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  • Just your problem (Armin x Male! Reader) DISCONTINUED
    6.2K 210 6

    (M/n) was a typically quiet and (basically failing) at everything. He consults Armin to raise his grades only to find he cannot cooperate with him. He just.... I'm sorry, but wtf? Idk read this if you want. Who can't cooperate with Armin? He's a little coconut. Also there is smut in here. Like shit crazy smut so read...

  • The cats toy (Levi x Neko!Male!Reader)
    49.2K 1K 6

    Your Levi's slave (basically) Cover done by @starlet_emend ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ

    Completed   Mature
  • When I wake up, I'm afraid (Armin x Male! Reader) ON HIATUS
    6.1K 302 6

    Read to find out about the story~ •• I'm not good with descriptions sorry :/

  • I Miss You, Shota Boy!
    41.8K 1.5K 22

    With broken hearts and missing memories will (Y/N) and Len ever be together again.? The sequel to my story Shut up shota boy!

  • In Smiles Secrets Lay
    12.6K 371 27

    In the dark of midnight, a strange being made itself known by trespassing into the territory of a tall slender being we all secretly fear. His much shorter brethren finds interest in the quirks and oddities of this new dangerous family member. I'm not good with this description as I'm making it up as I go. All I ask...

  • [OLD FIC] I Just Need To Know Why Armin x Reader
    23.4K 768 10

    Cadet [Y/N] has always been the silent type, but why? Armin is [Y/N]'s Best Friend... But he's never known why she insists on locking herself up in her room every now and then. He wanted to find out... He NEEDED to...

  • Reader x Utatane Piko
    6.5K 245 8

    This is not a lemon. Okay good I said that first. Other than that, look at the title.

  • Beyond the walls (Armin x Reader)
    1.5K 76 7

    This story is based on the original attack on titan anime/ manga and follows through the beginning to the current plot in the manga. (Y/N) is a very adventurous and thrill seeking girl. She has never communicated to anyone outside her house until the Shiganshiina incident in the year 845. She lacks a lot of knowledge...

  • Utatane Piko X Reader
    19K 825 21

    Just a little story I decided to write in my free time~ Not a lemon, sorry this is my first actual story thing- My grammar isn't the best please excuse me ^^; If you enjoy my stories please comment so I know you want more!

  • Why I Live (Armin x Reader
    11.8K 505 12

    You and Armin have been best friends ever since he saved you from your death. You made a promise to protect Armin with your life, but, will this promise be kept or will the world outside the walls change it. Read to find out.

  • Scratches (Armin X Reader)
    762 52 3

    Modern AU :P This was based off a Ereri AMV I saw Tragic really So ya If you have watched, then you know what's coming I'll put the song in the 1st chapter if needed

  • Shipping Wars (Actor!AU! Eren x reader) (AoT Fanfic)
    63.7K 2.7K 11

    You're an aspiring actress who's just landed a role on the new TV series Attack on Titan. Your character is the main love interest of the protagonist on the show. With the other members of the cast and crew constantly trying to pull you and Eren together, the internet gets involved in what becomes the OTP of the decad...

  • Love With a Ponytail- Len x Reader
    8.1K 292 12

    (I've wanted to do this for ages!) Prepared to squeal, blush, and eek at the adorable love story where you are the main character!

  • Cherry On Top [Kaito x Reader]
    656 26 1

    Kaito Shinon, a regular high-school student who is popular for his good looks and angelic voice. He's got the car, friends, house, family. . . Everything he'd ever wanted. That is all part of his ice cream dessert, and him being popular is the chocolate sauce. But then there's the final touch. And one glance at [Y/N...

  • Thank You ~ Armin x Reader ~ Attack on Titan
    2.5K 97 2

    When you face the cute blond boy, you can't help but blush... When he sees the cute shy girl, he can't look away... Disclaimer: Attack on Titan {Shingeki no Kyojin} and cover picture not mine~~~ unfortunately :(

  • The Disguise 【 Kagamine Len X Reader 】
    88.5K 4K 28

    Kagamine Len. Currently 16, Blonde hair and Electric Blue eyes. Known as a Vocaloid, and a Playboy by everyone. Although there's something you don't know about him. He goes to your school, his hair dyed a light brown, although it's fading. Green contact lenses, red glasses. Doesn't act like a playboy at all, and is...

  • Piko X Reader / Reader X Piko
    4K 61 1

    Piko X Reader Female reader, or guys if you REALLY want to ;)

  • Armin x reader
    19.3K 631 8

    You and armin

  • The Boy In My Class - Armin x Reader
    89.3K 3.7K 24

    After the whole accident happening, you knew that Armin was the guy you were in love with. He had always been there for you so why didn't you notice his feelings before? Now you two attend the same college, except he's been avoiding you for quite a while. Will you regret being with him or will he make you the happies...

  • Oh, What A Horrible Life It Is (Your Neko Love Story) [Neko x Reader(girl)]
    205K 9K 31

    This is a story of you being just a regular girl when suddenly something scary is announced on the news. A 'creature' has been let out into the wonders of the world. Guess who's fault it was? The government. They kept a lot of secrets from the news, but this? Worst of all you live near the place it escaped. Flippen fa...

  • Bad Boy Or Nice Guy? (Playboy! Len X Reader)
    86K 3K 21

    (YN) is a girl who likes to read, study, and always get straight As. One day, Ms. Hillman decided to make (yn) and Len work on a project. And Len, is the biggest playboy. What will happen? Will they fall in love for reals? Or Len is just tricking another girl? Find out!