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  • More Than a Dare (Vulgatto fanfic)
    5.7K 188 11

    When Q and Murr dare Joe and Sal to kiss things get a little complicated

  • Faithful (3)
    7.3K 637 42

    Brian and Sal are back for the third and final instalment of the VulQuinn series. Make sure to read 'Til Death Do Us Part' and 'Reunited' beforehand. WARNING: This story contains mature themes that some readers may find triggering. I do not wish to offend anyone. The story will contain themes, including; sex, self-ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reunited (2)
    12.1K 945 49

    The sequel to 'Til Death Do Us Part. You've experienced Sal's side to the story, now it's time to see how Brian handled things. WARNING: This story contains mature themes that some readers may find triggering. I do not wish to offend anyone. The story will contain themes, including; sex, self-harm, depression, death...

    Completed   Mature
  • Til Death Do Us Part (1)
    16.4K 1.2K 47

    Sal has always followed the influence of his friends, believing that he too was straight. However, one day, he suddenly finds out the truth. How will his friends take his news? WARNING: This story contains mature themes that some readers may find triggering. I do not wish to offend anyone. The story will contain theme...

    Completed   Mature
  • Impractical Jokers Oneshots
    31.8K 657 49

    stories, oneshots, and imagines about everyone's favorite comedy troupe! i do take requests, so if you have one, please let me know!

  • The Suffering Of Fools (IJ Fanfic, Sal Vulcano X Brian Quinn)
    19.8K 827 44

    Finally, he softly spoke: "No, I'm not sure. But nobody ever is, are they? I guess that's what makes us human, and right now, this is the most human I've felt in a very long time - with you." ~~~*~~~ Impractical Jokers fanfic, Sal Vulcano X Brian Quinn. Set during Sal's emotional turmoil as he goes through a difficul...

  • Joker Love
    14.7K 125 17

    You guys asked, so I'm delivering. Here is where I'll write requested fanfics about the Impractical Jokers. You want clean? Dirty? One on one? Threesomes? FOURSOMES? I'll write just about anything. Just comment with these details: Your name: Your gender: Your sexuality (YES I will write gay/lesbian/bi stuff. Don...

  • Murrcano|Oneshots
    2.3K 85 13

    Some one shots of this cute ship

  • Tough Love
    10.2K 397 32

    *Note: If you have not read "Steamy Love", go do that right now. This is a sequel to that and you will be very lost if you skip it.* We come back to where we left off with our favorite joker ship, Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano. It was just revealed to us by Faith Redmond that she is pregnant with Brian's child due to th...

  • You're my goal
    6.2K 198 20

    As a superstar athlete, Ashlyn Toben's entire life revolves around soccer and her team. She has been way too focused on her profession to have a relationship in a long time, or at least thats what she tells herself. This all changes when she meets the Impractical Jokers as she is staying in Staten Island for the offse...

  • My Love Story
    3.1K 77 18

    A small town girl falls in love with a celebrity

  • Jokers and You! (Impractical Jokers x Reader)
    110K 2.7K 144

    Impractical Jokers imagines just for you!

  • Breathless
    21.9K 446 21

    Going to the grocery store, Addie never expected to meet the love of her life, awkwardly offering samples of cheese to customers, but that's exactly what happened. What started with a kiss quickly snowballs into so much more, leaving her nothing less than breathless. Could possibly become 18+, the mature tag was added...

    Completed   Mature
  • Challenge: An Impractical Joker Fanfiction
    19.7K 399 22

    Q, Sal, Murr, and Joe all have something in common. They are 36, and single. But not for long. When they meet Stephanie, a blonde haired bombshell, their world is turned upside down. Whos got a dark side? Who wishes he was likable? Who has severe insecurities in which he never shows? Who will Stephanie be able to choo...

  • The Man Who Lived Next Door. (impractical jokers fanfic)
    279 13 2

    Aurora Smith Moved To Staten Island From The UK, With Her Parents. She Thought Her Life Was Sunshine & Rainbows Until She Met, Mr Brain Quinn.

  • Let's take it to the hosal
    10.3K 407 51

    When Siobhan's parents surprise her by buying tickets to the Impractical Jokers live tour, she can't believe her luck. Little does she know, her life is going to change forever.

  • Never Alone (Q short fic)
    613 14 1

    Thanksgiving short fic!

  • Joke Dare Hope
    2.5K 71 32

    (an impractical jokers fan fiction) The character Lindsey's POV. Unless told otherwise A little bit of Morgan from Criminal Minds too

  • Jealousy (Q)
    1.2K 25 1

    Brian Quinn fanfiction

  • SFW Impractical Jokers fanfics
    99.6K 1.8K 56

    fluffity fluff for all your cute joker needs

  • The Kiss
    729 32 1

    A Sal/Joe story! :) (They aren't gay, it's fake; totally!) A kiss. That's what started it. But will they will be willing to tell their friends or just break off their fling? #Jal

  • Saviour
    12.6K 312 38

    *COMPLETED* Maggie Thorne is trying to make life work in New York city working in a slow dull coffee shop and living in a gutter end apartment her luck starts to change when she gains a new roomate and three new friends life is going so well until Maggie gets a phonecall that drags her back home she is forced to come...

  • F off Dana
    795 16 1


  • My Best Friends secret
    8.5K 427 21

    Just read it ;) #Jalislove #Jalislife ❤

  • Are we in LOVE?!
    474 18 1

    Sal and Joe. Two bestfriends since they were 14. Two normal, straight guys, right? Maybe not... WAIT?! Are they in LOVE?! NOTE: They're not actually gay

  • Impractical Lovers (REWRITING)
    1.3K 33 7

    Kyleigh has a relationship with one of her celebrity crushes. Her best friend BECOMES a celebrity. Her relationship takes a turn when something terrible happens. Will their relationship last?

  • Chocolate milkshake
    492 22 2

    Emily hates Mondays. Yet fate pairs up with a cat named Benjamin to give her what she really needs. But will Q ever find out about Emily's secret past?