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  • 😼Cataindar
    808K 40.6K 66

    #1 for a month on the Fantasy-Action Hotlist. Wattys2015 Winner. Fourteen-year-old Luisa is focused on staying under the radar at her rough London school, relieved that the summer holidays are soon to begin. Exploring the ruin of an abbey at night, Luisa falls into the underground land of Cataindar. The catains a...

  • Shy Guy
    43.2K 1.6K 34

    ~~WARNING: excessive amounts of cringe. Literally the shittiest book in existence. Run while you still can~~ "Why are you talking to me?" I look up at the sexy hot chunk of a man god, attempting to make small talk with me. He doesn't reply, he just looks at me, as if he's expecting me to do something. "Seriously, dude...

  • Darkest Before Dawn
    2.5M 114K 72

    Orochimaru never became a missing-nin. The Fourth Hokage still stood tall. There was no Uchiha Massacre. The Akatsuki never existed. Madara never became a problem. What could go wrong in such a perfect world? Sakura Haruno had always been alone, and at thirteen, she abandoned Konoha. She had to run from her past, but...

  • The Ultimate Book of Stereotypes
    96.4K 5.4K 22

    Because originality on Wattpad is pretty fucking limited and we all know it. So start reading if you wanna see me rant about how some writers really need to do society a favour and staple all their fingers together. But just so you know, I swear like an angry sailor so hehe (✿◠‿◠). cover by: foreveryoung_09

  • The Faerie Guardian
    1.7M 50.7K 28

    She's fae. He's human. He should never have followed her into the magic realm... Violet has one job: protect humans from dangerous magical creatures. It's a job she's good at-until the cute human guy whose life she just saved follows her into the fae world. Now she's broken faerie law, risking her future at the Guild...

  • Poems he'll never see
    80.8K 4.6K 32

    i'm not good with writting poems i just write them because stories are too long and he's not worth it. or maybe he is, yeah he is i just don't want to accept that as a fact