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  • Weightless (Crosshairs Transformer Romance)
    22.4K 847 16

    Ferris Maguire has handled quite a few things in her short lifetime. But how can she deal with these new Transformers? Specifically a green corvette.

  • Rules of War (Book 1 in "War" Series)
    10.2K 1K 7

    "It's a truth that in Love and War, worlds collide and hearts get broken." When Megatron captures Optimus Prime with no intentions of letting him free, while still torturing the Autobots back at the base with videos, Optimus has to find a way to escape with his life or die trying while also reliving some of the past...

    Completed   Mature
  • When the Stars Fall (Fantasy Role Play)
    3.1K 68 21

    Be a human, elf, dragon, witch or rock! It's all accepted here. Be yourself and let out your deepest desires~ no judging here. Have fun and just be yourself

  • What Have I Become? (Incomplete)
    381 35 4

    (Thanks... I guess... To LizzieFlynn200 for the cover) I used to be a shy and quiet mech... gentle too. That all changed the day the Decepticons killed my mate. I have put this story on hiatus because I am having trouble with my story... as in I am trying to forget.

    Completed   Mature
  • Always There
    3K 143 5

    Arya Skye and Bumblemus Prime; two fanfiction writers on Wattpad. They mainly specialize in Transformers Prime fanfiction, and we're sure you've heard of at least one of us (otherwise you probably wouldn't be here). We have come together in a roleplay, which has turned out to be a pretty good story. And we wanted to...

  • Transformers Prime: Welcome to Shattered Glass
    81 6 1

    A story about 3 humans who get brought to the shattered glass verse due to a black hole suddenly appearing and sucking them in while at the Autobot base

  • Transformers Megatron's Child
    398 19 2

    What if..... Optimus had a human sparkmate who was kidnapped by Megatron.... And when she is saved by Team Prime and brought back home they discover a startling secret... Optimus's sparkmate was sparked.... With Megatron's child!

  • Shifter (Transformer fanfic)
    5.3K 167 12

    A secret group of crazy scientists created a project code named 'Shifter'. A human project that has cybertronian metal in them and on them and has many secrets that will creat questions. The project is found and helped by the Autobots when they adopted her the team will protect and teach their new family member what...

  • Pictures of Transformers and other things
    4.2K 364 63

    Pictures....and words maybe

  • Short Random stories.....sometimes with people I chose
    370 44 15

    These are just things I come up with. DON'T JUDGE YOU WILL REGRET IT! Anyway, I might not finishes any of these but I'm pretty sure they will be fun to make. I am picking people who I fallow...or people who fallow me to be in some of them. If you don't want to be in them TO BAD! Just kidding, just tell me you don't wa...

  • Transformers Prime; The Unwanted. (RatchetxOc)
    135K 4.9K 54

    OLD VERSION! STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN AND THE REWRITE IS CALLED PULL ME INTO THE DARK. My name... is Mika Nakadai. I've been known to most at school as the Unwanted simply because no one wanted me around. With the exception of my twin Miko of course. I had never once thought my life would change or amount to much... I...

  • Little Bumblebee (TFP Little Series )
    12.8K 518 6

    I'll work on the description.... This is a hypothetical short story of what happened to Bumblebee when he was a sparkling. I don't own the picture.

  • TF Art Book
    3.1K 202 31

    Over the past 2 ish years I have been using my free time (when I have ideas) to draw pieces of Transformers artwork. These have been drawn for friends and even a couple of pages on Facebook. I am unable to put these pieces in order of which they were drawn however as I can't remember which order I drew them in anywh...

  • A Darker Side [Transformers]
    19.9K 1.6K 38

    (Voted best OC, Best OC/Canon Romance, Canon Interpretation, and best MTMTE Plotline in the TransformersFFAwards!) She was just caught up in the remains of a simple bet, and she believed that they were just flying around in a ship. But it turned out to be much more. Through the light of hope festered darkness, and the...

  • Tag, I'm it
    528 65 15

    Questions, answers . . . TAGS.

