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  • 3rd
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  • Venturain's personalities
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    Jordan Frye makes rolplay videos with his sibling. But what happens when he goes to far. He now has the same problem as Johnny Ghost. He's stuck as him

  • 🌈~Venturiantale~🌈
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    Nessie, leader of N.E.R.D. (Nessie the Extra-ordinary Retarded Detective) her partner, Alkey, and their flying feline, Nikoniku, are detectives. One day, when they get a call about the world famous killer, Jimmy Casket, They head to the crime scene right away and meet a man named Johnny Toast there as well. Will This...

  • Everyone has their own Secrets...
    5.6K 215 17

    Addie, Bethany, and Cierra are mermaids, but cannot admit it to Jordan or Isaac. Every time their shell necklace gets wet, their tail appears. When Jordan and Isaac begin to have suspicion, bad things happen. But could it be Jordan and Isaac have something to hide aswell? Ages: Addie: 18 Bethany: 19 Cierra: 20 Isaac:...

  • Toast 's daughter (Taking A Break)
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    Johnny toast finds out that the daughter he thought he lost 7 years is still alive and wants to find her

  • Secrets
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    Johnny Ghost has a secret that must be kept. Otherwise there will be blood shed. And he'll be the one blamed. The shipping between Ghost and Toast, is not supported through this ff. If you want gay crap, go to someone else

  • Stuck (Venturiantale)
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    Rowan didn't expect her life to change when she clicked on Venturiantale's latest video, but it did. Somehow the entire Acachalla family ended up in the real world!

  • P.I.E short stories (slow updates)
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    Short stories about Johnny Ghost, Johnny Toast, and Jimmy Casket. I do not own Johnny Ghost, Johnny Toast, or Jimmy Casket, all credit goes to VenturianTale! Warning! Slow updates!!!

  • This Isn't A Game Anymore
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    Jordan had a normal life. Well, not quite, seeing as he was a YouTuber with over a million subscribers, but beyond that, his life was pretty normal. One day, a streak of bad luck strikes, and throws him off course. It keeps getting worse, until it hits it's limits, and he hits rock bottom. (Gosh I'm bad at description...