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  • Isla Verde #5: All Sweet Nothings
    2.4M 68.3K 43


  • The Magic In You [Completed]
    2.7M 82.2K 52

    This all about me and him.... and the magic. Collaboration with sarakasheee Wattpad Presents: April 13-17 on TV5 Book cover made by @minmaeloves

  • Melting Ice Princess 3
    771K 35.9K 89

    Let's go season 3. Warning. GirlxGirl.

  • Melting Ice Princess 2
    955K 26.6K 67

    Warning. GirlxGirl Story.

  • Snow White is a Gangster (Published under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    17.1M 482K 53

    She vowed to stay. She just needed a keeper for maintenance. Henrietta Arturia is a drop-dead, gorgeous ice princess and yeah, a Freniere Mafia Reaper. She is an absolute recipe for immense destruction. But after witnessing Summer Leondale's courage, bravery and stupidity to fight for Giovanni Freniere, an old flame i...

  • How To Love (Trese Series #2)
    323K 7.5K 11

    [ #TRESEseries No. 2 ] "You'd be able to live life to the fullest and appreciate what life could offer, if you learned... how to love." -- Book cover by @PsycheJermyn

  • The 10-Year Gap (PUBLISHED under LIB)
    12.6M 320K 11

    Minsan ko nang ibinigay ang tiwala at pagmamahal ko sa isang tao. Pero ano ang nangyari? Ginamit at sinaktan lang ako. Since that day, I vowed tonever trust again. I vowed to never let anyone have the chance to hurt me again. Until he came. Sa kabila ng lahat ng pagtataboy at pagpapahirap ko sa kanya, he stayed. Paunt...

  • 'Cause It's You (Epistolary)
    784K 27.7K 20

    Vanessa is an avid fan of Darius Del Fredo-one of the most famous actor/singer of his generation. Ginagawang diary ni Vanessa ang message box ng official fan page ni Darius. Actually, masaya na siya doon. 'Yung nakukwento niya kay Darius 'yung mga nangyayari sa kanya sa araw-araw na akala mo'y nababasa ng binata ito. ...

  • Book 2: Diary ng Hindi Malandi (Slight lang!) (PUBLISHED under LIB)
    11.5M 227K 44

    (Laughtrip, Nakakaiyak, Nakakaberde, Nakakaadik at ang dirty ng bida) Book 2, Season 2, Sequel, Whatever. Isang diary may book two? Well sya lang ang meron nyan. Ayaw kasi mag paawat sa kanyang kalandian. Pipay is her name. Hindi malinis sa katawan pero may boyfriend at pinag-aagawan ng mga super duper fafalicious na...

  • Book 1: Diary ng hindi Malandi (Slight lang!) (Mini TV series at TV5)
    24.4M 443K 38

    (UNEDITED VERSION. SO MANY GRAMMATICAL AND TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS.) Ang pinakanakakalokang kwento sa lahat. Ano ang dalawang definition ng Love? Sino ang anak ni Ursula sa pagiging kabit ni Poseidon? Ano ang ibigsabihin ng Shutang Inerns? Ano din ang ibigsabihin ng PhCare? Ano ang LePay at JoPay? At higit sa lahat ano b...

  • POSER STORY |COMPLETED| TV5 Wattpad Presents #3
    8.6M 226K 50

    "May sarili kang MUKHA, hindi mo na kailangang gumamit pa ng mukha ng iba. Ang POSER kapag hiningan mo ng FANSIGN ang sagot laging 'NEXT TIME'!" -maxinejiji♥

  • Lesbi In Love (Wattys 2015 Winner) (Published Under Rebel Fiction/ PHR)
    8.3M 301K 33

    Ang kwentong ito ay tungkol sa tomboy na unti-unting nagkakagusto sa lalaking may gusto sa babaeng gusto niya. Ang gulo, 'di ba? Parang love story lang nila. Kaya basahin mo nalang. Boooom tibooom. Lalalalalalalala~ boom tibooooom ♪♫♪

  • The Day She Said Goodnight
    7.8M 260K 19

    (PUBLISHED under REBEL FICTION) (Highest Rank: #1 in Tragic) Marahil ay wala pang naiilathala na kwento ng dalawang tao ang maaaring maging kapareho sa kwento ng iba. Pero lahat ng kwento sa mundo ay dalawa lamang ang posibleng maging kahihinatnan. Magkakatuluyan ang dalawang nagmamahalan at magkasama silang haharapin...

