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  • Early Morning Haze (ChanHun)
    2.1K 111 1

    "Do you love me, Chanyeol?" Sehun wonders. He stares the older straight into eyes. Chanyeol himself doesn't quite understand how should he respond - to the gaze nor the question. What's the answer? He stays silent, only staring at the younger. It's so horrible to be unsure.

  • You see the good in me and not the bad. (Chankai oneshot)
    960 31 1

    So . . . I was complaining with a friend the other day about the lack of Chankai fanfics there are because the ship is just amazing and I love it. And in the midst of that, I decided that there should be more chankai around. I didn't expect it to turn out like this. I'll also add some cover art sooner or later once I...

  • Broken
    5.5K 278 12

    "I need you, cause you make me laugh the most. I'm the best me when I'm with you. And because when you leave. Nothing feels right until you return. Please Kai... d-don't leave me."

  • EXO otp One Shots
    10.5K 273 6

    All the Otps from EXO and their one shots☆ Warning: Sexual content in most one shots

  • foreign // xiuchen [xiumin+chen]
    26K 2K 12

    in which chen is a korean american, moving to south korea to improve his korean language skills. his tutor just happens to be xiumin, and guess what? xiumin speaks little to no english. how will the two get past the barrier that's keeping them apart?

  • Chansoo - Good Boys and Bad Boys || #Wattys2016
    136K 6.8K 40

    Park Chanyeol was a bad boy, tattoos, piercings, he smoked, he drank and a small boy, three years younger was his weakness. His name was Do Kyungsoo. Do Kyungsoo was 15, he was innocent, pure and he was a good boy. He was scared of the gang of bad boys in year 13; the leaders name? Park Chanyeol. What will happen whe...

    Completed   Mature
  • XiuChen is Real
    82.1K 3.8K 15