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  • Harrison Academy: School of Gangsters.
    159K 4K 32

    Harrison Academy : School of Gangsters | Gangsters. They're dangerous and cold. Guns, daggers, and swords are their bestfriend, don't even dare to touch it, or you'll die. In Gangster Academy you'll experience to kill and to fight. Who wants to enter G.A and experience something, even better. Prepare your guns and wea...

  • The Four Nerds And The Campus Prince (COMPLETED) [Alien Series #1]
    1M 28.1K 47

    Warning: Wag magtitiwala agad sa mga taong... NERD. HAVE A BRACES MYSTERIOUS. O Iba pang hindi mo mararamdaman sa Ibang Tao. Because They Here. andito na sila para sa?? Abangan. All Rights Reserved©2015 #104 In Random #580 In Teen Fiction #119 In Fantasy #120 In Fantasy #122 In Fantasy #10 In Fantasy December 27,2015:...

  • » TEMPORARY BLISS « Styles
    219K 13.9K 50

    הם היו יזיזים בתקופת התיכון אך התיכון נגמר וכך גם קשר ההטבות. אבל כאשר ויולט עוזבת את הבית ספר היא מגלה דבר קטן. דבר קטן שרק גדל אצלה בבטן מרגע לרגע- קים. אחרי 13 שנים שבהן היא מגדלת את קים, ביתה הקטנה היא מתחילה לעבוד במשרד עורכי דין מפורסם. אך אף אחד לא יודע את שמו של 'הבוס הגדול' מה קורה שויולט מגלה את הבוס הגדול...

  • A Vampire's Charm
    6.7M 283K 68

    One of his hands slides underneath my dress and between my thighs, trying to separate them. I press them together harder, and see his facial expression-It was dark, he was clearly getting aggravated at my defiance. His fingernails start digging into my flesh, as I let out a weak sob. My voice seemed to have left me as...

  • I love you, boss
    3.7M 48K 39

    Always there is a easy and hard. A better and a worse. Running is easy. Running from the person you work for ? Without a doubt hard. I guess I'll just have to say the truth. Even if I have to say it to myself. I love you boss-even if you don't . I understand why. I hurt you for the better. The worse? You hate me. But...

  • The Vampire Next Door
    3M 57.9K 42

    Sarah Johnson, a 17 year-old girl who has now moved to London with her mom because of her mom's promotion. Sarah gets to know almost everyone in this neighborhood except for that weird-hot guy that lived next door. He is known for being mysterious. And when they click together something stops him.. what is it?

  • Love Is
    71.9K 3.3K 1

  • With Benefits (Jolinsky) boyxboy
    320K 9.7K 27

    Jack and Jack are best friends and have had this little arrangement for almost 5 years now. What happens when Johnson grows feeling for gilinsky through this. What will happen? Read to find out...

    Completed   Mature