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  • Spanking Kenzie
    63.1K 289 6

    I'm not very good at writing descriptions but all I have to say is, this is going to be good. So make sure you read!

  • Beaten
    158K 4.4K 16

    My head was against the wall and my knees were on my chest. I was breathing heavy and tears were streaming down my face. I stared down at my cut arms. The scars would never leave. "JESSICA" I hear a loud voice. My door slammed open and my father stood in my door way. "please don't hurt me" I whimper. He grabs me by my...

  • Don't Hurt Me
    1.2K 24 12

    A story for my best friend Dani Cullen. Kidnapped, Abused Harry who ( eventually!) get rescued by Louis and Liam, who have rescued Zayn and Niall already into their family. But that will be a while, most of the first several chapters will focus on abusing our beloved Harrah. ;) Gotta love 'I'm!

  • Punishment
    12.3K 57 1

    Ally gets her ass bruised badly. Comment what you want her step dad to use on her, & how long. If you don't like spanking stories, don't read. ****ALL MADE UP****

  • Where Them Girls At 2.0 Spanking Stories
    300K 2.9K 36

    This story brings the readers into the development of a non sexual non abusive spanker/spankee relationship between a young girl and her new assigned disciplinarian, a freshman teacher who has a lot to learn when it comes to discipline. *Warning: contains non sexual non abusive spanking of minors and foul language

    Completed   Mature
  • Shawn Mendes Daughter spanking story
    10.6K 76 4

    Hi I'm Aaliyah Mendes yes I'm the the Daughter of Shawn Mendes done screaming yet good well I'm pretty much like my brother I love to sing and working out and I'm 10 years old and shawn spanks me when I get out of line and he's very over portective of me and he took me in when I was 7 cuz my mom would get Physically A...

  • Rebel Girl (Harry Styles daughter spanking story)
    335K 4.4K 17

    This is the story of Harry Styles' rebel child, Darcy. *******Contains spanking. Don't like don't read.**********

  • BrEakOut ThE RuLEz Spanking Story
    216K 2.9K 44

    Lieutenant commandant Steve McGarrett is the current leader of the well known Hawaii 5-0 task force, dedicated to solve crimes involving from terrorism to kidnapping. After a rather difficult childhood, he moved to the US to turn into the first of his class marine and run a life of hard discipline, structure and follo...

  • The Big Complicated Family(a spanking story)
    149K 1K 26

    Griffin and leigha are a very wealthy married couple with 8 kids. When their kids act up they get punished with a spanking. Read this story to see the complicated situations the kids get themselves in to and how their parents react.

  • Abused & Unloved.
    718K 18.4K 26

    Sage was abused by her mother, harassed and molested by her mother's boyfriend. So one day Sage's mother throws her out on the streets and into adoption. There Sage is left to feel unwanted and broken. What happens when times flies and two married men come and adopt Sage and then take her to her new home where the two...

  • Zayn Malik's Little Sister (Spanking story)
    759K 10.4K 55

    Chloe Malik is a 13 year old girl with a dark past. First her father died, then her brother left for a world tour and now he's back with his band mates to look after Chloe. However Chloe doesn't want Zayn back in her life. Instead she would rather be on her own, in a ditch, and left to die alone. Zayn has a di...

  • Role Models (ODSS)
    1M 13.9K 141

    One Direction has anywhere from 4-5 members (who knows anymore nowadays), who are worldwide famous. When you're famous... you act one of three ways. 1. Role model. Everything you do is sought after and envied. 2. Insane lunatic. Someone should probably put you in a facility, but no one's brave enough. 3. Jerk that...

  • (spanking story) How many time Do I have to tell you
    10.4K 85 4

    In this story Jasmine Alberico (38), And Niall Horan (39)are the mom an dad of Alana Horan (12), Avery Horn (13), and Joseph Horn (13). They live in Chicago. The kids get in trouble a lot and suffer consequences

  • Abused
    2.3M 60.1K 40

    Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother violently beating her. He called the cops and had her mother immediately put in jail and Kendall's father moved them away from her hometown. He never wa...