  • Breaking the Bad Boy (soon to be published with Movie adaptation)
    37.2M 968K 60

    Skie Gonzales is a just a typical Bad Boy. He doesn't follow rules, He makes the rules. He know he's bad but there's no stopping him. But that's what he thought, not until Angel Beatrix Dela Fuente came into his life.. the girl who's going to break him. Written by blue_maiden Start date: August 19, 2015 Completed: Apr...

  • Taste of Sky Lesson Learn
    184K 2.2K 14

    written by VentreCanard Must read.

  • Azrael Montefalco III Memes - Book 1 [Compilation]
    4.9M 120K 200

    Compilation of Azrael Montefalco III Memes. Book 1 of Azrael Montefalco III Memes. I hope you also read the Book 2 of Azrael Montefalco III Memes. Thanks! I don't own any of the memes. I just compiled them. Credits to the rightful owners. Credits to our beloved Queen Jonaxx for the characters, lines & settings of her...

    95.2M 1.1M 98

    (Completed) | No Soft Copy | My name is Nami Shanaia San Jose. And this... is my-- our story.

  • My Boyfriend's Secret Lover (UNEDITED)
    405K 10.6K 120

    My Boyfriend's Secret Lover by MissSimpleButUnique (RANK #80 IN ROMANCE) Marc Robert Lim, Celine Santos, Charles Sevilla Uncommon Love Triangle includes two heartthrob men and one nobody girl. Celine Santos is just a simple girl who has also a simple life, but her life started to change when she became...

  • Memoirs of a Ruthless Heartbreaker (Published under Pop Fiction)
    5.7M 106K 76

    She loved once and had her heart broken. From then on, isinumpa ni Alex Fernandez ang lahat ng taong katulad ng ex-boyfriend niya---two-timer, manloloko, at manggagamit. Nangako siya sa sarili na igaganti niya ang lahat ng tulad niyang nabigo at nasaktan, even if it means makasakit din siya ng damdamin ng iba. 'Ika ng...

  • Infinite Eyes (Book 1 of Eyes Trilogy)
    16.4M 474K 80

    What is the happiest and saddest part of my life? Happiest was the moment he opened his beautiful eyes on me. His eyes that captured my heart, those pair of brown eyes that I won't ever forget and the saddest? The moment he closed his eyes and can't look at me anymore. Ended: March 7, 2017 Highest rank #10 in...

  • Misty Eyes (Book 2 of Eyes Trilogy)
    8.2M 278K 57

    I was called as the hummingbird with wings that could bring gorgeous chaos, a bird with sharpest beak and a bird with deceiving voice. I have the fearless, daring and dangerous eyes. But the moment his eyes met mine, my eyes on fire turned into misty eyes. Book 2 - Eyes Trilogy Highest ranking# 1 Cover is not mine. C...

  • The Unseen Hand
    336K 18.1K 61

    For years, the faceless terror known as the Hand of Fate has been secretly manipulating the port city of Reyza for her shadowy ends. Those she favors rise in status while those who betray her are never heard from again. When the opportunity to eliminate a powerful dynasty presents itself, the Hand of Fate conspires wi...

  • Almost A Cinderella Story (UNEDITED VERSION)
    1.5M 23.3K 41

    Ang kwento ni Ekang, ang kanyang no-gart panty, pustiso at ang kanyang tatlong prinsepe!

  • MPMMN 2: Still In Love
    43.9M 726K 73

    │PUBLISHED│ Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him. MPMMN 2: Still In Love Original Story by Pinkyjhewelii Copyright © 2013

  • MPMMN 3: Together Forever
    23.4M 344K 42

    MR. POPULAR MEETS MISS NOBODY PART 3 LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE ♥ MPMMN 3: Together Forever Copyright © Pinkyjhewelii, 2014

  • Crazy in love with the little devil
    3.4M 98.9K 33

    Part 2 of CRAZY LITTLE DEVIL Bae Suzy as Fancy Jewel Abellano Infinite L as Sydd Caleb Agoncillo EXO Luhan as Blake Zed Smith

  • Mr. Popular meets Miss Nobody
    48M 878K 76

    │PUBLISHED│ Tigers #1 Kyle Shinwoo

  • Kontrabida Life
    870K 38.5K 50

    Hoy bitch! Anong karapatan mong basahin ang story ko? Sinong nagbigay sayo ng karapatan? Yung walang kwentang author ba? *Rolled eyes* Oh well, anong magagawa ko! Basahin muna tutal may itsura ka naman..... Panget nga lang.

  • In a REALationSHIT (Trese Series #1) - PUBLISHED (PSICOM)
    7.2M 195K 85

    [ #TRESEseries No. 1 ] All I want is a REALationship not a relationSHIT. -- Book cover by @ArkiSTEPH