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  • The Unusual Case of Padfoot and Moony: 1999
    29.6K 833 23

    What happens when unusual magic takes place? Remus and Sirius get an idea as they are tossed into a time that isn't their own. Hoisted from the ripe summer of 1981, the two Marauders meet up with our very own Hermione Granger and get lost in the chaos that is the year after the second wizarding war. Will the pair head...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teaching the Weasley
    205K 6.8K 56

    Falling in love with Hermione Granger was never on the top ten list for Charlie Weasley in the summer of 1995. All he wanted to go was protect his family. But as soon as she proved that she was worthy of his love he began to fall head over heals for the muggle born witch.

    Completed   Mature
  • Charm the Dragon Tamer (A Charlie Weasley and Hermione Granger Love Story)
    38K 541 12

    After being cheated on, Hermione disappears without a word. After trying to find her for days her friends finally give up. Where did she go to mend her broken heart? Far away into Romania, a place her friends wouldn't find her but she forgot a Weasley works in Romania with Dragons. What happens when these two meet? Wh...

  • •Something New• - Mia Zabini
    132K 2.5K 40

    •A Transformation Story• •Hermione Granger to Mia Zabini• •Previously Mia Zabini?• Hermione Granger, a simple, well-known genius. Mia Zabini, Formally known as Hermione Granger The Twists and Turns and Hidden Secrets reveal itself to be a completely different story. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  • Never was a Mudblood
    66.6K 1.5K 25

    Hermione Granger, Brains of the golden trio, Gryffindor Princess not to mention all round goody-two-shoes. But what would you say if I told you the Hermione Granger was not really Hermione Granger? And in fact Pureblood, the twin sister of non other than Blaise Zabini? How will Blaise react? How will Draco Malfoy, Bla...

  • Hermione Granger- Good Girl Gone Bad.
    153K 2.6K 22

    When Hermione's parents are murdered by the order what will Hermione do to get her revenge?

  • Hermione The Deatheater (Wattys 2018)
    36.7K 732 28

    (Slow Updating) What had Hermione been up to before the war? She was always sneaking about in the forest and didn't ever get back late. Hermione was a Death Eater. No she was not happily fighting for the Dark Lord. She only did it to get information. It turns out Hermione is one of the most powerful Witches in the wo...

  • Hermione's Family Reunion
    356K 6.2K 20

    - Dramione - - Earlier known as 'Reunion of Grangers' - Hermione is luckily married to the love of her life, Draco Lucius Malfoy. The worst day of her life comes: the day she got a letter from her aunt, saying she had to attend the family reunion of that year. Hermione could escape those reunions for years, but now: s...

    116K 2K 7

    DRAMIONE COMPLETE. #1 MALFOYFAMILY #1 HERMIONEMALFOY #3 REUNION The rest of the year are in for a shock when they find out who Hermione shares her heart with. (rankings 25/04/19|23/06/19|23/07/19|17/08/19)

  • The Secret Love: A Cedric Diggory and Hermione Granger fan fiction
    75.2K 1.3K 29

    "I like you. It's doesn't feel like its nothing anymore." He said to the young brown hair caramel eyed girl in front of him. "Hermione...what you think of me?" "I don't like you," she responded back. "I love you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cedric Diggory always liked Hermione Granger when he first sa...

  • Granger Family Reunion
    14.4K 200 1

    Hermione is dragged to the Granger family reunion that she's avoided for the past fifteen years. How will they react to knowing that she's married to the once most eligible bachelor in England and has an idyllic life that they all dreamed of?

  • Hogwarts Is Ours (Malfoy Kids)
    8.8K 316 24

    This is the second book in my Dramione series. Go read 'Granger Family Reunion' before you read this. Anyway. The Malfoy kids are heading to Hogwarts. They have packed their bags and are ready for fun. When they get to Hogwarts they are split into houses. Rivalry and Love are coming their way. Read to find out what h...

  • Granger Family Reunion (Dramione)
    207K 3.4K 29

    Hermione has not seen her family for 10 years. Every year she is invited to theses reunions but always comes up with a excuse. But she has run out. She has a 2 year old son Named Scorpius. And a beautiful blonde fiancé! How will her family react with these changes? Expecaly her snotty cousins!!

  • Granger family reunion (Finish)
    77K 1K 9

    Hermione has to go to the family reunion. But where? And who do her cousins meet?

  • Dramione-Baby Project
    85.4K 1.6K 22

    When the wizarding world needs more wizards and witches to populate the wizarding world the Ministry needs all the 8th years of Hogwarts to have children and when Hermione gets paired with the one and only Draco Malfoy. All hell breaks loose. WARNING- This book might be slightly mature, it involves a bit of self harm...

