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  • April
    12.7K 931 19

    "oh, and tell her she's special, everyday"

  • oceanswing
    322K 3.8K 29

    i know who i am. and i know who i do not want to be. i am easy in my own skin even while i struggle. i am anything but perfect, but that is okay. and i love the ocean. many of these have something to do with that. i also love people who live there. the rest of these have something to do with them. some have nothing to...

  • Leslie's Study of Femininity ✓
    749K 32.5K 37

    •COMPLETE• Everyone tells Leslie she's one of the guys, so she sets out to prove that there are no rules to being a girl. --- watty award winner 'hq love award' 2014

  • daughter
    12.7K 1.5K 19

    i am a disappointment and that is not okay. [ © thronos two-thousand-&-thirteen ]

  • Release
    15.5K 1.3K 17

    This is just an assortment of my thoughts. The cover was produced by @etherealinsanity, who has her own collection of thoughts in a book called 'set free', which will literally leave you speechless. She was one of my many inspirations to write myself and has supported me along the way.

  • Wayward: Fetching Tales from a Year on the Road
    328K 3.8K 26

    Wayward: Fetching Tales from a Year on the Road is a hilarious and heartfelt ride around the world, wherein the author eats dog, obsesses about chewing gum, gets stranded on an island, does dirty things, reveres rock n roll and muses about everything from death to Star Trek to the President Obama to jail time. Now ava...

  • I'm Sorry I Boinked Your Sister
    538K 5.3K 7

    The title says it all...

  • Elysian
    895 26 4

    Chester Davies wasn't normal. At the age of seven, his mother sent him to a mental hospital. Her reason? He killed things. It started out with a little bird he owned, then a cat, then a dog. His mother put an end to it, before he got anywhere near humans. Twelve years later, Chet was back to living a normal li...

  • Vanilla
    5.2M 148K 30

    "Not just a flavour, but a way of life." When seventeen-year-old Flo Kennedy is forced to up sticks and trade her life in London for a sleepy seaside town on the south coast, she's anything but excited. Walden-on-Sea could win awards for being Britain's dullest town, and with a population consisting almost entirely o...

  • Vienna
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  • the adventures of patrick and astrid
    918 41 2

    In which a red-headed basket case and a teenage runaway join forces to conquer the road. (Or that time Astrid stole Patrick's coffee and won't get the hell out of his car.)

  • Twelve Ways To Spend One's Christmas Eve
    567K 34.3K 12

    "Anna dislikes being stuck three-quarters of the way down a chimney. She really does. Not to mention, she's still going round North America, and there's, like, three continents still to get through in about as many hours."

  • The Happy Birthday Song ✓
    2.5M 116K 14

    ❝You and me,❞ he whispered, ❝until the end of time.❞

  • The Highlander's Touch
    8.1M 279K 48

    *Want a paperback copy? Go here: (The link is also on my profile)* Terrified of being sent off to marry a man who would only control her, Saeran Sinclair disguises her identity by posing as a male. Instead of being the renowned beauty that she really is, she must help her siste...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost
    2.6K 152 11

    "I've figured you out Callie Wilson" he says "Have you now Luca Brinley?" She asked "I sure have, you're depressed" he said, "I'm not sure why, but you are" "You see, that's where you're wrong Brinley" Callie chuckles, "I'm not depressed" "You're not?" He says and sits up, "you're sure?" "I'm not depressed, I'd jus...

  • Kiss Cam [Teaser/Published October 2016]
    8.9M 9.9K 17

    ❝So maybe we've had better ideas.❞ Available to Order Now! DM me and tell me all about a ship you're truly, madly, deeply in love with (not KISS CAM exclusive) for a chance to win a signed copy. Open to everyone starting March 20th.

  • Haiku
    51.7K 3.2K 100

    These haiku are about (human) nature :)

  • Red, Blue & Yellow
    11.2K 514 7

    ❝If life were a palette of colors, which color would best simulate you?❞ Red; The glow of intensity. Red is the color of burning fire, capable of massive destructions. Red is the blood circulating in our body. Red is what keeps us alive. Although red is often misunderstood as a deadly color, red is the color of roses...

  • Suicide Lane Cafe
    18.9K 1K 31

    A collection of short stories, drabbles, and bizarre things.

  • Odette and Conrad
    3.2K 141 3

    In which Conrad Sampson accounts his ill-fated romance with the raspy-voiced Odette Gibbons.

  • Lennon
    173K 6.9K 22

    Lennon Carter is a newly eighteen year old that's ready to get away from all she's ever known. She doesn't want to think about what happened, or even acknowledge the fact that it ever happened. Packing up the essentials and her credit card, she heads for the big open road without a plan insight. The plan...

  • Door To Door
    555K 34.1K 10

    Hudson Ellis is good at his job. Somehow, he manages not to annoy people when he knocks at their doors and asks them to contribute to the charity he works for - instead, he gets them to sign up for sponsoring programmes and fish whatever spare change they have out of their pockets. Even the infamously tough residents...

  • Murfey's Law
    2.6M 39.7K 25

    When Lori James' father writes to her for the first time in years her life is literally turned upside down. Inheriting a rundown general store 17,000 kilometres away in Australia, her plan of getting in, selling up, and getting back out again seems simple enough. But accusing the local Police Sergeant, maddeningly sex...

  • Leopold
    37.9K 1.7K 8

    Genevieve can't tell if her soulmate is a transcendentalist author who died one hundred and fifty years ago, or the person who is leaving his books for her to find.

  • Handcuffs, Kisses and Awkward Situations (PUBLISHED, SAMPLE)
    13.6M 311K 47

    [This book has officially been published and only a sample remains. See inside for details.] Nora Montgomery's primary goal was to remain seemingly unnoticed until graduation, and that meant staying away from Ryder Collins. But when both she and Ryder are selected to participate in the local police department's handcu...

  • Mama
    258K 9.8K 1

    "My Mama hates me. She's jealous of me. She hates me. She hates me." Read at your own caution. This is a dark story.

  • hey jude
    38.1K 2.8K 21

    ❝hey jude, i would start this letter with dear jude, but i wouldn't want to lie, and the thing is, you're not very dear to me anymore, not at all.❞

  • beanies ¡ niall horan
    2.8K 122 8

    ❝all i need is my beanies,skateboard,and coffee❞

  • Wise Men
    197K 2.6K 19

    Two college students, Christian Reinhardt and Revelin Lesage find their lives upended when they witness the rape and murder of a fellow classmate. When the police refuse to continue their investigation due to the nature of their suspect, Revelin takes the moral degradation of his city into his own hands. Now Featured...

  • Summer Rain
    9.5K 446 16

    She was special. Luke knew it from the moment he saw her, sitting alone in the pouring rain. Luke and Zach quickly strike up a friendship with the new girl in town, and everything seems to be going alright for her. But everyone has their secrets. And Luke, Lila and Zach are about to find out just how much their relat...