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  • Aubrey (Revolving With Axis)
    12.2K 1.3K 163

    "I love you." Rafe interrupted softly, gazing into my eyes. "I love you for singing with me. I love you for overcoming your fear. I love you for not leaving the beach when it was freezing, for listening, for talking, for fighting, for trying, for giving me your all, for trusting me." "I love you for being honest wit...

  • The Alphas Possession | Book One | Sample
    225K 2K 12

    (Sample Copy) Sneak Peak... Look at him Nic! He's barely alive!" In a blink of an eye Nic had me against the wall as his face neared dangerously close to mine. "Why do you care so much Aubrey. Why does his life mean so much to you," he whispered huskily to my ear. I tried to shove him off but it wasn't working so I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strokes
    372K 22.6K 64

    When the fear of isolation pulls Ashton and Ria together, nothing can prepare them for the collision. An anomaly shatters the repetitive fabric of their lives, sending them on a journey of discovering themselves and one another. Beneath Ashton's gentle exterior rests a nest of lies. He's hiding something; a past so da...