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  • My Best Adventure Was You (TomTord)
    51.2K 2.5K 31

    'You make sacrifices all the time and you put off things that you want to do and you put off adventures. You put it off because the best adventure is being together and then that person leaves and... you're all alone.' // tord was born, you could say, well.. special. tom was born an unkind person, but inside he was a...

  • Troubles
    89K 3.2K 55

    Tord one day just showed up at Edd's door step after being gone for almost two years. Tom still hasn't forgiven Tord for the almost killing him and his friends. Tom tries to get Tord to leave. Will Tom succeed or will he soon figure out he has feelings for he's so called enemy. Only time can tell...

  • Broken War
    31.5K 1.6K 17

    DISCONTIUNED (Sequel to Forgiven War) After the Death of Thomas Thomson... Things got hard for Tord, also known as Red Leader. Things became more about battles and bloodshed. Tord doesn't gain any emotions, but does find a wife to take care of him. But what he finds out will shock him, and probably emotionally break...

  • I Choose Yours (TomTord)
    44.5K 1.9K 11

    Tom was a small-town boy, alone and bored. He stumbled into an antique shop one day and came out with a Ouija board, inadvertently summoning a curious demon who changes his life.

  • Monster (Monster Tom X Reader)*ON HOLD**
    56.7K 1.6K 17

    When you moved into the apartment building, you knew what you were doing. What you didn't know was that your next door neighbors were a vampire, a demon, and a monster. Of course there was one other normal person there, but he didn't interest you. No, you were interested in the most dangerous of the four: Tom. (Based...

  • The Gross Outdoors ✖ A TomTord Story ✖
    30.7K 1.6K 10

    Tom hated Tord. The stupid commie was always embarrassing him, taunting him. But after a dream that disturbed Tom more than usual, Edd, not knowing what the dream was about, decides to plan a camping trip to help Tom cheer up and bring the gang closer together. Right. Like Tom wants to go frolick in the fields with th...

  • The Colors of Pride []Lams[]
    44.6K 1.9K 21

    Alexander is bisexual. He has known forever. His parents dismiss him out of hand, insisting he's really straight. John is gay. He has known since forever. His dad abuses him, but never leaves bruises in places that shorts and a shirt cant cover. Alexander likes John. John likes Alexander. Alexander is non stop. J...

  • BackStabbers (Tord X Reader) {FINISHED}
    100K 3.1K 25

    After separating with the group for reason you decide to move back to England, since you were on the other side of the world, and Go back to the only friend you remember, Edd. But once you go to live with him, a new Guest Appears. And he Ruins your life. Can he fix it? In this book The End never happened. At least ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tom X Tord •°•Jealousy•°•
    78.4K 2.8K 25

    Thomas had a friend that he hangs out with. but for tord, he develops jealousy.... This will not evolve the robot, so it's the robot never happening.... how can this turn out, joyful, or heartbreaking. Maybe even VIOLENCE. Have fun reading and enjoy.

  • Message Not Found
    86.8K 4.6K 29

    Let's see what happens when a certain Jehovah's Witness and a Norwegian Communist come together once again, but this time, with a completely different threat on their hands. Keep in mind that I ship the characters, not the actual people. I'm very aware that they're not gay and even if they were, they would not exactly...

  • We Met In Highschool
    53.5K 977 41

    A cute Lams fic set in modern day time. Disclaimer: if you don't want to be overloaded with cute fluffy feelings I don't advise getting to into this book.

  • Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic)
    139K 4.2K 47

    This is a Tom x Tord FanFiction! Oneshots of them will come later if I feel like it// Warning: Possibly NSFW Material! (I will put at the beginning of the chapters), cursing(!), and possibly hints at explicit content

  • Eyes Like Yours
    211 13 3

    Tord finds himself in an unfamiliar college with an unfamiliar face. Maybe this year will be as bad as he predicted. Or not. You never know?

  • Forgiven War(editing)
    77K 3.2K 15

    (Futrue Tomtord) Red Leader, Tord, Is the leader of an army known as The Red Army. In the Red Army history he's the most powerful leader yet. Thomas, Tom, is the second in charge of the army and gets to work along side with the Leader which is an Honor. To Tom it wasn't. Tord treated him like his schedule worker and m...

