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  • Are You Addicted? Volume 2 (FF)
    95.8K 978 7

    Do you want to find out what happened after the First Book of "Are You Addicted?" by Chai Jidan? English Translation of a Fan Fiction written by Maomi Poxiao ( Translation works in progress for the remaining chapters.

  • Dare to Love Me
    15.5K 545 7

    -Completed- "What would everyone say if we ran away, just for a week, and I put a ring on that pretty finger of yours." [\Yuzhou Short Story/]

  • Lost in Korea
    42K 2.3K 27

    -Completed- "When Xu WeiZhou pressed a gun to his temple to end his life, he was severely depressed. The world mourns him greatly, and we all know he will be missed dearly. He was the star shining bright, but even bright stars fall, and thus, we are here, m-" Wait a minute. Xu Weizhou didn't kill himself. Actually, c...

  • "Are You Still Addicted?" Book One (Addicted Fanfiction)
    201K 6.6K 89

    A few years have passed since Gu Hai and Bai LuoYin have gotten married. The love they have for one another is unmatched, unchanging, and evergreen. In Gu Hai's mind their love is the most epic love story to ever grace the world. To Bai LuoYin, every day spent with the man he loves is bliss. Their careers are in full...

  • Only You
    47.9K 1.5K 19

    (~Completed~) Xu Weizhou and Huang Jingyu have been in a good relationship since the end of the Addicted Webseries. Lately, they've been falling apart, but life will throw a new challenge at them to end that.

  • Passion between us
    3.5K 137 5

    This is a fanfiction of Weizhou and Jingyu. My otp and the sweetest couple ever. Its been more than a year of addicted and still Weizhou and Jingyu cant forget each other. They themselves have no idea what is it. Love, friendship or just a confusion.What happens if they meet again...will they find love in each other.L...

    11.9K 421 20

    I do not know why I spend so much time everyday on these little kids, stalking their news and talking about them with unknown and unmet friends. But I cannot help myself from doing all those, so I just let myself do whatever its heart wants to do. This is just for some random posts and/or Eng translation of our little...

  • Enraptured - II
    27.2K 1.9K 21

    "And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you & I'd choose you.". - The Chaos of Stars . . . cover pic's fan art credit to the owner : Chosen1

  • Behind the Smiles
    39.3K 2.6K 40

    Being the pretty boy, Timmy was not new to being the object of affection for both females and males. Rejecting others' confessions was as easy as eating or breathing to him. But things changed when he met a model from the same agency he had recently signed with. No matter how many times he rejected the man, Johnny...

  • Mr. Nobody
    17.7K 1.3K 25

    Highest Rank: #1 on Shangyin!! Everyone has secrets. It's just a matter of finding out what they are. Wei Zhou's mother never stays at home. He got a drunkard step-dad. He was bullied in his school... and nobody cares. No one gives a damn. Until a certain someone throw a glance on him. But he won't be fooled. They are...

  • I'm Not A Mermaid (YuZhoufest)
    1.9K 115 4

    Siren!AU. Weizhou harboured a deep curiosity towards the sea ever since he was saved from drowning by a mysterious sea creature when he was having a family vacation to an unknown beach 15 years ago. As much as he wanted to return to that beach, his parents forbade him to because he was almost drowned once and they did...

    Completed   Mature
  • YuZhou Oneshots
    2.3K 60 1

    This is the translations of YuZhou fanfictions I found on the internet. Disclaimer: The stories do not belong to me, they belong to the respective writers. Huang Jing Yu and Xu Wei Zhou belong to their own person (and to each other). This translation is for entertainment purposes only. Please respect and do not repost...

  • Lucid Lover
    2.4K 120 6

    (Ongoing) Fanfiction based on the character Gu Hai x Bai Luo Yin from the Addicted BL web series/novel. Welcome to a fantasy BL. Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin have not met in real life. They met each other rather mysteriously in a lucid dream. Watch their story unfold in the dream realm, while wondering... will they ever ge...

  • Twelve Days of Christmas of YuZhou [YuZhouverse]
    7.8K 479 12

    Twelve Days of Christmas with Huang Jing Yu and Xu Wei Zhou

    2.8K 98 4

    "Only 1% out of 100% survived addiction. It's that serious. It cannot be taken lightly." While one hides what he truly feels. The other weighs down the feeling he can't fathom. Totally oblivious. While one initiates, he takes everything he can. And the other gives, till there's nothing left. This is the story of Gu Ha...

