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    This is my memoir. As such, I am letting you in on the most intimate parts of me. No glib opinion piece or a well-thought-out theory, this. It's me. I come with a warning. No child under eighteen should read any part of my story. It is raw. It is ugly. There are issues exposed here that could negatively affect young...

  • She Walks Among Us
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    Do you know anyone with a crippling, morbid fear of flying? Well, you do now. I have a theory: An event one spring day in the town cemetery at the dawn of my existence had everything to do with planting a stark view of life and death which led, eventually, to a profound mistrust of infernal contraptions that carried y...

  • Marie-Antoinette's Watch: Adultery, Larceny & Perpetual Motion
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    "Marie Antoinette's Watch is a wonderful book." - William Gibson, author of Neuromancer. Across continents and into and out of the hands of royalty, revolutionaries, smugglers, thieves, and the world's greatest tech engineers, was Marie Antoinette's watch, the "160," worth an estimated $40 million in today's dollars...

  • Have You No Shame? And Other Regrettable Stories
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    Growing up in white-bread Omaha, Nebraska, Rachel Shukert was one of thirty-seven students (circa 1990) in Nebraska’s only Jewish elementary school. She spent her days dreaming of a fantasy Aryan boyfriend named Chris McPresbyterian, a tall blond god whose family spoke softly in public and did not inquire after his bo...

  • Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey
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    A bitter-sweet tragi-comedy recalling the first year of a gay couple in a Muslim land. Polari First Book Prize 2011: Top Ten Perking the Pansies, Jack Scott's award winning, best-selling debut book is available in paperback and as an ebook from all usual retailers. Signed copies are available direct from the author. S...

  • Five Weeks in the Amazon - #true #story
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    A Modern Quest for an Ancient Remedy.... If you enjoy a fast-paced read, Five Weeks in the Amazon is the book for you. It's an honest story filled with peaks of humor and valleys of despair. Author Sean Michael Hayes has written a book that many would put on their shelf next to Cheryl Strayed's blockbuster success, Wi...

  • I Drew a Monkey in a Math Book and Now I'm Married
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    ***Ranked #4 in Non-fiction - "It's a thing of beautiful nonsense to be young." ***Featured original non-fiction for Pivot TV's Secret Lives of Americans. I Drew a Monkey in a Math Book and Now I'm Married is the true story of how I met my wife Jennie and our awkward teenage romance that followed. The book began as li...

  • Challenge Sixty
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    A journal of my sixty day career-focus and motivational challenge.

  • Axe Fetish: Music Gear Worship And What It Means
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    Rock musicians, and guitarists in particular, are obsessed with the gear they use. Have you ever wondered why?

  • Second Thoughts
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    Personal essays about life : identity, women, widowhood, families, relationships, love, money and much more

  • Prayer Beads on the Train
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    I write about New York - and everywhere else. This is a selection of what I call my "little bus stories." I write on the New York City Mass Transit Authority - also known as the MTA, also known as the bus and the subway. My first collection of stories is available at the NY Transit Museum Store, and online at Amazon...

  • Pretty Little Butcher: Memoirs of a Female Thoracic Surgeon
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    {a Wattpad featured story} Everything in this book is real. Minor details have been altered to protect those who know me. I'm a female thoracic surgeon and even though I complain about my job all the time, I never regret choosing this career. What you see on TV isn't entirely accurate, and this is my version of the tr...

  • It's Morphin' Time: Cultural Changes Over 20 Years of Power Rangers
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    22 years, 22 seasons, 2 movies, and more Spandex than you'd ever know what to do with. Discover the origins of the long-running Power Rangers series and learn how the franchise and its content has changed with the times. Also published on Pop Matters at:

  • I Am My Own Cousin.
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    My parents were teenagers when they had a set of identical triplets, quickly followed by three more children. They decided to home school us, move us into the back of a TV/VCR repair store, and embraced a religious/conspiracy zealousness that the world wasn't big enough to handle. The resulting chaos is a dark comedy...

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  • How do you share leadership: Consider leaderful practice
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    In this feature, I highlight three articles that establish the foundation for leaderful practice. In a leaderful world, everyone can be involved in leadership, not just sequentially, but collectively (all-together) and concurrently (at the same time). The building blocks of this approach are outlined in the "four C'...

