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  • Leave Your Mark Awards
    1.3K 180 9

    We all want to leave our footprints in the sand of time. So why not live forever through literature? Aspire to be the next Nicholas Sparks or even William Shakespear? Well, this awards is the place for you.

  • The Elimination Awards [SHUT DOWN]
    24.4K 1K 22

    A brand new book awards. All judging is done by me to keep it fair. 5 rounds. A bunch of books get eliminated each round until we have a winner. Prizes for first, second, third, finalists and a sticker for participants.

  • The Moonstone Awards (CANCELLED)
    80 6 6

    Welcome to The Moonstone Awards! YOU deserve to be noticed. YOUR talent should be recognized. Join The Moonstone Awards now to get a chance to pursue your dreams.

  • The Athena Awards CLOSED
    8.1K 853 35

    [CLOSED] Welcome to the 2017 Fall Athena Awards! This is a contest created for those special people who build worlds, create wonderful and heartfelt characters, for those who win battles and those who lose them. This is all done with the simplest of tools and weapons: words. This award contest in unlike any else. Ther...

  • The Monthly Awards- August 2017 (CLOSED)
    3.3K 262 26

    CLOSED Welcome to the first Monthly Awards! This is for undiscovered authors who want to participate and have less than 15K reads.

  • The Violet Awards (2017) *closed*
    525 45 11

    Hello! this is a award show for everyone! And anyone! please come and visit! Closes september 28! 2017 Three will win out of five! And stickers are included! Take a chance and post your book! You could win! Plus if you win and have a sticker on your book, you'll get more votes and readers!!!

  • The Crayon Awards🌈 [CLOSED]
    4.3K 494 19

    Is your book not getting noticed by as many people as it should be? Well the Crayon Awards is here to help by adding a little extra colour in your life! Welcome writer big and small, to the fist ever Crayon Awards! Have fun. And write on! The current owner and host of this account is: @lexvex

  • Epiphany Awards [JUDGING]
    5.5K 491 24

    WELCOME TO THE EPIPHANY AWARDS! Around here our aim is to bring the underrated but AMAZING stories and let them shine in the spotlight. The job here is to get them recognised and discovered beyond the author's wildest dreams! If you would like to take part in the Epiphany Awards and find out how they work, read on :) ...

  • 2017 Summer Awards [CLOSED]
    4K 283 28

    Are you an undiscovered writer with hidden talent? Are you a semi-popular Wattpad author who's looking for more publicity for your book? Then the 2017 Summer Awards are for you! :) These are the awards for the summer of 2017. Please read for details on how to enter.

  • The Pastel Awards → OPEN
    42.1K 2.5K 8

    The Pastel Awards is a competition for undiscovered authors with books under 100k reads, to enter their novels in order to hopefully gain recognition and become well known. Most genres are accepted, more information inside. Good luck! Read the book to find out more information on the 2018 Pastel Awards.

  • Reach For The Stars Awards [Closed]
    19.9K 1.5K 60

    Are you looking for an award that doesn't matter about how many votes and reads you have. Well you found the right book. We don't care if you have a 100k views or 10 your book can still win. This is the reach for the stars awards where your book can be the next star. What are you waiting for go sign up.

  • The Seasonal Awards 2017 ❤CLOSED❤
    9.9K 818 22

    Closed Open for speciality awards Enjoy every little moments with Seasonal awards 2017 !!!Explode your feelings here!!! A place for your glittering books, Presenting a different & unique style of contest !!! Behold , Enjoy the rains & cool winds & your ice creams !!! Join Seasonal awards 2017 Now !!