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  • Adopted By Nicki Minaj
    100K 2.9K 46

    Paris Ki'Moni Heaven Johnson is a 14 year old orphan.she really wants to get adopted.Nicki Minaj is her inspiration.Then Nicki decides she wants to adopt a 14 year old.she comes to Paris's foster home.....

  • Nicki Minaj & Cyn Santana
    14.4K 529 12

    (BTW: For everybody who know's Cyn then you know that she LOVES Nicki Minaj) This story is basically about how Cyn Santana finally gets her big wish to go see Nicki Minaj. In this story Cyn really doesn't have but one friend which is Stella. Will Cyn win over Nicki's heart? Will they find each other interesting? Read...

  • Ᏸeynika: No Escape*Complete
    143K 6.8K 32

    Nicki grew up in an abusive house hold. Her father beats her mother he's an alcoholic. He ends up beating Nicki and she runs away and runs into Bey were she is forced to do as she say. Bey takes her under her wing and treats her better than her other girls. Later on Nicki and bey begin to develop feelings for each oth...

    Completed   Mature
  • 6 god Mythology
    41.7K 2.2K 43

    Drake wants you... What do you do? What do you do when you find out he's not like any normal man you've ever met? Greek-Roman (and other) Mythology inspired. Drake and Nicki. Take you on a journey that can only be read and not spoken. Have a good read

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girlfriend Experience ☑️
    81.2K 4.3K 21

    Beyoncé Is A Young Lady Who Loves Her Life Despite The Fact That She Doesn't Really Go Out Expect When She And Her Husband Go Out. But What Happens When She Meets Onika Maraj? Will Onika Put That Spark In Her Life That She Needs?

    Completed   Mature
  • Is This Love? (OMG GirlxGirl Love Story)
    119K 3.4K 34

    Completed   Mature
  • Bhadd Luv
    108K 2.4K 32

    GxG Love story between Zonnique Pullins and Bahja Rodriguez aka Miss Star and Miss Beauty from the OMG Girlz

  • History Scandals {Editing}
    405K 16.4K 46

    Dr. Knowles is a AP history teacher that teaches at Martin High school. This is her first year teaching and she comes in the middle of the school year. Once there she meets the school's menace Onika Maraj. Onika is a troubled teen, she's amazingly talented but the abyss of her dark past hinders her from what there is...

  • Crazy In Love(NickiMinaj& Beyoncé)*COMPLETED* (First book)
    174K 4.9K 49

    Nicki minaj and Beyoncé love story. In this story they r lesbians. I kno they r straight in real life but this is just a book. Enjoy!!

    Completed   Mature
  • Damaged (Zonnique & Bahja Love Story)
    7.9K 68 1

    "I love you".. "Thanks"

  • texts ☪ rihnaj (discontinued)
    98.1K 3.8K 24

    in which nicki accidentally sends rih a nude, and it all goes down from there.

  • Lover Girl (Sequel to Is This Love? OMG Girlz GirlxGirl Love Story)
    20.2K 863 15

    Bahja and Nique are back and enjoying their life the best way they can until something happens

    Completed   Mature
  • All for you (BahjaxZonnique love story)
    89.3K 2.8K 36

    Bahja Rodriguez is a 18 transgender that doesn't give a fuck about them boys, she the lesbian pimp of Georgia. She fell into a depression which made her do some things which got her kicked out with her sister Lourdes. Now there off to California to live with there rich dad! Learn what happens in Bahja lived meeting n...