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  • The Secret Virgin
    90 1 2

    "He's been single for 2 years Emma he must be hiding something" "What like a secret relationship?" "No. Something a little more personal" With the well known and very handsome Niall Horan being single for two years young Alice Kingsdom decides to take it upon herself to find out his secret. When the opportunity arrive...

  • Music Sheet (Harry Styles)
    19.4M 309K 54

    Watty Awards 2013 Winner! {book 3} ✓ - ❝ The moment I lost my mum things changed. I changed. I realised that no one stays forever, everyone leaves at some point, whether is willingly or not, and you're left alone, broken on the floor. I won't go through that again. I won't give people the chance to break me like that...

  • With Your Love
    34.7M 313K 75

    ******READ A BIT OF MY LATEST CHAPTER TO SEE HOW MUCH MY WRITING HAS IMPROVED LIKE HONEST ITS SO CRINGEY I CANT****** Falling in love with your best friend seemed too cliche for my liking, so me and my best friend always knew we weren't going to do just that. However, life is so unexpected and before I knew it, I had...

  • Second Snapshot (Picture This Sequel: Niall Horan)
    4.9M 36.4K 66

    -COMPLETED -BK 3 IN PROGRESS- Business. It's all about business now. Nobody should give a single damn about love or how it does and doesn’t affect things. But Ashley does. After almost a year of absolutely nothing exchanged between her and Niall she's almost at breaking point. Nothing's worth it without him, right? Wr...

  • Unexpected (One Direction Fanfic)
    525 2 3

    It's not every day you get an unexpected tweet from your idol. Madi's life turns upside down as she gets in contact with THE Harry Styles and they become friends. But what happens when friends fall in love? And others get in the way?