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  • The Switch! (Maka x fem reader)
    2.2K 56 12

    What happens when Maka and soul aren't connecting as souls any more? You and your ex are weapon and meister. you are no longer connecting either! What happens when both pairs switch. You are now with Maka and soul is with your ex! What happens when OH WHO CARES! JUST READ TO FIND OUT!

  • Lies (Death the Kid x Female Reader)
    4.1K 101 23

    Yn doesn't believe in love or positive emotions. She believes that they are the product of the mid tricking you into paradise. She doesn't believe in any emotion really. But all she feels is negativity. When she is happy she feels pain, when she is in love she gets 'paralyzed'. Someone has to prove to her that love e...

  • ⭕Sharing Souls⭕ (Soul X Reader)
    73.1K 2K 24

    You are Death the Kid's cousin,(y/n) Wings. You have just enrolled into the DWMA and don't know how your going to get through this,but then you have Chal, a frozen staff weapon that is like a sister to u!!

  • The Stars Star® (Blackstar x Reader)
    9.3K 321 20

    Your new to the DWMA and you dont really know alot of people everyone you do know is nice to you especially blackstar

  • Madness within me (Soul x Reader)
    2.9K 122 5

    Soul x Reader Fanfiction Y/N was soul's mister before 2008 (before soul eater was an anime) What happened to Y/N? Your going to have to read to find out

  • a not so sound soul (soul eater boys x reader)
    21.8K 854 33

    the classic I love you...and you......and you. and you no cheasy crap. all soul eater boys x reader lemon free! bleh! I hate lemons. I know this is supposed to be a book description but you'll just have to read to find out :) p.s. I don't own soul eater or any of the characters. and all the pics and videos I find are...

  • When worlds collide (Magi x reader x Soul Eater)
    634 29 1

    It really was a normal day in death city. You the princess and sister of Death the Kid along with Asura and your three triplet servants Air, Sky and Star. You did fight against the evil that would appear but you and your servants didn't need to always transform, you had demon magic while your helpers had devil and ang...

  • (being heavily edited)Deaths son and the shy half witch (DeathTheKid x Reader)
    20.9K 593 14

    You are a neko, half witch who lives with thier mom, Blair. One day you and your weapon, Ethan, decide you should train. Finding yourself in the basketball court in death city of all places you train their for a bit. When you are on the middle of your training you are meet with 7 new people, who quickly become your fr...

  • The day your life changed (Death the kid+ reader)
    107K 4.2K 39

    Your a new weapon at DWMA and on your first day you run into Death the kid

  • Fading Away [Death The Kid X Reader]
    88.6K 3.6K 16

    I'm smiling, yet inside I'm basically dying.

  • Male! Crona x Insane! Scythe meister! Reader "It'll be alright"
    381 11 2

    Hey, guys! I'm putting really hard thought into this...! For the reader, I've given her "bad" resonances. These would be Meister Hunter, Demon Weapon Hunter, and Shinigami Hunter. Also, Insane Resonance.

  • I'm Not Okay ( Death the Kid x Reader )
    60.4K 1.9K 25

    You are anything but new to this school of DWMA. But, after years of only exceptional work, you are still in the lower class to all of your friends. But that not half of your problems. You like Lord Death's son, Death the Kid, you admiration to his quietness and quickness only makes you fumble in front of him. But...

  • [[DISCONTINUED]] Searching for hope (Soul x Depressed!Reader)
    1.6K 34 9

    Okay so this is my first story to please bear with me and please no hate lmao. After escaping the hands of death you head to DWMA where you try to rebuild your new life as a weapon but things get complicated when you start catching feelings for a rebellious weapon you think you'd never end up with.

  • The Comfort in Insanity
    6.3K 441 23

    I'm nothing. At least, that's what I feel like. My life is filled with cruel beatings and harsh words. Through all the pain I just sit there, showing no emotion or feeling. But at night I cry myself to sleep, feeling alone and unwanted. I do not feel special, but why are people calling me unique?! Why won't the pain...

    Completed   Mature
  • Purifying Effect (Kishin Asura X Reader)
    37K 1.2K 11

    You and Asura have been in hiding from the war between the DWMA and Arachnophobia for a week. It's been both an unnerving and very peaceful life with the kishin. More peaceful. He really isn't the bad guy everyone thinks he is. He's actually very kind and gentle. But how long will your peaceful life with your guardian...

