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  • Amnesia: Unknown [a Tom Hiddleston / Jonathan Pine, Jim Moriarty fanfiction]
    4.5K 266 9

    "Nothing gold can stay." - Robert Frost When Tom is abducted, (Y/N) does all she can to save him. But in the process, as she finds out clues as to where he is, she realizes that everything isn't as much of a fairytale as she thought it was. Truths become lies, and the world she thought she was living in quickly becom...

  • Without a Word
    20.3K 1.7K 28

    Taken from my Tom / Loki imagine book, this fanfiction expands on the Sherlock imagine. After the death of your best friend, you move to London, finishing out the plans that you had already started. That's when you meet Tom "Sherlock" Holmes, consulting detective who is a high functioning sociopath. Intrigued, you f...

  • The New Girl - A Loki Fanfiction
    7.2K 428 10

    No one likes being the new girl. Especially to a school that comes out out of a fantasy book. After moving from place to place and being home-schooled for six years, Viranda Thompson finds herself in the middle of a battlefield when she transfers to Asgard High during her senior year. With the help of the school's...

  • Desiderata - A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction
    2.2K 126 8

    Desideratum - "something desired as essential" Essential - "extremely important and necessary;" "very basic;" "of the essence" Essence - "the basic nature of a thing;" "the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is" Constance, 22, and Tom, 34, finds themselves debating how to fill in the blanks of each of thes...

  • The Man in the Monster
    2.1K 72 5

    Everyone thinks the story is over once you imprison the villain or if he's dead. It seems that nothing can go wrong when it's the Avengers who have done so. But they'd be wrong. It not just begins, but everything gets worse. New S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit Amie de Smet finds her fairy-tale come to an end when it entangles...