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  • Drarry- broken boys
    13.8K 555 16

    This drarry story is set in eighth year after everyone comes back to finish their education Harry is in deep depression and has developed unhealthy coping methods Draco is also severely depressed and is constantly haunted by his past Can the two boys work together to mend their broken souls? TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ - this...

  • Abused
    79.3K 2.4K 16

    Harry Potter is abused every day. When Molly Weasley finds out she tries to protect him without letting the secret out.

  • One Taste Was All It Took - Drarry
    67.9K 2.4K 40

    (I do NOT claim ownership of any of these pictures or characters!!! Also, this story is completed) Harry Potter has it good. It's his Sixth year, and Voldemort isn't doing anything yet, giving him time to spend with his new girlfriend, Ginny, and his friends, Ron and Hermione. He's doing good in his schooling, and for...

  • What Would I Give
    23 4 1

    Just a little poetry about my dad who died a year ago because of cancer. WARNINGS: Don't read if you can't handle this. I don't want anyone to get asthma or dyspnea.

  • Anything And Anyone
    112 30 13

    Just a bunch of nice and short poems 👌😎😉

  • Here For You
    86.4K 2.3K 23

    Harry Potter did not live a normal life. He was abused by the relatives and told that his parents, Lily and James Potter, were dead. He had no other family, and he never would. But what we're told isn't always the truth... WARNINGS!! MINOR MENTION OF ABUSE! LOTS OF FLUFFY SHIT!! WAY TO MUCH ANTICIPATION!! PROBS OBVI...

  • My Life With the Dragon
    206K 6.2K 37

    A Drarry fanfic. For all of Harry's life, he felt that he never truly was complete. Then he had his 15th birthday. Note that this will NOT follow the stories or movies. Best Ranking: #77 in Harry Potter (Top 0.46 percent)

  • Soulmark // Drarry
    201K 7.2K 26

    Everyone is born with a very distinct mark. Everyone has a different mark in a different place except for one exception; you and your soulmate have identical marks. Harry Potter loves to look at his mark, it makes him dream about the future. Draco Malfoy hates looking at his mark, it makes him worry about the future.

  • A Series Of Fortunately Unfortunate Events
    134K 5.8K 20

    While wandering through the Forbidden Forest, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy get into some unfortunate mishaps that lead to a fortunate event in the end.

  • I Still Think You're Beautiful
    377K 13.6K 48

    drarry. angst. fluff. pansomione. bleville. Harry has PTSD and becomes withdrawn from everyone. Draco is the only one who can calm him down after a panic attack. Things seem to be running smoothly, until Harry argues with a close friend and Draco finds their new Transfiguration teacher suspicious. DISCLAIMER: UN-FUC...

  • Finding Happiness
    37.7K 1.2K 17

    When the other Paladins find out about Keith's heritage they are furious and kick him off the team. When his pod crashes on an unknown planet, he meets a group of strange people. He soon joins their team and a friendship is forged. Eventually, the friendship between him and a certain Galra prince turns into something...

  • Lover, Please Stay ~ ( A Lance / Keith / Lotor fic)
    44.3K 1.7K 12

    'A final scream left the tan boy's mouth, before all he saw was black.' After the defeat of Zarkon, his son, Prince Lotor, decides to take a different approach to defeating Voltron. And it involves a certain freckled Cuban boy and his insecurities. If only Lotor knew it wouldn't be as easy as he expected. TW // Brief...

  • Star Crossed (Keith/Lotor fic)
    28K 1K 12

    Lotor saves Keith after an accident, they get closer over time. ~ Was supposed to be canon compliant after season 4 but it's just... not.

  • Lotor's Bride {Complete}
    67.3K 2.4K 48

    Allura went missing after a galra fleet attacked the castle of lions. Lotor calls in and tells them that he has a deal. It's up to one of the paladins to give up their freedom for the princess. (None of these characters belong to me) ~I like this ship now. I still like Klance but there are barely any Keitor to go ar...

  • Voltron Shorts
    1.4K 52 9

    I am writing Voltron shorts. If you have a request, I'll think about it :)

  • Lost in blue lust
    9.4K 398 13

    One year. That's how long Lance has been gone. Taking the blue lion with him, now they can't form Voltron. When Lance dose come back, there's something different about him. Wrong even. The blue paladin is more... Let's just say bold. He's changing the team. For better or worse. Keith is the only one that sees Lance...