  • If Transformers Prime Discovered Facebook!
    18.9K 954 10

    Title says it all.

  • A Love Worth Dying For Transformers
    142K 4.1K 44

    Optimus Prime has made the decision to leave their home planet due to the violence and their dying home world Other than the pain of there home, Optimus has witnessed the death of his beloved sparkmate Elita1 It all changes when he meets a human named Rose Belkin as she gives her life for a new one. Will Optimus fell...

  • Transformers Prime: Half Predacon, half Autobot
    15.4K 499 31

    A story about an unknown femme, DarkStorm who has been recruited by the Decepticons when found in a energon mine, DarkStorm has been brought up to the Nemesis and has been trained for quite some time. After three years, DarkStorm has been a valuable member of the Decepticon ranks, and the Autobots come to a battle aga...

  • Heroes of Dreamland, Book 1: Kirby and the Monstrous Lightning
    16.1K 502 24

    A tale about an extraordinary Waddle Dee, a couple of Star Warriors, a penguin king and his adorable minions, the king's annoying right-hand snail, an evil monster made of electricity, and the epic quest this Waddle Dee must go on to save Dreamland. Written by a Kirby fan (Rated PG for mild fantasy violence and some s...

  • Sparky And I:It All Begins
    172K 6.6K 28

    "When are you going to accept the fact that you're not normal?" Tanya Fey Wess is no where near being normal. In fact she's more on the..abnormal side. Ever since that day seven years ago when her parents abandoned her, her life has been upside down. She's trying to hide from a past, a past she wants to forget. But w...

  • A Prime's Daughter
    35K 1.1K 15

    A pod is lunched from Cybertron during the great war. Optimus Prime watches it as it disappears through a space bridge. A single tear falls from his eye as he looks away. Will the pod have a safe landing on a peaceful planet or will it reach the clutches of the decepticons.

  • Transformers Prime: Spoofs and Bloopers
    279K 15.1K 143

    Transformers Prime spoofs and bloopers! Need a laugh? Leave it to Team Prime! There are references to other TV shows and movies all over this book. I like to see how many of ya'll notice. It's pretty fun to leave them around and see who recognizes them. So have fun with that~ Hope ya'll enjoy!

  • Suffocating (Transformers Prime Fanfic)
    3K 211 7

    Believing her sparkmate is dead, and there is no escaping the current situation, the femme would have to act as a Decepticon to maintain her cover, but it becomes more than a cover, when the leader falls for her. And when she finds her first love is still alive, her covers been blown and the mighty Megatron isn't too...

  • Transformers/Transformers Prime RP
    11.4K 42 7

    Hello! This is a RP where it can be either in Transfromers or Trnasformers Prime. Up to you! -Bellefordonut264

  • Time Stops (Transformers Prime Love story)
    644 25 2

    This is an slight!AU love story. Humans all have a clock on their right wrist. It appears when the child is born and starts to count down when they turn 15. Usually it would look like this: (example)725 days/ 72 hours/ 35 minutes/ 54 seconds. This countsdown to the second they meet their soulmate. At the time the cloc...

  • TFP: Alone
    23.1K 1.7K 52

    This story took place in a series, which I have unpublished. So now this is a stand alone. Legacy, the daughter of Smokescreen and a human woman has to find her place on Cybertron... New language, new faith, new friends, new planet. I've given up everything moving to this strange world. Worst of all, I'm alone. A/N:...

  • Transformers Randomness
    404 11 4

    Title explains all.

  • A Random Art Book
    35.3K 2.2K 131

    This book is going to have masterpieces of art that took a long time to put together. It will have deep and meaningful thoughts..... Okay, so I realized I needed a book where I could just be random. I fought with the idea for a while hence the title. It's more of me saying 'Whatever let's do this.' I don't own the pic...

  • Randam Pics
    4.7K 217 12

    I know some people did funny/Oc/Transformers as humans pics this as well but I would like to do this as well too :3 but it's all rolled up in one