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  • Pregnancy || Yoonmin
    57.9K 4.9K 85

    "Du bist schwanger, Jimin." Es war nicht schon schwer genug, die Tatsache zu akzeptieren auf ein anderes Geschlecht zu stehen, als alle anderen. Schwerer war nur noch die Tatsache zu akzeptieren, komplett anders zu sein. "Du bist ein Junge. Das ist gar nicht möglich." Ich bin ein Junge und ich bin nicht schwanger. Ab...

  • Acceptance - Yoonmin
    171K 9.9K 52

    Min Yoongi and church was never really a good idea but what made it worth it was one of the church boys and Park Jimin is a church boy being held back by his past. This is a story in which a group of friends all connect in ways they didn't know and how they all learned and came to some form of acceptance, especially...

  • My fearful brother•Yoonmin
    15.1K 608 16

    -abgeschlossen- Yoongi wird adoptiert... __ ...was dann passiert erfahrt ihr in dem Buch, hihi🤭 PS: Ich kann keine Beschreibungen schreiben... Und es ist mein erstes Buch😆 Viel Spaß♡

  • bedroom ↝ yoonmin
    75.4K 2.8K 46

    "this isn't working anymore." yoongi pinched his nose bridge. "this really isn't working. why don't we just file for a divorce?" - book 2; sequel to sofa - 。・゚゚・yoonmin・゚゚・。 - |started: {14 october, 2018}| |ended: {13 may, 2019}|

    Completed   Mature
  • salt, seabreezes & suga
    25.2K 2.1K 28

    Eigendlich sollte Jimin nur einige Koffer auf die Yacht des angesehenen Mulitmillionärs Min Yoongi transportieren. Dabei verliert er jedoch leider sein Bewusstsein und findet sich anschließend auf hoher See wieder. Als wäre das noch nicht schlimm genug, stellt sich auch heraus, dass Yoongi nicht der ist, für den er sc...

  • Body Swap | YoonMin
    482K 44.1K 31

    Yoongi und Jimin sind nicht gerade das, was man als gute Freunde bezeichnen kann. Jimin ist beliebt in der Schule und immer gut gelaunt, während Yoongi sich nicht besonders für andere interessiert und ständig mies drauf ist. Doch ihr Schicksal ändert sich, als sie in einen Verkehrsunfall geraten und auf unerklärliche...

  • Inseparable | yoonmin.
    2.5K 142 5

    "Hyung, will you always stay by my side?" "Of course sunshine, there's nowhere else i'd rather be." #45 - btsyoonmin

  • My Crush is my Stepbrother? ʸᵒᵒᶰᵐᶤᶰ
    60.5K 3K 55

    Mein damaliger Bester Freund...Dann mein Crush...Kurz darauf mein Mobber und jetzt mein Stiefbruder? Will das Schicksal mich eigentlich komplett veräppeln? Bin ich in irgendeinem Kinofilm drin? Das kann doch nur schlimm Enden... {Yoonmin - BoyxBoy} _________________________________________ [Dieses Buch enthält Inhalte...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Pathway To My Heart (yoonmin)
    21.3K 747 18

    What will happen when J-hope brings Jimin to the mansion to get him away from his emotionally/mentally abuse mom? Will Yoongi let Jimin know his big secret of his powers? Will Yoongi and Jimin fall for each other? You will just have to read to find out! 😀💙

  • My Bodyguard (Yoonmin) ✔️
    252K 10.4K 76

    a story where 2 dicks make a bottom and a top italian translation done by @Marytody203 <3 book 1 (started : 09/02/2021) ( ended : 21/05/2021) ( status : completed 😎) book 2 ( started : 16/07/2021) ( ended : 16/06/2022) status : completed 🏃) 17/02/2021 #1 in yoonmin 26/04/2021 #27 in minyoongi 28/04/2021...

  • ✔️ my new classmate - another dimension | yoonmin
    3.3K 170 13

    [BEENDET] Dies ist die Fortsetzung von "my new classmate - lost you". Wer sie noch nicht kennt, sollte sie auf jeden Fall vorher lesen. ************************************************** Nach einer Auseinandersetzung mit dem Vater von Jimin, erleidet Yoongi eine große Schusswunde in den Bauch. Alle, der 7 köpfigen G...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✔️ but i love you... | yoonmin
    3.9K 242 15

    [BEENDET] BTS... Eine weltbekannte Group, die selbst vor dem Militär nicht zurückschreckt. Als es dann für Yoongi soweit ist, dass er geht und Jin ablöst, macht Jimin ihm ein großes Geständnis. {Begonnen: 23.12.19} {Beendet: 14.01.20} -Yoonmin -Drama -Suizid -Don't like it, Don't Read it -Unregelmäßige Aktualisi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Model (Yoonmin)
    237K 13.7K 38

    Where Yoongi is a model that took interest in his cousin's best friend. But not knowing how Yoongi actually looks, Jimin ends up turning him down. Text/Social media au.

