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  • My Bitterheart Or My Sweetheart? (MakixNico fanfiction)
    13.2K 555 14

    Maki Nishikino,a first year high school student at Otonokizaka was told by her mother to live in an apartment nearby to teach her to live on her own. She is fairly tall with a built suited perfectly for her height,a tsundere,stubborn,hard to approach but brave and kind. She usually likes her own company until she met...

  • The Last Petal (NozoEli AU fanfic)(GirlxGirl)(Futanari)
    17.4K 568 14

    They said that an end of a red string is tied around your hand while the other end is tied around your soulmates'. Eli Ayase never believed in those for she thought it is so foolish,that is almost impossible... Eli is just a popular businesswoman working in her father's company,she has everything..fame,money and every...

  • Who Says We Can't? [NozoEli Fanfic]
    14.7K 585 8

    Eli Ayase is a third year student in Otonokizaka Academy. She was the Student Council President and her best friend, Nozomi Tojo, was the Vice President. They're school idols of the school and a member in the group that the second years formed, μ's. The two girls were open with all the members of μ's about themselves...

  • あいしてる、へんたいさま -Aishiteru, Hentai-sama- [On Hiatus]
    12.3K 249 7

    Konichiwa minna-san! Author-chan here! This is my second book. It's a NozoEli/EliNozo ship fanfic book so welcome! NozoEli is actually one of my OTP's. So I'm doing my best to be much of a writer I am. Available for request! To request, read the first chapter! I'll appreciate if you request guys! Don't be shy! I accep...

  • We were alike.. (Nozoeli)
    8.4K 328 7

    Nozomi Toujou has once again moved to another school and does her usual of ignoring people and only doing things by herself. As she was at the new school a new student also came. The girl caught Nozomi's attention and she noticed that the girl is actually fairly beautiful.... Once she starts to see how she acts,she no...

  • Soldier Game
    16.8K 634 12

    (idea from the song soldier game) Maki, Eli, and Umi are in a secret a society. They take out who has done wrong for the economy and bring people to justice. None of there lovers nor friends know what they're doing. The following ships will be in this story: kotoumi, nozoeli, Nicomaki, and etc. The girls do there jo...

  • Wherever You Will Go (GirlxGirl)(NozoEli Fanfic)(AU)
    7.8K 320 14

    They have never seen each other. Sure,you can call it Long Distance Relationship but would you believe that Nozomi and Eli couldn't even see what their faces look like? It looked like that they are very miles apart from each other but the truth is... Fate just doesn't want to let them meet each other.. They have tried...