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  • I'll Always Protect You ♡Nalu♡
    24 6 1

    On the last dsy of Senior year Natsu Dragneel which is a Senior in Fairy tail high falls in love with blonde hair girl named Lucy Heartfilia and tries to ask her out. Successful things will come to both of them.. A Nalu Fanfiction you must see!

  • Deepest Cut: Tough Love
    887 58 6

    My life..... Blackmailed into Slade's evil plans to join his side. He threaten the one I love the most. He will not speak about Star ever. Not while I'm standing. I can't turn my back on him nor Star but Star needs me and I need her. This is my life...A Bloody chaos life....To save Star!!!

  • Side To Side (RobStar)
    3K 98 3

    "I've been here all night." "I've been here all day." "And girl, You Got Me Walking Side To Side."

  • Matched
    1.7K 98 7

    The Teen titans.... Not their superhero selves but their normal before meeting Dick was new to school meeting Kori Star Anders will those two be a match or will something most likely happen? I don't own Teen titans but I wish I did tho. But plz plz plz enjoy!!!!

  • Devils May Bleed
    314 50 8

    The adventure around world of Bloodshed, Sky (A mercenary) teams up with a team to stop the forces of evil. Devils May Bleed has a lot of mature scenes and strong language and lots of other things. This is my first anime story that me and my friends made. These are all our own OC's so I hope you enjoy my story thank y...

  • Robstar: Our Sexy Love (Remake)
    6.7K 162 7

    REMAKE of Robstar: Our Sexy Love. Same thing as Our Sexy Love but which one will top as number 1 and which will be number 2 find out in the Remake.

  • ♡Adore♡
    330 18 1

    Starfire loves Robin but she never can get his attention from doing paper work. Star feels heartbroken when Robin rejects her to go out on a picnic. Star feels like she was not good enough for Robin and stays in her room crying a river of tears. Will Robin ever make it up to Star? What will happen between Star and Ro...

  • ☆Popular☆
    1K 67 4

    Dick Grayson and Xavier Red fights over the new girl aka Kori Anders. One of these boys will get the girl of his dream. Will it be Dick or Xavier? Dick Grayson aka Robin and Kori Anders aka Starfire there will be doing hero work. Warning....Strong language and mature scenes will be shown.

  • Strength ~An Amourshipping Story
    153K 3.1K 76

    On the day the Pokémon Academy in the Kanto region receives a new student, normal days soon turn to dangerous ones. Serena Yvonne forever changes the life of herself and another certain boy. If your interested, read on! And enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon!

  • ♡Titans High♡
    665 39 3

    The Teen titans have to go back to school for their 12th grade year. They all been selected to be enrolled to Titans High. They all agreed and they served their last year of school. Ps. Robin and Starfire and Raven and Beast boy are all dating and all of the others as well. Just so you know. WARNING......There will...

  • My Promise To You ~Robstar~
    1.2K 71 6

    Heroes protects!!! A hero will get all the girls attention A girl who's also is a hero Has an affair with someone An teenage leader His feelings get in the way He is obsessed with her He doesn't respond To her feelings Not even love Obsession. I love the picture for the cover because it represents what I came u...

  • 50 Shades Of Grayson
    20.8K 238 5

    "Kori...," He whispered. "Dick...," She muttered. One Shots *For Mature Audiences Only*

  • I Love You Anyways
    55 1 1

    (Marisson shippers fanfict) If you watched Pokémon XYZ then you know the anime characters Alain and Mairin. I ship them because they are so adorable so kawaii. If you love Pokémon anime like me than this is your story to read please enjoy it!!!!!!!!!! Also includes Amour if your a big shipper on Ash×Serena. Bold word...

  • Just Teen Problems
    1.7K 95 6

    #Robstar for life# Robin learns that one day he will face the end of his world. He never knew how to love. Starfire was his first crush but he doesn't want anyone to get in the way of them being friends. Starfire feels that Robin wants more but in reality he wants it badly then she'll ever know. I'm making pictures f...

  • I Will Always And Forever Love You
    1.4K 50 3

    (Robstar fanfict) Star and Robin love each other more than ever and now they are planning to have sex without a little bit of protection which causes her to have a baby. Starfire had her period and now she's allowed to have babies. Which in this case Robin is the FATHER.

  • Random Book
    3K 639 101

    This is my random book where I talk about my life or other random crap for those 2-6 followers who actually care. Will do tags, updates on my life, top 10s, or just share random things. Contains swearies and possible pervy jokes, because I am a rebellious teenager who just wants to cuss out her favorite Fandoms.

    Completed   Mature
  • High School, Sexy, Random, and Chaos
    5.5K 102 4

    Audiences ages 10-25 or higher, sex, nudity, violence, and lots of drama. *Audience claps* Thank you Ages under the 9 and below you shouldn't read it when I tell you to but if not you might slightly be scared for life so just so you know. Mature and Rated halfway PG-13 and Rated R. Thanks for reading you guys. *Aud...

  • My Life
    5.5K 865 162

    I know that no one will read this book, but I feel like writing right now and a lot of things online just say to write about yourself. So, in general, this is going to be about my life, from my point of view.

  • Our Powerful Love
    2.7K 125 9

    Robstar, BBRae, CyBee and etc is provided friend ships like... RobRae, StarRae, CyRob, BBRob, BBStar, and CyRae. Basically this story is about when Robin had figured his brother was in control of Slade and he knows what's next to come...Slade is back and evil as ever.

  • Robin Or Speedy (REMAKE)
    1.3K 100 5

    Remake but much better you guys. Already know she loves Robin

  • Robstar: Our Sexy Love
    55.5K 1.1K 25

    Robin and Starfire (Robstar) are in love but this is my version of their love but more than just regular love but sexy love.

  • Ask Starfire and Robin
    2.7K 167 10


  • Teen Titans: Pokémon Version
    211 20 2

    The titans own Pokémon in the world of Pokémon. These five meet each other on the day they get their very first Pokémon and a couple has arisen to this world. (Robstar)

  • The Tamerain Curse
    867 56 3

    Starfire transfers powers to Robin and he has powers as well and together they fight together with the team. The kiss brought them to a love curse.

  • Just A Teenage Problem ♡Robstar fanfict♡
    1.8K 81 5

    Robin is afraid to confess his feelings for Starfire. Star wants him to tell her but keeps it in. Soon he will confess to her that he loves her.

  • The Guy I Used To Be But Don't Want To Be
    2.9K 133 9

    Remake from "Playboys or Lovers" sorry I deleted Playboys or Lovers because it's not how I wanted to go but this it the remake story so please enjoy. *Warning~ There will be sex, violence, nudity, and so much more so please if you don't want to read please don't it's not all rated PG-13. Thanks for reading.*

  • Be My Baby
    10.6K 273 11

    Starfire's best friend, Robin has loved her and would do anything to keep her safe. Starfire and Robin tried to make their relationship work. Will their relationship stay alive? Or Will it not happen at all for eternity?