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  • motherboard ; malum
    60.1K 5.7K 53

    In which two painfully straight boys kiss.

  • (discontinued)
    52.2K 3.5K 29

    Tattoo Parlour meets and engaged boy and all hell breaks loose.

  • spotlight :: malum
    164K 9.4K 86

    [ BOOK I OF THE SPOTLIGHT SERIES ] Where Calum can't seem to forget about the fame so Michael shows him how to be normal. [ a malum fanfiction ] [ highest rating #22 in fanfiction ]

    Completed   Mature
  • Movie Screens {cth+mgc}
    25.1K 1K 177

    why did you leave me? -mgc I never really left -cth

  • Mature | Malum mpreg✔
    87.2K 5.7K 31

    "You're very immature for your age, you know that?" "Says the one who had a daughter at my age." "Look who's talking." "Alright, just because you got me pregnant doesn't mean you get to use that against me." After a crazy party, Michael, the rebel, turns up pregnant. But when he comes back from his first sonogram, he'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bitter Communication » malum au
    94.4K 6K 110

    It's 2 am and I can hear your voice through the phone again. - Michael has an unknown caller calling at 2 am each morning. Will he pick up the phone? And what will happen if he does? (one-sentenced chapters) - (completed)

  • suddenly ♡ malum ✓
    449K 29.1K 50

    ›› suddenly, i fell in love ‹‹ [side lashton] © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved

  • daddy's little princess ❥ malum [✓]
    189K 5.5K 44

    calum is a single dad, and michael is girly with a daddy kink. - [DISCLAIMER: i wrote this when i was 15/16 so i wasn't very educated on gender roles so there are bits where the characters are being ignorant to the said subject so read at own risk :) anD ALSO this story is vvvv cringey so also read at your own risk l...

    Completed   Mature
  • sippy cup
    741 50 3

    mAKING A SERIES OF THIS murder house baby.

  • 11:10 ; Malum
    65.6K 5.4K 19

    the one where Calum likes to text bitches at 11:10 so when they make their 11:11 wish he'll already be on their mind. book two of the 11:11 series.

  • what i can't see ◈ malum (completed)
    43.1K 3.2K 36

    "it's what i can't see that bothers me," "so, basically... everything bothers you?" - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2016 © baepsaemalum

    Completed   Mature
  • imessage ♡ malum
    201K 15.8K 32

    ❝ would you please stop spamming my imessage with emojis ❞ ❝ uh, no ❞ - a book of random malum conversations © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved

  • collaboration ♡ malum ✓
    712K 43.4K 45

    collaboration {kəlabəˈreɪʃn/}; the action of working with someone to produce something (for example: videos or songs) - in which calum has a youtube channel called 'collabcal' and michael's weekly highlight is to watch his videos [side lashton] first place in the 2014 holiday bromance awards, malum category! © 2014, O...

  • connection ♡ malum {sequel to collaboration} ✓
    302K 18.4K 45

    [ SEQUEL TO 'COLLABORATION' ] ❝ the wifi connection here sucks ❞ ❝ but that's not important if the connection between us works perfectly ❞ - in which calum and michal experience the ups and downs of a youtuber relationship [side lashton] © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved

  • pay you with love ♡ malum (discontinued)
    317K 20.1K 55

    ❝ how do you want to pay? cash or with a check? ❞ ❝ is love also an option? ❞ - in which calum is a broken teenage boy who sells his body for sex and michael looks for a hook up [warnings: mpreg, girly!calum] © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved

  • Student Teacher ❦ Malum ❦ BoyxBoy
    32.2K 1.4K 36

    Michael starts teaching at a school for his university course, he was on his last year of being a student at University making him a 'Student Teacher' "Im Mr. Clifford and ill be teaching you for the year" "Can we call you Mr. Sexy" Michael looked up to see who said that and made eye contact with a boy who dressed di...

  • oops, you're cute :: malum
    59.6K 5K 42

    In which Calum sees Michael's profile picture and couldn't help but drop a message.

    26.6K 1.6K 14

    michael was just trying to look for a present for his best friend, but ended up stumbling into the best present he'll ever get [girly!calum] © 1940sluke | 2015

  • lies » malum [FINISHED]
    91.1K 8K 20

    in which calum lies a lot. © All Rights Reserved.

  • after class :: malum
    53.7K 3K 33

    Michael didn't see much coming when he first asked Calum to stay behind after class.

  • the boss's son//malum//au
    11.8K 838 13

    Michael grew up, Calum didn't. cover-cakesgaybie

  • Cheerleader :: måłūm [DISCONTINUED]
    40.1K 2.3K 23

    Calum is a cheerleader who gets pregnant by his boyfriend Michael, who happens to be the captain of the football(soccer) team. It's just like the perfect love story. or is it? [DISCONTINUED AS OF 080716]