  • Teasing A Teaser || Yoonmin [COMPLETED]
    125K 2.8K 34

    in which yoongi stalks jimin first then the story continues. yoonmin. Achievements: #2 - btslemon

    66.6K 2.7K 23

    *SEQUEL TO SERENDIPITY* Now Jimin is pregnant, the two lovers sort out the fears of what lies ahead of them! As well as learning how to be parents to their child.

    Completed   Mature
  • Serendipity - Yoonmin [COMPLETE]
    190K 7.8K 26

    BTS has been gaining alot of attention and fame as the years goes on. But Min Yoongi AKA Suga, who has always been alittle mysterious about his sexuality, soon finds himself, NOW questioning it himself when Jimin is around. He doesnt understand what he feels, but what happens when finally admits to himself that Park J...

  • Good Day ••• Yoonmin MPreg
    65K 2.7K 22

    Yoongi and Jimin are finally getting their lives together. They have an amazing house, supportive friends, and the perfect family that is growing. It can't be that hard to keep trouble away from paradise. --- Hello, this is the third book to my Yoonmin MPreg series. Please check out the other ones. This book is basica...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heal Me - Yoonmin [COMPLETE]
    171K 7.8K 70

    Min Yoongi was dumped a few months ago, but still texts his ex. But what happens when he learns its not his Ex he is texting? Park Jimin a happy guy gets text from a random number, what happens when he decides to help the sad person texting him? But what happens when one is a little.....

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates | Yoonmin
    110K 6.4K 14

    A story about Park Chim Chim and the love of his life. *update WARNING: cringe fest

  • Boyfriend | m.y.g x p.j.m [Mpreg]
    156K 7.1K 78

    "I'm pregnant..." he sniffles. "Please say sike," The latter blurts choking on his chicken nugget. [Sequel to Teacher] It's been almost four years since Minjin's birth and everyone's finally had their happily ever after... well almost. When one more plot twist comes to spin everyone for another loop, will everything s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teacher| m.y.g x p.j.m [Mpreg]
    204K 8.9K 56

    "N-no Jimin you didn't...." Jin comes to the realization as the younger starts to cry again. "I-I-I'm-m S-sor-or-r-y" Jimin cries. Jimin is head over heals for his music Teacher, Mr. Min. But after one 'visit' that flips his world around he has to make tough decisions so it all doesn't come crashing down, what will h...

    Completed   Mature
  • destined » y.m.
    200K 11.3K 30

    a lot of things happened in 5 years.

  • fated ♡ y.m
    622K 29.4K 34

    "out of all the alphas i had to be fated with, it had to be you." "i'm glad we are." - yoonmin omegaverse au alpha yoongi omega jimin lower case intended

  • Last Breath|| Yoonmin ✔
    20.6K 1.9K 12

    - FORTSETZUNG VON MENTAL BREAKDOWN - Jimin sehnt sich nach Yoongi, währenddessen Yoongi/Suga bald durchdrehen. Jimin muss ihn da rausholen. Wird Dr. Kim Suga herausgeben und, wenn ja, wie wird es im Leben mit den beiden enden?

    Completed   Mature
  • True Love (Yoonmin)
    110K 2.9K 28

    When a complete nerd meets a jock, and slowly fall in love❤

  • Forbidden forest • Yoonmin •
    79.5K 4.9K 34

    "So, you think I'm gorgeous?" Where Yoongi accidentally flicks a sleeping fairy Jimin Warnings: Contains mature language, mature themes

  • 『 lost and found 』 yoonmin
    153K 10.9K 24

    +sequel to notebook + "I've spent too long trying to find something i never lost" +park jimin x min yoongi +started: 09.02.17 finished: 17.01.18

  • 『notebook』 yoonmin
    253K 19.3K 28

    +"I love everything about you park jimin, and you don't even know my name" +yoongi's notes about jimin short chapters started: 18.10.16 finished: 10.11.16 © rainbowonho

  • A Demons World //yoonmin
    38K 1.6K 21

    Is it posible for a demon child to fall in love with a human? "Smile and make the world bright once more" were the only words that he could think of before the end. Start:7th august 2017 End:23rd august 2017 #1 jiminxsuga #2 sifi

  • Rental [yoonmin]
    794K 56.2K 55

    "How about I give you 50 and you give me a kiss on the cheek?" where yoongi uses an online website to create the ideal boyfriend which happens to be park jimin.