCBT/ Crew