  • You're Pretty Cool~Soul X Reader (DISCONTINUED)
    59.7K 2K 43


  • That Girl is a Kishin?! (Soul Eater Boys x Reader) [Under Editing/Slow Updates]
    64.8K 1.5K 21

    A girl by the name of (Y/n) has been forced by a witch to eat souls and turn into a Kishin. Even though she is no longer human, she still has her sanity and acts nothing like the monster she has become. She now fights against Kishin's and collects their souls for revenge. But what happens when she wants to attend the...

  • Witch of Love ? (Blackstar x Reader fan fic)
    127K 6K 49

    There are kinds of witches around the Soul Eater Universe. Snake witches,Frog witches,Mouse,Pumpkin,Ice and other kinds. But there's one kind of witch no one ever heard about because of it's rareness. Especially for a witch. Yep,it's the witch of love. Of course,it's you. Even though you are a witch for the so-called...

  • Disturbed Happy Ending (For-Pro Book 2)
    39.3K 1.8K 47

    ||2nd book of Forgotten Promise ! :D|| You and Blackstar were living safe and sound. Sapphire-free,and all happy go lucky. You both are together for a year now,when something changed. It started when you found a new partner. Yep,you decided to do so after a year of Haruto's death. As soon as you both became partners,y...

  • Summer's Outcast (Soul Evans x Reader)
    11.5K 421 7

    (Y/N) & her weapon Cynthia are the social outcasts of the school. Nobody really likes or cares for them, because they suck and their references make no sense to anyone else. Cynthia has a bad temper, and (Y/N) has a crush on Soul, who can't stand an uncool, strange girl like her. BUT, can the summer coming turn things...

  • Who do u love more(death the kid x reader x soul)
    972 29 3

    You are the sister of kishin Asura and have teamed up with the DWMA to take him down but u will soon find out that there are two boys who have taken quit a liking to the sister of a kishin. i do not own soul eater or its charcters all the chartcers and the anime go to its rightful owner

  • Soul Eater Evans x reader
    3.9K 147 6

    You are the sister of death the kid and you are joining the DWMA when ur brother introduced you to his friends and you start to like this one friend named soul but will kid accept him. i do not own soul eater or its charcters or the anime it all goes back to its rightful owner

  • Love has no boundaries. {Soul Evans x Reader}
    43.2K 1.1K 29

    In this story, (y/n) is a witch. She is the witch of weaponry. Basically she can summon weapons and use them to her consent. Soul and Maka go on a mission and find (y/n) in their way. When they battle her, they learn of her dark past.

  • Let's Play With Death (Soul Evans x Reader) ((DISCONTINUED))
    23.3K 860 25

    ***DISCONTINUED*** ***DISCONTINUED*** ***DISCONTINUED*** Life is cool. You live with your dad in a small town, and everything is good. Nothing is out of the ordinary. Well, until you and your dad have a quick chat about your dream school the Death Weapon Meister Acadamy. He makes the statement that you will soon be...

  • Kid's Sister
    5.3K 187 24

    You are Death the Kids long lost wizard sister. Only Death, and Spirit know. You belonged to fairy tale. You left after your boyfriend Laxus cheated on you. Your group 'Unison' left with you You are an Universal Dragon Slayer. The most powerful ever Just so happens that a certain white haired Weapon forms a crush on...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Truly Special {Death The Kid x Reader}
    147K 5.2K 32

    As you've grown up your life has never been easy. You've struggled with the loss of your father and the poor relationship with your mother. After many years of struggling you're offered a place at Death Weapon Meister Academy. There you are to be trained as a meister to help keep the world in balance and safe from kis...

  • Are You Sure I'm Special? {Sequel to You're Truly Special}
    18.4K 988 17

    You've awoken from your coma but nothing is the same. The black blood inside of you is driving you insane and a new threat, even more powerful than Scorpious, has risen. Also, a certain someone that you'd rather forget has decided to re-enter your life.

  • Problem (Death The Kid X Reader)
    120K 4.7K 21

    "I despise you"

  • Death the Kid x reader A pair of mysteries
    39.3K 1.3K 13

    You are the new meister at the academy, but there is something different about you and your weapon that has everyone puzzled.