• My Dark Knight (COMPLETED)
    20.4M 467K

    Skylar lives in a world where her pack is slowly and deliberately being obliterated by the merciless Black Mountains Pack, led by their vicious and cruel Alpha...

  • Desire- Book I #wattys2016
    29.4M 719K

    Warning: For mature readers. _____ "You are scared.." He whispered as he pinned me up against the wall. "N-no I'm not.. I s-swear.." I tried not to burst in...

  • Mated to The Werewolf King (Now Completed)
    7.1M 272K

    Beautiful cover by Writersaurus... Not a cliche novel. Anabelle finds out that she is not the real daughter of the Alpha in her werewolf pack. As the world s...

  • My Match (Watty Awards 2013)
    3.2M 48.4K

    [Watty Awards Finalist] When Hanna Moore literally runs into Max Thomas, she never thought that it’d trigger a chain reaction of events that would flip her lif...

    2M 64K

    ❝All wolves are the same. Some are just closer to being a real monster, and some are just hiding in sheep skin.❞ Lennox Armstrong is the twenty-six year old...

  • Who She Thought She Was
    644K 26.8K

    Book #1 of the Varulv Chronicles. Highest Ranking in Werewolf #21 Hot List and Featured Story. Sometimes plans set in stone crumble into sand. Vibrant an...

  • Whoa Baby
    11.4M 309K

    Paisley Devoncourt is your typical sweetheart of the family that every parent is proud of. Smart, caring, responsible, and reliable. With her life set and plan...

  • Purr, Kitten!
    20.3M 667K

    I finally met his eyes. The grey eyes instantly gave me a feeling of ecstasy and I knew. I could imagine my unrealistic future with him, how our children run a...

  • My beautiful mate (4 BOOKS IN ONE)
    2M 44.8K

    Laura, is a rare white wolf, who is on the verge of dying. She has been abused all her life for 14 years. Ash, alpha of the shadow pack is a pureblood. His pac...

  • The Alpha's Trap (Book One)
    1.7M 61.4K

    Warning: Feels, Violence and sexual content Advised Age: 15 + Maisie Ashford is thankful that her older brother is becoming Alpha. She'd rather not have the r...

  • Sex With A Beast (book 1)✔
    7.7M 185K

    THIS IS A WEREWOLF STORY!!!! "Anything for you." He turned to me. He walked over to me and stood between my legs; he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Want Me. {Editing}
    532K 5.5K

    Brook is in love with her bestfriend Noah. Noah is a player and enjoys sex or really anything that has to do with girls and boobs. Brook is confused by the gam...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Just Friends"
    1.3M 22K

    STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT! DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18, UNLESS YOU CAN HANDLE IT!! “Dominic.” I moaned. I couldn’t do this! I was just a little bit classier wasn’t I...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Quiet One
    2.2M 91.7K

    "What are you.." I whispered. His lips made contact with my neck as he held my arms above my head. "A werewolf.." He mumbled in my skin. "Are you going to e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moore Incorporation
    113K 2.5K

    Natasha Bennett: A small town girl fresh out of business school looking to make it in the big apple. Shemar Moore: The handsome well known bachelor and also p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brazos Bride
    4.8M 65.7K

    Hope Montoya knows someone is poisoning her, but who? She suspects her mother was also poisoned and knows her father was murdered. Who wants her family elimin...

  • Fatal Alliances
    10M 359K

    "Look, if you're-" "Shut up." I was taken back at the sudden manner in which he spoke to me. "Let's get something straight Miss Greene, I don't appreciate p...

    941K 34.2K

    After working for a year at Lowes Accounting firm as a accountant, Kailey Adams finally got fed up of her boss' ill treatment and quit. She had just moved out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ivory Mist
    498K 12.7K

    Nicole Hamblen was your typical 21 year old college student. She received good grades, came from a wonderful family, and had a kick ass best friend named Tracy...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha Who Saved Me [Book 1]
    398K 12.2K

    As soon as the call was made, all hell broke loose. In every direction, there was panic and havoc. I didn't know where to start, but I knew I had to think str...

  • One Autumn Night (Wattys 2016)
    474K 18.8K

    Abigail Roberts built her life on grit and tenacity. She raised her brothers after their mother's disappearance and opened a cozy little pub in small town Ston...

  • 6. Bésame (Kiss me) if you dare (BWWM) COMPLETED
    54.2K 2.5K

    COMPLETED Highest ranking #110 in Romance "You call yourself a man. How dare you lay your filthy hands on me. I would rather die than breathe the same air a...

  • Mine
    216K 11.7K

    When in the corporate world, being career driven is a quality commendable by many. Yet when you're a woman- that only wants to focus on that aspect of her life...

  • The Sand & The Sandstone (BWWM)
    96.7K 4.5K

    "Are you ever gonna tell me why I shouldn't be afraid of you?" I ask with my heart in my throat and a stampede in my stomach. "No." His rough, deep voice pene...

  • Red Hard Kandi[Discontinued.}
    48.8K 708

    ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED © to Tanisha "Honey Essence" Davis {Warning extremely graphic & sexual language and behavior} Kandi : Born in the countries of Georg...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stimulant
    169K 3.4K

    ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED © to Tanisha "Honey Essence" Davis >>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha's Baby Watty Awards
    2.8M 54.4K

    "Your my mate." he whispers. I stare at him in shock. There's only one thing I can think of to say. "How long have you known!" I growl at him. "Six months." he...

  • His Majesty (BWWM) [COMPLETED]
    925K 28.9K

    *~Previously known as "What do you mean you're a prince?!"~* Ever since walking in on her best friend and boyfriend, Ana Lee has lost value in herself. She n...

  • Black Cherry Inc. (Wolven Series)
    48.7K 2.5K

    All rights are reserved and copyrighted 2015 to Channel_Reign (Ashley C Lottie). Black Cherry Inc. For interi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Memoirs Of His Wolf (Interracial BW/WM)
    286K 10.5K

    Lincoln and Norah have known each other since they were pups. Born on the same day and in the same pack, they were meant to be. On Linc and Norah's 9th birthd...

    Completed   Mature