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    A beautiful young woman was missing. I knew I had a murder. I even had a suspect. But would I ever find the body? Would I ever be able to arrest the suspect without the body? Don't believe all that crap you see on TV shows. Follow me on this true crime story and see what happens in a real murder case.

  • Confessions of a Mormon Bride (2014 Watty Award Winner)
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    True love never ends. At least mine won't... Part memoir, part essay collection, Confessions of a Mormon Bride: Essays on Love and Mormonism, explores the intersections of love and faith as the author makes her way to the wedding alter, assumes the role of wife, and navigates motherhood.

  • A Life of Spice
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    Against the advice of every chef, I never taste my food when I cook. It is a part of the culture I grew up in. See what happens when I try to explain it to a trained French chef..... Read this and other stories! I will be posting a couple of times a week for the next few weeks starting March 24th 2014

  • Essays on Writing
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    Essays on Writing is a collection of thoughts I come across during my writing journey. They cover topics such as grammar, editing, writing, publishing and very often character and story development within the expectations of genre or society.

  • The Reluctant Backpacker
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    Spanning 3 years, 23 countries, 45 cities, 31 flights, 15 bus rides, 5 ferry rides, and 9 train rides, this is the story of what happens when you learn you're never too old to run away.

  • The Self Worth Diet - Recipes, Memoir & Self Help
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    Welcome to my blog, The Self Worth Diet on Wattpad! Here you will find recipes, personal stories, articles that I wrote for The Huffington Post GPS for the Soul as well as self help pieces. The Self Worth Diet is a spiritual as well as self help blog that helps you with your self worth. You will find great tips and...

  • I Don't Call Her Mom: My Journey to Freedom
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    A Wattpad Featured Story! Others call her troublemaker, antagonist, bully, abuser, and even my mother. But I no longer can call her my mom. This is the story why. This is a non-fiction book. All events are 100% true from my life. The writing style is mixed. All chapters are short. A couple are written in easy to re...

  • The Little Black Book For Guys: Guys Talk About Sex
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    A survival guide to being a guy. Lots of guys talk the big talk, but what's really going on with sex? That's what a group of young men sat down to figure out for The Little Black Book for Guys. To get behind the hype, they talked to other teens and collected stories, poems, essays and art about personal experiences...

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  • Memoirs of an Outlaw: Life in the Sandbox
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    In Fallujah, during a particularly difficult time in the Iraq War, a group of Marines are deployed on a tour that will bring them closer together, while threatening to tear them apart. The Delta Company Outlaws are a group of USMC infantrymen deployed in 2004 to one of the most hostile war zones in the world. Through...

  • The Brain is a Mystery, Wrapped in an Enigma
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    My son doesn't remember. He just doesn't. And yet, before he was even in kindergarten, he could read. I don't understand the human brain...

  • Morocco Diary
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    Come along as I travel through Morocco, from ancient city to endless desert. Enjoy the history and beauty -- as well as the excellent food (I'm food historian -- I have to write about the food) as I circle this wonderful and ancient country full of fascinating places and friendly people.

  • Memoirs of a Worker
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    I have had a very eventful life. The stories that I post are from real events that I have witnessed. Some of them are quite humorous, some may be totally outrageous and shocking, but all of them are true (Most of the time, real events are lots better than fiction anyway). I hope that when you read these clips from my...

  • Mother's Day At The Orphanage: Stories Without A Home
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    Mother's Day At The Orphanage is collection of semi-autobiographical short stories about odd jobs, fake businesses, mistaken identities, close shaves, and near misses, written by David Leigh Abts and Michael Shattuck, edited by Leslie Blodgett, and with the Foreword by Courtney Taylor-Taylor (Frontman of The Dandy War...

  • A Life Wasted
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    WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! With national focus on Islamic terrorism, few noticed when "Domestic Terrorist" Clayton Waagner was added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List on September 21, 2001. How did a software developer become the 467th person added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List? Why did the FBI make W...

  • A Guide to Marketplaces
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    At Version One, we love marketplaces. Just look at our portfolio, and you’ll understand how important we think marketplaces are to the future of commerce. Over the past year, we have focused much of our blog content on helping marketplace founders build their companies. That’s because we realized that while there is a...