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  • The nerd has a secret
    202K 5.6K 13

    Skylar Green just a regular nerdy girl, good grades, no friends never gets in trouble. She has carmel/ honey brown hair and bright blue eyes. She looks innocent right? Wrong, out of school she's the best street fighter in New York. Hunter Brown the schools well known bad boy with his pitch black hair in a quiff and se...

  • To Hell and Back (A Creepypasta FanFic)
    13.1K 550 8

    A girl, Rachel, about 14 years of age, always had the same friends surrounding her. One friend she’s been the longest with, since Grade 4, the rest just melted together. What they didn’t know was what their friend does after the school bell rings. They think she spends her free time playing on her Nintendo, or drownin...

  • Angel With The Scabbed Wings(Creepypasta Fanfiction)
    66.8K 3.1K 21

    Kacie Thompson is a...different kind of girl who finds herself in...strange situations. Just moving to a new town can show how much it can change this girl's life in so little time. Even though she doesn't like her family, it's hard for her to leave them when it comes down to it. Some new 'friends' want to keep her wi...

  • Did You Forget, For I Am Mad?
    125K 3.6K 38

    Did you forget, for I am mad? This world is just utterly and completely mad! ~ Annabel/The Mad Hatter ~ Have you ever wondered? If Slenderman had a niece? A mad niece? Who is the daughter of 'The Mad Hatter' himself? Well enough wondering my children!~ For you are going to find out!~ Welcome to my story!~ And my crazy...

  • Sky is the Limit
    282K 7.4K 25

    Sky just wants to live a normal life. But that's a dream that will never be fulfilled due to the fact that her dad is the one and only Jeff the Killer. {SEQUEL TO BLOOD FLOW JEFF THE KILLER LOVE STORY}

  • For All Of Eternity (A Sally Creepypasta Fanfiction)
    397K 9.7K 47

    《1st Place in Sally category - Fall Awards 2016 | Admin's Choice - CreepyPasta_Awards》 "You can't leave the horror behind; it's a part of you." Sally Williams was a young, bright girl until she met a cruel fate by the hands of a man with cruel desires. Ever since she died, the horror comes back to her, over and over...

  • As Told By Nerdy
    27.6M 427K 56

    As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and torture my every waking hour. What's the big deal you say? Nothing except for the fact that he's some insanely beautiful Greek God under those nerdy glasses. A...

  • Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail)
    1.3M 37.9K 95

    Lisanna has returned from Edolas and somehow she became close friends with Lucy. But, everyone then suddenly bullies the poor blonde which leaves her in a tight situation. Being kicked out of Team Natsu and severely hurt by their actions; Lucy leaves Fairy Tail where she trains herself to become stronger to get her r...

  • The Moustache Girl
    324K 14.7K 31

    Socially-awkward Abby Waters is enjoying her summer holidays with her diaper buddy, Lindsay. But what started with just an ordinary game of Truth and Dare, turned out to be an extremely embarrassing encounter with Mr.HotBlueEyes, as she calls him. What's worse, he thought she was a guy. And she thought it couldn't ge...