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  • Vampire Knight (FanFiction)
    10.2K 383 10


  • PureBlood (vampire knight x reader)
    211K 5.8K 52

    You are a vampire in a school with vampires and humans but you don't know what kind of a vampire you are. The other vampires aren't aware of you being a vampire and neither do the humans. I wonder what adventures await you in this school maybe you'll; -find true love -make the best friends ever -make enemies Who knows...

  • The Worst Monster of All (Zero X Demon! Reader)
    5.8K 269 6

    Love has always been good right? We'll meet Zero who has fallen in love (y/n) she was a really nice student and she loved helping people. She wasn't a Vampire, she called herself a monster, That's because it was kinda true. She was a demon

  • Vampire knight various x reader (discontinued for now)
    309K 8.7K 51

    You are lost in a huge snow storm and was saved by Kaien Cross. You were then in a deep sleep for 10years straight and meet Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu on the way. as well as the other characters from vampire knight. You might capture a few hearts along the way with out knowing it (since you won't be interested in love...

  • My Dear ~ (Kaname Kuran X Reader)
    259K 7.8K 19

    This book is actual shit

  • BROKEN.(Y/N) Michaelis x Kaname Kuran.
    108K 3K 37

    What if Kaname made a contract with a Pureblood Demon and fell in love with her. P.S. (Y/N)'s parents are Sebastian Michaelis [from Black Butler] and Mizuki Michaelis. [I am sorry to inform that this story will be put on hold for a while and it will be revised and edited so that way chapters will be longer and not all...