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  • What If Cinderella Never Left Her Shoe?
    581K 10.8K 12

    [A Wattpad Featured Story] Raemus hates the idea of the season of love that is coming very near. He knows he will be alone again. He tries to forget about the romance until he finds himself in a Cinderella-like moment during their High School's masquerade prom. He has no plan of dancing until he sees the girl in a lig...

  • The Book Of
    29.2K 1.7K 151

    The Book Of...whatever you want it to be Interpret these however you choose. Things with "a.c." credited are my originals.

  • Campus Nerd To Campus Princess (Published)
    18.4M 280K 105

    Published under Pop Fiction

    Completed   Mature
  • A and D
    44.7M 806K 50

    Nerdy Dakota Evans makes the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with her best friend, Aaron Ford. Despite coming from entirely different cliques in school, will their relationship have a chance? *** In a high school where everyone belongs to cliques, nerdy and boyish Dakota Evans' friendship with basketba...

  • Friends With Benefits (COMPLETED)
    7.6M 67.2K 32

    Ever find yourself in a situation which causes your heart to break countless times? How about realizing you're in love with your best friend!? That's what Paige has been hiding from Nate, her best friend, and also the guy she's secretly loved even though he may not feel the same way...

  • The Basketball Jerk
    225K 4.4K 1

    “I’m sorry I kissed you,” he paused. “I’m sorry that I don’t regret it,” he stared at me right through my eyes. “And I’m sorry that I’m going to do it again…”

  • Deal Breaker (Published under Pop Fiction, Summit Publishing)
    5.4M 94.5K 53

    Princess Nicole "Nick" Madrigal wants nothing more than to regain the independence that she lost noong nalaman niyang siya ang long-lost heiress ng isa sa mga pinakamayamang negosyante sa bansa. Simua noong natagpuan siya ng tunay niyang pamilya, puro gulo na lang ang nangyayari sa dating tahimik at simpleng buhay ni...

  • #HUGOT
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  • How to Break a Heart (To be published by LIB)
    2.4M 52.8K 50

    Allie De Guzman decided to break-up with her two-year long boyfriend. The only problem is, ayaw siyang pakawalan ng boyfriend niya. That-and she just don't have the guts to break his heart. And that's when Arron Gene Valencia, the well-known heart breaker comes in. With Arron's help, will Allie learn How to Break a He...

  • 23:11
    55.7M 1.5M 115

    A writer. A weird stranger. A lot of little conversations. An online understanding. Every night. 23:11.

  • Ikaw Pa Rin (Published under Pop-Fiction)
    14.9M 191K 86

    Hanggang ngayon, nagsisisi pa rin akong pinakawalan kita. Kasi alam mo, mahal na mahal pa rin kita. - John Christian. [Unedited. Maraming errors dito sa wattpad version. I hope you understand, thank you.]

  • The Bet (Just The Way You Are)
    49.7M 481K 72

    When Drake Swift lost in a bet, his best friend wanted him to court a girl in a month and ask her to be his girlfriend. After she said, "Yes", he will tell her that he doesn't love her and all that happened between them was a game. But what if Sophia Taylor, the girl his best friend chose, is clever than they think s...

  • If I Fall (Taglish)
    13.8M 228K 91

    Tagalog/English [PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION - 2017]

  • Bridal Shower (Published Under POP FICTION)
    15.5M 184K 55

    Is Love really sweeter the second time around?

  • The Most Painful Battle
    12.4M 252K 21

    Si Pierce Useda ay isang gangster, ay hindi pala, isa siyang "feeling" gangster. Isa siyang tambay, mahilig makipag-away at manggulo pero isang gabi nang tangkain niyang holdapin ang isang babae ay nauhan siya ng isa pang holdapper. Ending? Nainlove siya sa girl na dapat nanakawan niya. Susundan niya si girl at dahil...

  • Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED)
    108M 1.9M 61

    When Victoria 'Tori' Peige found out that Zachary Anderson was the reason for all of her bestfriend's past break-ups, she knew she had to step in and make a move. Even if it was against her will, Ms. goody-goody asked Zach to be her boyfriend. Little did Tori know that Zach only agreed because he wanted to use her in...

  • Bad Boy's Game
    65.5M 2.1M 46

    He lit his cigarette, I lit nothing. He drank alcohol, I drank water. He smirked, I smiled. He didn't love me, I didn't love him. He and I together wouldn't last a day. And then the game started... He said he found me intriguing, unique, and interesting because I didn'...

  • Mr. Maniac meets Ms. Pervert (PUBLISHED)
    82M 993K 56

    Aragon Series #2 : What will happen if Mr. Maniac John Dale Aragon meets Ms. Pervert Natasha Feddiengfield ?

    76.1M 1.3M 62

    "Drake Palma, humanda ka! I'm going to get you by hook or by crook!" Ito si Alys Perez, may pagka-loner, maingay, madalas bagsak ang grades sa klase, bigo sa pag-ibig, at may malaki siyang problema. Kasi naman, pumayag siyang gawin ang isang bagay na wala talaga siyang kahit anong experience. Ano ba naman ang alam niy...

  • the book of lies
    63.2K 1.7K 54

    just a short story.

  • The Popular Jerk and I
    1.2M 9.8K 12

    True love will always find its way back. We all have that one guy we don't like, or we probably hate, even though we know that he's attractive and charming. And so does Lily Christova. Lily hates all the popular kids in their school. Especially Matt Austin, the king of popularity. She was forced to be his pet-girlfrie...

  • Avah Maldita (Aarte pa?) - Book Version
    38.3M 852K 37

    Avah Chen is my name and hating is my game. Loved by no one, hated by everyone. Half-Chinese. Pure-Maldita.

  • Just A Dare
    375K 7.4K 31

    It was a mean thing to do, I admit. And I wasn't a mean person. But I did it anyway. "It's just a dare," she said. "and it's not like you'll ever see them again." She persuaded me and I couldn't argue with her logic. I was moving across the world. So, I thought I would never see them again. You only live once, you k...

  • The Break Up Planner (Published Under Pop Fiction)
    42.3M 813K 84

    "Break na 'yan sa Sabado!"

  • Seeing Colours
    7.1K 414 23

    Imagine Growing up in a world were you see nothing then black and white, Imagine you can't see the beautiful colors of an early evening sunset , or see the colors of the wings of the blue birds flying in the sky's above, or see the way the sun bounces of the ocean on a summers day. Well that's exactly what Emilia s...

  • The Bet
    3.9M 111K 40

    Nicole was one of the schools most popular sought girl. She was easy going, stubborn and full or herself. Emilia was the complete opposite of Nicole. She's hard working, kind and strict. She's also the current student council president and was also one of the most sought girls even if she was called the ice princess...

    5.4M 96.2K 64

    Panget, mahina, walang dulot sa school kundi isang taong kinokopyahan lang. Little did you know kaya ka nito sipain hanggang China HA! What if ang secret identity mabuking ng mortal enemy niya? Love is unexpected. Be warned.

  • Prince with Benefits
    107M 435K 11

    After a bad break up, Emily moves across the world to find herself. Getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she wants, but that changes when she meets a handsome stranger, who's perfect in every way, except one thing: he's the Prince of England. Prince with Benefits is a contemporary fairy tale filled wit...

  • Like Yesterday
    7.9M 127K 28

    Have you ever met that one guy? That one guy who once ruined your life? For Reese, the day he left was the happiest day of her life. No more humiliation. No more embarrassing moments. And no more Jace Hamilton. But what if he's coming back? And what if it's not just the moments that are catching up wit...

  • All About The Bet (IMPORTANT!)
    317K 3.3K 13

    VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE ADD THIS TO YOUR LIBRARY! *Frequently Asked Questions, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Extras, Updates*