  • Hermione and Ginny: The Past Tomorrow
    8.4K 401 16

    Hermione and Ginny have had their wild adventure in the past.... which didn't turn out well. After Hermione returned home alone, nothing would ever be the same again. Countless months go by with only Hermione believing she's still out there. Determined to help her friend is easier said then done, however she's willing...

  • Hermione and Ginny: Travelling Through Time
    122K 4.5K 40

    When Hermione and Ginny mysteriously travel through time through two glamorous necklaces, they are transported to Hogwarts, 1977. Along their journey they meet familiar but younger faces such as the mischievous marauders. Can they deal with the pressures of accidentally altering the future? Finally, they reveal the pa...

  • Through Her Eyes ✔️
    170K 7.3K 38

    Hermione Granger is cursed by Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts, sending her tumbling off the side of a bridge to - supposedly - her tragic end. However, upon awakening after the fall, Hermione finds herself living almost 20 years in the past under the Pureblood name of Lady Hermione J. Black. But with...

  • Forgotten Oaths {ToMione}
    308 8 2

    Screams rang out in the midst of a once silent night, houses combusted into a fiery fiend as the demons of the past began to catch up once more. Witches and wizards fled in hopes to keep their lives only to lose it for another dreaded day of the war. * "My child.... I know this is hard to bear. You will be alone with...

  • What a year! (Dramione,Blinny,Theuna)
    32.6K 984 16

    Hermione and Draco have been paired for a huge assignment to take of a baby, on top of that Draco Malfoy has a plan to make this year a little bit more interesting. Will Draco succeed? Watch everything unfold in What a Year! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER

  • New friends
    32.9K 933 10

    This is a dramione, blinny and thesy story and I hope you like it. Plz vote

    Completed   Mature
  • Voldemort's Daughter, So It Begins {Completed} {Wattys 2017}
    171K 3.2K 29

    Previously Voldemort's Daughter- The First Time What happens when Hermione finds out who she really is? What does she do when the world crashes on top of her head? Who will she turn to? 199 in #voldemortsdaughter

  • Hermione Zabini
    143K 3K 20

    hermione always thought she was different from the other Gryffindor's, like she didn't belong. Oh how right she was, but of course she didn't know this , she was in fact the older twin sister of Blaise Antonio Zabini, the older sister of Anna Zabini and her real name was Mia Hera Aphrodite Artemis Olympus Zabini daug...

  • Secret Zabini
    340K 8.4K 65

    Hermione granger? Hermione zabini*. Hermione wakes up on her seventeenth birthday to see that she isn't the same girl as she was the night before. Her brown hair is replaced by black hair, her light almost pale skin isn't so light anymore, rather caramel color, and her eyes aren't brown, they're sapphire green. When s...

  • True Identity [Uncomplete/Haitus]
    145K 3.8K 18

    Slughorn decides to teach his 8th year students the family tree potion. Hermione learns out her True Identity. What has Blaise Zabini got to do with it? What will Malfoy think about this new discovery? What will the Golden Trio's reaction be?

  • Seeking Salvation (Dramione)
    104K 3.4K 17

    One year after the Great battle, Hermione Granger has made the decision to return to Hogwarts and further her education as a special advanced student instead of accepting the very tempting offer from St Mungos to become a healer straight after the battle, unlike Ron and Harry who jumped at the offer from the ministry...

  • Slytherin Princess (Dramione love story) On Hold
    45K 848 10

    What if Hermione was a pure blood with Pansy as her sister? What would happen if Blaise and Theo were her older brothers? What would happen if Draco and Hermione were best friends growing up and he falls in love with her? What if Hermione was sorted into Slytherin and never was Harry or Ron's friend? Find out in Slyth...

  • Granger or Riddle?
    47.6K 1.5K 6

    What if Hermione Granger wasn't who she thought she was. What is she is Charlotte Jannah Rebekah Ambrosia Aphrodite Riddle, Lord Voldemorts long lost daughter.

  • When Darkness Falls >>formerly Pity to Power<<
    146K 3K 28

    >>UNDER EDITING<< In this story, Hermione has to cope with something she had never imagined. She wasn't a filthy mudblood anymore. She never was. She was instead a powerful pureblood, and the daughter of...The Dark Lord?! Explore Hermione's new life as she lives as a pureblood Riddle! Cover art by me!

  • Hermione.. Black!? DISCONTINUED
    37.9K 920 11

    What if your whole world was a lie? What if everything you had believed in was a made up story for you to believe in? When your whole world crashes down upon you, what will you do? Hermione gets to know on her 18th birthday that she isn't a muggleborn, she isn't even a Granger. Hermione wakes up on her birthday and wa...