  • Yuzhou Fiction [Passionate Love]*Completed
    38.4K 2.2K 40

    There was a rumor that two good looking guys were dating in the school, it is not true to begin with but that rumor created lots of love, joy and pain. There are people who support and people who against them. Once Jingyu's father find out about their relationship, he completely go against them. Unfortunately jingyu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Even Stars Would Fall (For You)
    25.8K 1.4K 15

    (YuZhou. HS!AU.) From strangers to friends. To much, much more.

  • The Untold Story of Gu Hai and BLY.
    26.2K 313 1

    This is a collection of short stories and one shots based off of the characters Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin from the Chinese Web Series "Addicted/Heroin" and the novel "Are You Addicted?" I do not own the characters, and will credit those who suggest a plot to me with each chapter! If you have any suggestions I will be m...

  • YuZhou's Universe (One Shot Stories: MxM)
    9.7K 458 19

    As per the title says. I'm a YuZhou fan and I write this because I take in delights of writing oneshot stories, song fics, and other kinds of stories. Any ideas and inputs are welcome. Criticisms and compliments are great too. The stories can be read into any order. Have fun! I've made this a public domain. Anyone ca...

  • Fanfiction
    4.8K 194 7

    Fanfiction to indulge my own fantasies about how I thought Zhou and Yu's relationship may be like and perhaps, Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai too.

  • Unexpected Soulmates
    11.5K 282 7

    Weizhou Xu works as personal assistant to Jiang Huang its position to have with the 10 people who had it had been able to go on further into the company coming from his middle class background he is hoping to make it as long as follows the rule that Jiang Huang laid down for him and also complete a task that none of...

  • My Bromance
    2.4K 64 6

    John is a very serious boy. Some often look at him like a 'bad boy' kind of personality. Tom, on the other hand, is the very opposite of John. He is very sweet and understanding. Can a huge turn of events lead them to change their attitude? Can destiny lead them to their 'happily EVER after'? Or will it just be a 'hap...

  • Flatmate
    7.9K 405 4

    When demand meets need, Xu Weizhou who was a third year acting student moving out from his dormitory agreed to share a flat with a part timer model Huang Jingyu. Never thought that their daily life as flatmates had brought them into another level of relationship... (Yuzhou AU)

  • Something Different: An "Are You Addicted?" Web Series YuZhou RPF Fanfic
    2.9K 92 1

    One time, Zhouzhou appeared in public wearing a jacket that's probably not his, bearing marks that are probably not from mosquitoes. This fic explores the probabilities.

    Completed   Mature
  • Motu Proprio (The King and the Neko) - Volume HaiYin
    5.7K 277 9

    Lead characters are stepbrothers - Army General Gu Hai is the heir-presumptive pending The Crown Trials while his stepbrother Second Prince Bai Luoyin is a courtier; general is knowledgeable of the battlefield while courtier is adept at court; conflict is in that the general is very much in love with this stepbrother...

  • I Know I'm Not Suppose To Love You, but...(YuZhou fanfic)
    3.1K 77 1

    From being banned to be together in public was difficult enough. But Weizhou wouldnt give up that easily, he'll always find a way to meet up with Jingyu every night. But this time it is not Weizhou but Jingyu himself. (A Jingyu and Weizhou fanfic) (Casts from the chinese bl story 'Are you addicted?')

  • Blood and Roses
    20K 1.2K 14

    What happens when one half of your heart gets lost in time and the other half awaits its return through eons? This is the story of a Vampire and his soulmate. This is a work of fiction. The plot, the story and some characters are entirely mine. This is NOT a translated work. NOT a continuation of someone else's novel...

  • Rhapsody Of Our Hearts (Complete)
    165K 8.3K 32

    What happens when a rich, talented, twenty year old musician WeiZhou falls in love with a blue collared, hard working, oblivious twenty four year old JingYu and decides to pursue him? This is the story of two boys who came to experience love in two very different ways. This is a work of fiction. The plot, the story an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Home Is Where You Are (Short Stories)
    30K 1.5K 13

    Short story collection. YuZhou drabble: a slice of life. Random days of YuZhou life. AUs. Mostly stand alone. Heavy on feels. Hardly any resemblance with real incidents. This is a work of fiction. The plot, the story and some characters are entirely mine. This is NOT a translated work. NOT a continuation of someone el...

  • Universal Love - Scenes of YuZhou
    39.4K 1.6K 61

    Fan fiction scenarios of Huang JingYu and Xu WeiZhou written for the Soompi ShangYin Family, aka Heroin/Addicted Web Series thread. Not really a story, these are scenes inspired by not only the men they are about, but greatly influenced by the 'family' of fans I have come to know. Explicit scenes (which is most of the...