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  • Tyrannical ✔ (Contest Entry)
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    Written in a storyteller format, Tyrannical is the story of Theseus, the hero that freed Athens from the horror of the Minotaur, that too at a terrible price. If you are a hero, you ought to be respected, right? Well, not all heroes are sung. But Theseus still wants his revenge, from the god of sky, Zeus. ©leah 2016 C...

  • The Sun's Witch [#MythologicalReads]
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    A goddess. An arrow. A boy called Jason. That was how Medea betrayed her family, was thrust into an adventure, and was, ultimately, tossed aside by the one she loved most. This is the tale of the Golden Fleece, the Argonauts, and their witch. Copyright © 2016 by Nita Pan Word Count: 1,683 cover: @ Batman_justice

  • Discord ✔ (Contest Entry)
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    Told in a storyteller format, Discord is the story of Eris, goddess of chaos and rifts. If you are a goddess, you ought to be respected, right? Well, not all goddesses gain glory. But Eris never leaves anyone without getting what she wants. This story won first place in the MythologicalReads contest. ©leah 2015

  • Katha: Tales of the Forgotten
    433 38 3

    H e r e l i e t h e t a l e s o f t h e o m i t t e d ; t a l e s o f t h e f o r g o t t e n . - - - k a t h a : t a l e ( s a n s k r i t ) - - - katha brings a series of short stories of various characters from Indian mythology, whose tales your grandma seldom told you; tales of heroes...

  • Never Insult a Goddess #MythologicalReads
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    When Mars gets drunk one night and insults the power of Diana, the Goddess of Fertility, all hell breaks loose when they challenge each other. Now, with both of their powers swapped, they must do what the other does best and maintain balance in the world. They have until midnight.