  • Beware Blue Paint
    1.4K 95 9

    A world where children must grow into adults. One teen stands out amongst them all. Taking children from school and homes, claiming he's a true hero. And everywhere he goes, he leaves a painting of a lion. A lion stained with Blue. A cop stained with Red. Blue was a terrorist. Red was a cop in training. One wanted t...

  • Ours {Drarry}
    50.8K 2.8K 31

    {Finale to Mine & Yours | Their Family book 3} ~ "I bond my magic with yours. Forever."~ The little family they had started had become bigger than they could have ever anticipated. "I knew what I signed up for when I married you. There is no running away, okay? This family is ours." [COMPLETED]

  • Non-stop •Mute Alex•
    73.2K 3.4K 53

    (co-written by @OwlWithAHat) ~MODERN DAY LAMS~ Columbia High School, his escape from reality. this is a fresh start for Alexander ***I own nothing except for the storyline and cover art. All characters belong to singer/songwriter Lin Manuel Miranda***

    Completed   Mature
  • Random Things
    148 0 19

    Just a place for me to complain about life and talk about random shit me and my friends do Rated Pg 13 only because of language The picture is from Google so don't @ me. K? K.

  • Family Doesn't End With Blood
    28K 669 17

    Harry Potter was abused his entire life. He had been treated like a dog his entire life. He has also been treated like a slave making the Dursley's food and cleaning the house. What happens when the neighbors find him and take him in? Rated PG-13 Mentions of abuse If you aren't comfortable with these things, don't r...

  • Dark is Light (Tomarry) ON HOLD
    91.5K 2.7K 18

    The light betrayed Harry, that's why Harry will be up for revenge especially to Albus. He founds out that his true family, was his so called "enemy". Tom Marvolo Riddle told him the truth and that Albus had obliviated him. All characters belongs to J.K. Rowling

  • Why ? (Drarry) ON HOLD
    3.5K 185 7

    What if Harry is not abused by the Dursley's ? What if Harry met Draco first and not the Weasley's ? What if Harry and Luna was placed in Slytherin, Hermione in Ravenclaw, and Neville in Hufflepuff ? Draco and Harry confessed their love for each other in 4th year before Harry's tournament. Their love was getting stron...

  • Harry's True Family
    217K 6.5K 65

    Harry has been abused, raped, and lied to his entire life. On his 14th birthday he finds out that not only is he a Submissive Neko, but a Malfoy as well.

  • The Beast Within// Galra Keith
    34.5K 1.1K 13

    In the middle of the night you could hear screams of pain and agony coming from Keith's room, following the screaming you could hear crashes going down the halls. The team woke up and were slightly tarifide and curious so they investigated. They started with Keith's room and looked all around the castle. In the mornin...

  • I Accept You (Ticci Toby x Trans Reader)
    2.7K 77 4

    A ticci toby x reader fan fiction

  • Tribe troubles (Craig x tweek)
    2.7K 248 35

    Tweek and Craig our on different tribe who are sworn enemies. Craig is on the wolf tribe, people on the wolf tribe are kinda like werewolfs. Tweek is on the human tribe. They are meant to hate each other but they can't help falling in love.

    Completed   Mature
  • Zene
    11.9K 377 41

    Zane love gene and he want to the shadow knight but gene refuses to let him join. But what happen when he pushes Zane to his limits? Will gene start treating Zane right or will Zane go for some else

    Completed   Mature
  • The Teenage Menace
    2.2K 94 8

    Part Two of the Singer and Terrorist Alison Truman, the bad girl at Larsson High (courtesy of dictator Tord Larsson *wink wink*), is taken by surprise as another bad kid kidnaps her. Yet that wasn't even the beginning. No. Prepare for the story of regret, betrayal, and communism because every story has a beginning. Wh...

  • The Singer and The Terrorist
    54.6K 2.1K 52

    You, a twenty two year old singer, with a large fan base is known for your compassion. He, on the other hand, is known for his mass killings and murder sprees all over the world. You have the world on your fingertips because of your music, while he has the power to undo it all. The only question now is, will he destr...

    Completed   Mature