  • []Caller ID-*TomTord[] Completed
    89.7K 4K 20

    Tord is very popular on social media and Tom is too. One day they find each other and become instant best friends and maybe even more then that. But what happens when things go wrong? Can they stay in good spirits, or will the caller ID scare them? Find out in Caller ID! (This is an AU where they [Edd, Matt, and Tom]...

  • Tord X Reader, Illegal Love.
    187K 5.9K 63

    Quite girl, bad boy ON HOLD FOR AN UNANNOUNCED AMOUNT OF TIME As of now the updates on this book will be a little slow but I do promise to continue getting them out as fast as I can!

    15.3K 490 5

    two best friends, deeply in love with each other. They've been dating since middle school, during their junior year of high school Tord had to move away. They planned to be a long distance relationship till they began to slip away from each other, emotions becoming bland and old. They break up, they stop talking for y...

    32K 1K 7

    Tom wakes up to an unusual position, he found himself having a incredible night with Tord. The only problem is Tom doesn't remember any of it. Their hatred for eachother might change due to the fact of being so close.

  • Wanderlust
    77.1K 3.5K 24

    Tom a semi quiet person who keeps to himself and doesn't like to go out much. Tord an adventurousness outsider who is very social and fun to be around. ✨HighSchool au✨ - Art By: TordKink

  • Drunk {{TomTord}}
    74.3K 2.4K 19

    Tom has been getting into relationships to get his mind off of the incident. Edd and matt think that the relationships are perfectly fine But All the people tom has been with abuse him and use him. One day Tom comes home from being used and Tord is there in his home..

    Completed   Mature
  • TomTord || Cancer (Finished)
    39.9K 1.4K 22

    Tom has been feeling pained after the incident with Tord and his giant robot. And, yes, this was pain of loss or hurt, but this was also because he had been experiencing symptoms of pancreatic cancer. This story is going to have chapters, quoting the song Cancer by My Chemical Romance. Like some TomTord fanfics, this...

  • Bone-ified beauty | Sans x Frisk fanfic
    62.4K 2.9K 28

    I cant think of a description but its pretty self explano-tori. Get it? Because that's what sans calls toriel................................................................................................................................................................................................I don't own undert...

  • A Problem? {Ink!Sans X Reader X Error!Sans}
    298K 9.9K 76

    "W- Who are you?" "YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS!!" "Just be safe." "Here, let me help you." "I don't want to hurt you!" "Calm down." "Please Stop." "Listen, it's okay." "Don't worry." "Be careful!" "Everything's alright." "I won't ever let you get hurt." "I Promise." "I Promise." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Broken Soul {Ink!Sans x Depressed!Reader}
    103K 4.1K 25

    | Some people don't change |

  • A Psychopath Love
    60K 2.1K 11

    I feels like writing this story so well yea... and i will just use frisk in this story Frisk is a poor human that got bullied everyday until he meet a serial killer that change her life and heart . . . But little bit she knows that he change as well

  • Let me run {Gaster!Sans x abused!reader} #Wattys2016
    773K 27.8K 63

    It's been two years since the barrier was shattered... All was well until humanity's opinion and voices ruined it all. The war had begun. --------------- Although one girl had always seen the world as a sickening place... A majority of humanity was indeed contaminated, but she was one of the individuals who deserved t...

  • Neko!Sans x Neko!Reader
    31K 1K 6

    Monsters came to the surface and Y/n could finally come out of her hiding spot. Y/n was a neko,mostly classified as monster. What happens if she meets a neko skeleton?

  • Amnesia
    25.5K 1.1K 14

    Such a beautiful day to lose your love and found that she forgot aboyt you... fantastic.. hope Sans can find a way to gain her memory back

  • It's Bed Time Kiddo (Sans x Frisk)
    53.7K 1.8K 14

    ~*Editing atm*~ Book One of Undertale Tales Since everyone from the Underground came to the surface, everything been going well. Sans and Papyrus take cute little Frisk to live with them. But with a jack crazy turn of events, everything they know will change. Lives will be lost, people will change, and will the last w...