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  • Kismet
    583K 34.4K 45

    kis·met /ˈkizmit,ˈkizˌmet/ noun destiny; fate. how do you know when you've met your soulmate?

  • Taking Chances
    903K 47.9K 32

    Nayeli Bennet is a 20 year old girl struggling to get through college since her father has fallen ill. After selling their house and their cars, her family is forced to move into her aunts house where they feel un-welcomed. Determined to help her family, she works hard and balances two jobs but things soon take an une...

  • Playin' Hard
    140K 7.1K 54

    Destiny Taylor, a senior in high school who's focused on finishing her last 3 months of school always been picked on because she's quiet and unbothered. She shuts down any guy who tries to get at her including Rico Carter. Rico Carter, a Junior in high school is a ladies man. All the girls he attract doesn't phase hi...

  • One & Only
    2.4M 64.2K 139

    When we first met I would of never thought this is how it would turn out. He was my first love, my first boyfriend, my first everything. I fell deeply in love with everything about this man, but even after all the things you been through together he still did me wrong. It's only so much that a girl can take. When I fi...

    478K 8K 90

    This story is completed! Part 2 is up though, so go read and comment there :) ------ A place for you to request one shots for you and an NBA player and I'll write it for you! I'm taking all requests :) Cover credit to @kingsmaria :)

  • Forget Fate ✓
    85.1K 4.2K 33

    "I might sound delusional for this, but I want him to be mine. We might not be meant to be, but forget fate. F*ck it!" Promise has been in love with Santiago practically her whole life. But the guy is not someone to commit, let alone to someone as naive as Promise. He does drugs, sleeps around and has no care in the w...

  • Euphoric & Ebony
    198K 10.7K 32

    It's 4 years later and Angel is at one of the best places on her life. She never thought she would be living this good with the love of her life gone but she''s managed to make it work. With a good job and beautiful daughter she's living the life any 22 year old would dream of but as you know in the life of Angel Monr...

  • Something So Wrong But Feels So Right .
    172K 4.9K 30

    Moving from Jersey to Atlanta with her mom Tay once begins to have a new love interest for her neighbors son Jason. They are both feeling each other, but can they handle one another dealing with two different lifestyles will they prevail in love or will it just be all a dream ,

  • Saving River Island
    83.1K 4.2K 32

    Growing tired of the abusive relationship that she's been dealing with for the past year and a half, River hatches a plan to escape. There's only one issue; she's dealing with one of the most powerful and ruthless men in all of New York. Every corner she turns and every block she walks, Tristian Thompson will get noti...

  • Cash's Lyric
    706K 15.9K 57

    Lyric Robinson An 18 year old college student whose determined not to be just another girl who lets her life past by. She is determined and driven to make her dreams come true but will she be successful all due to her surroundings and the people around her? Cash a big time hustler whose all about his money and lettin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dope Boy Ambitions 2
    1.6M 55.8K 24

    The Henderson family is back! Through all the struggles will they still manage to be a perfect family? Will King and Monica put there differences aside and be together? Questions still need to answered! Read and find out all the answers. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ "DOPE BOY AMBITIONS"

  • Dope Boy Ambitions
    4.9M 163K 51

    16 year old Monica Monroe and her twin sister Yonica are currently living in an orphanage due to there parents giving them away at birth. One day one of the twins get adopted leaving the other twin behind. The twin fumbles upon a dope boy with a lot of ambitions and gets caught up into some trouble and a love trap. Ye...

  • New Balance
    212K 12.5K 23

    new n(y)o͞o/ not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time. bal·ance ˈbaləns/ an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Her life is a mess, straight chaotic. Suicidal thoughts came to her mind, bringing her into a dark void, but...

  • When Her Heart Turns Cold
    710K 34.8K 27

    Jayla Jones has been through drama that she vowed she would never go through again. At that age of twenty-five she is a popular nail technician that owns her own shop. She thought she had at all when she was with Dex Logan. He was the man that every woman wanted and the man that Jayla thought she had until one night...

  • All or Nothing
    1.5M 53.9K 31

    Jade is the new girl in Inglewood. All she know is basketball. She live, eat, sleep, and breath basketball. With her mom in a early grave and her step dad left to take care of her she runs into nothing but trouble.....until she runs into Drew

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghetto
    129K 4K 30

    K'Lani (Kah-Lani) is a straight up ghetto ass girl. Her mouth is ruthless and she dont give a fuck what nobody has to say. She ain't scared to slap a bitch or nigga either. She's had a harsh life so she really don't know what Love is. Hopefully she soon finds out.

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug fetish 3:Lost but not forgotten
    1.7M 59.8K 39

    The story of the lost Twin//+more

  • Thug Fetish 2:Love forgotten
    1.2M 39.2K 19

    After Jadah,survives her coma of 1 year,and gives birth to her two twin babies,WHILE in a coma,she's ready to start her life,on a new.Fresh.Clean start.Her life is going ok,but slowly tilting down until the man she loves,who she hardly remember,comes back into her life,Jayceon. Jayceon is fresh out of prison and alrea...

  • A Second Chance
    990K 42.3K 18

    Sequel to His Hostage It's been two years since Belinda last seen August at her house when he confessed his love. August is trying to cope with dealing with his mistakes and getting over her. When they cross paths with each other, will they be able to stay away from each other? UrbanTai™ Copyright© All Rights Reserv...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Hostage
    2.2M 83.8K 41

    Twenty-two year old, Belinda Bureau is a woman from Chicago. She is kidnapped and when she is awakened, her whole life does a 180 once she finds out she is now an escort and lives with 30 other girls in a mansion. The man who took her will soon regret it, but will she find a way out or will she end up falling for him...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Story Of Renee
    52.9K 1.9K 30

    Arrested for attempted murder Renée Woods spent 6months in prison then was let out on parol and sentenced to see a therapist for 3 months to solve her "personal issues". During her therapy sessions she will reevaluate her life and figure out what brought her to were she is today but when looking into the past bad and...

  • Caretaker | Urban
    2.9M 126K 45

    Athena Kelly is the most curious and shy girl you will ever meet. A straight A student and the most hated girl at her high school. Senior year hasnt been the easiest for her at home or at school. An unpleasant run in with an infamous guy by the name of Cato Willis manages to spin everything more out of control than it...

  • I Need You
    160K 9.5K 19

    "I just watched you almost take your last breath. Man, I can't do this without you anymore. I need you." - T.B. Once you fall in love, it's impossible for you to forget that person, right? What if you had no choice but to forget that person that haven't reached out to you in years? Now both adults, will Tamir an...

  • Raw & True
    1M 35.4K 64

    When tragedy strikes Marley's family, the last thing she is looking for is love-until Elijah, her nephew's teacher, shows her it's worth fighting for. ***** 26-year-old Marley Wright's world is flipped upside down when her beloved brother is admitte...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Sisters
    162K 26 1

    When Serenity Silver got released from jail, she only had one main priority to get what she lost and with how the game was going now, she needed help from the women who knew her the most, her sisters. As all four women show the life of hard working women, they're are women who lived the past of blood which still holds...

  • BITTERSWEET: Honeybun 2
    64K 3.5K 23

    The sequel to Honeybun.