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  • rare photos; phan
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    photos of our favorite rats that I feel don't circulate the internet enough i made this when i was twelve pls ignore all my cringey comments god i hate myself

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  • The Hunt: Escape from Europe (1) (Edited)
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    "By the way Marceline, would it be bad if I asked you something?" "Depends." "Well, if I were to die, let's say, tomorrow or in a week, would you do me a favor and... and uh- kiss me?" As they mature into future freshman's (and who should've been a sophomore), Marceline, Jeffery, and Isaac are all having a nostalgic...

  • i thought you were a boy
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    Connecting to Video Chat... "Hi!" "Oh. Oh my god. Oh god." "What?" "I thought you were a boy." --- all characters and situations in "i thought you were a boy" are works of fiction. highest rankings: #2 in Short Story (07/15/17) #1 in "girlxgirl" (06/11/17) #1 in "freethelgbt" (09/06/17) #1 in LGBT+ (06/15/17) #1 in...

  • Scribbles & Scenery
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    Drawings and Photography by myself, SummerTheGiraffe :) enjoy and share, but give me some credit! Thanks ♥