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  • Marrying a Stranger || Complete
    60.4K 2.8K 10

    I opened my diary and wrote, 'I married a stranger' As i heard footsteps, i quickly closed the diary and hide it under my pillow. "What am i gonna do now?" Thought came up in my mind. . . . . This story is related to an article which i read couple of weeks ago, i thought it would be great if i share it with you all. C...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marriage or a compromise
    2.1M 66.8K 93

    #1 in romance [14-06-16] *The book is under major editing*

  • Mesmerizing Relishing : Nurturing Marriage
    155K 5.3K 18

    Marriage. The word itself has a lot of emotions and incidences attached to it. Rimisha was a self dependent business woman, the ruler and owner of her life, until she found herself suddenly getting forcefully married off to her long time acquaintance Adish Bhattacharya. The man, who becomes her husband is full of him...

  • Arranged Marriage To Love
    303K 10.2K 35

    Well.. This will be like your regular cheesy love story..but it will be a different kind of love story I can promise you that. This is a story about a girl and a boy. You might think that they will meet...they will fall in love and they will live happily ever after. Nope. That is where your wrong. There is definitely...

  • Learning to Love
    3.9M 82.8K 55

    Aman and Priya were forced to have an arranged marriage as part of a business deal made by their fathers. Aman Verma is a shrewd businessman. He is a total womanizer and fears commitment. Priya Malhotra may belong to a rich family but was sheltered from the wealthy lifestyle and given an upbringing immersed in tradi...