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    COMPLETED 2nd winner of crystal awards 2016-17 STAND ALONE HIGHEST RANK #1 in chicklit (thrice) #1 in chicklit February 6 2017 still maintaining #1 in chicklt January 31 2017 #1 in chicklit November 5 2016 Love is a beautiful feeling. Everyone must cherish this feeling. Can a person fall in love with the same perso...

  • A King's Desire (Completed)
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    #2 in Romance [7th February , 2017] [Mature : R rated] [Indian] *** She was his passion, His obsession,His redemption. And He was the kind of man who wouldn't mind killing thousands of people, just to claim her. *** "Let go of me,please." Her voice quivered as she struggled under his steel grip. He was so strong, she...

  • When the cupids are super drunk
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    Yeah you got it right.The cupids were not in the straight mind when they decided to pair two arch enemies together; Navilan and Yaazhini. The damage was done as they were bound together via a loveless marriage.Follow their journey to find out how they end up quoting 'They may hate us but they can't stop us' .

  • Rainbow (COMPLETED & Under Editing) ✔
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    #3 in CHICKLIT Cover@Grishma_Rajput She is a rape victim but decided to fight for her dignity in this society where rape victims are treated like a shit and the one who has no right to leave. He loved her in the past but she refused him. But, when everyone left her, he stood by her and made her life, a never ending ce...

  • Yes, I Ran Away! (Now Available on Amazon)
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    Now Available on Amazon! Ebook : Paperback : --This book is just a Sample-- Yes, I ran away from my own wedding! But, I want to be more than a mere wife of a billionaire. Meet Ruchi Shah, a girl hailing from a middle-class family with a humble background. Trapp...