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  • Life (todoroki shouto x reader)
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    "what a useless can't make our family any money with this embarrassment of a quirk!" "I-I want to be a hero" "you a hero? don't make me laugh all you'll ever be good at is making your useless flowers. do the world a favor and be a gardener." "....what a beautiful quirk..."

  • Every Visit Counts | FMA
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    Edward Elric. Your best friend. Your closest companion. A boy you could always count on to be there for you, even if he wasn't close by. Someone you always counted on. Ever since the two of you were kids, you've been extremely close friends. But when his beloved mother, Trisha, passes away, things begin to fall apart...

  • Let's Change The Past
    9K 342 21

    The Truth decides to send Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric back into the past for his own entertainment. When both brothers head into Resembool, they find their mother living peacefully with the two children Ed and Al. What will the future Elric brothers say to their past selves, and most importantly, their mom?

  • Silvery Vision
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    "Who are you?" His eyes widened. "(Y/n)... How could you not remember me?" I was astonished. "W-what do you mean? I don't even know what's going on!" The man bit his lip. "Why can't you remember me? I looked down at my lap. "I'm sorry I don't... Remember, you." I...

  • High school Crush A GarrothxReader story
    17.5K 413 25

    You move to Pheonix Drop because your father got a new job as lord of Scaleswind and sent you to Pheonix Drop for your safety. You attend Pheonix Drop high and meet a cute boy and his friends. Read more to see what happens to you.

  • "My Heart, Is Yours" (GarrothXReader)
    41.3K 1K 48

    The Zvahl family was made up of 4 people: -Hayden (The Father) -Laurance (The Older Child) -Cadenza (The Middle Child) -(Y/N) (The Youngest) (Y/N) was very smart at a young age and her intelligence was unexpected. She was so smart she got excepted in one of the greatest schools of all: New York's School For Great Know...