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  • Parents - Mikannie
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    "Mikasa I need to talk to you." "Who the fuck are you?" "You're one night stand one week ago." "Yeah okay, what do you want?" "I'm pregnant and no way in hell am I raising it alone. So you could be the father- I mean mother and help me raise the baby. Since it is your fault that I'm pregnant." - In this fanfic, Mikasa...

  • Blush (Mikannie)
    6.8K 215 7

    During an attack from the Female Titan, Mikasa ends up getting kidnapped and taken out beyond the walls. She reunites with a familiar 'friend' that has some explaining to do and eventually has to decide what comes next. (Credit to artists, ily) This will get pretty saucy towards the end- *wink wink* *All characters ar...

  • The Vixen [Mikannie]
    3K 138 3

    This doesn't take place in AoT's setting xD. In it, Annie is a werewolf who continuously attacks the village Mikasa lives in, Eren is apart of an organization called the Silver Corps, they kill werewolves and they don't know Eren is one... But they catch Annie after her and mikasa fall in love...

  • By Her Side
    960 30 1

    Mikasa Ackerman a women who has the equivalents of 100 soldiers and power larger than any. She is Mikasa a women who has had no romance in her life. Til one day she meets one person. This one person will change her. The love story of Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhardt. (This story will be in a first person narrative...

  • Coming Back
    1.3K 44 1

    Annie awakes from her crystal ,ten years have passed,Eren and Historia are now king and queen of humanity and her companions have been executed.A trial is held and it is decided that she will be given a second chance but she is no longer trustworthy enough to be in the military police therefore she must work in the sc...

  • How it started [ Mikannie ]
    71.4K 2.4K 48

    This is the story of how Mikasa and Annie met in my three stories Memory loss, New Life and Live,Laugh,Love. It will end at their senior year when they graduate. And plus this explains why Mickey ruined their first date I said in new life

  • A New Beginning { Mikannie ]
    12.9K 467 10

    Sequel to Angels and Demons. Annie and Mikasa are now married and William and Marcus have set new laws for Angels and demons. All is fine and well but... What happens when Mikasa wants kids?

  • Smile [ Mikannie }
    80.2K 3.9K 50

    AU where Annie and Mikasa meet when they're little and Annie falls in love with Mikasa's smile. Many years later they meet and after many losses and too much pain, Mikasa doesn't smile anymore But Annie remembers the smile she fell in love with and devotes herself to bringing it back Disclaimer: I did not make up thi...

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  • A dance with death herself [Mikannie]
    4K 155 7

    Mikannie... I made this for Kyrah chan xD Characters belong to Hajime Isayama. SOME SCENES ARE IN THE SHOW/MANGA I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR COMING UP WITH MOST THE SCENES.

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  • Angels & Demons { Mikannie }
    36K 1.8K 22

    A forbidden love story of one angel and one demon. Annie Leonhardt & Mikasa Ackerman One is bad. The other is good. One is unfair. The other is fair. One is false. The other is true. One is damaged. The other is not. One is secretly in love with her. The other is to.

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  • I love you, Anniecchi!
    781 37 1

    Mikannie fanfic <3

  • Annie's Escape
    2.3K 63 2

    After the Scouting Regiment captured the Crystalized Leonhardt, They watched over her for years, waiting for her to break free and question her. Then so, one day she broke free, and left without a trace. Levi, sending out a Search Party to find the blonde; he sends out two groups to check all around. First group is Le...

  • S.A.F.E.
    1.1K 39 3

    In a futuristic civilization where homosexuality and same sex relationships are greatly opposed, such as in you will be executed if you're in such of a relationship, or forced to go through 'experimental therapy' if that's your preference. Yumikuri, Jeanmarco, Ereri, Winmin, MikAnnie, and Reinholdt must struggle to ke...

  • Online Friends
    1.3K 93 4

    Okay, so this is a story I'm writing about Mikasa and Annie XD * whispers * Mikasa x Annie. Wooooo So, ye They meet each other online and yeah. That's all I got. I dun wanna spoil it.

  • Strawberry Ice Cubes {aot}
    2.7K 213 12

    Mikasa is a young girl, confused and seemingly alone. She lives with her brother, Eren Jaeger, who brings home sex partners out the ass. Quite literally- he's gay. She's tired of having to sit outside her own apartment when she comes home from work to see her favorite bra on the door knob. She's given up. She's moving...

  • Rival Love~ (Mikasa X Annie)
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    Hun hun hunnn

  • Dangerous Loving Game-Mikannie{Finished}
    11.1K 366 12

    Mikasa's got a lover and she is as dangerous and sexy but sweet and vulnerable as they come!But when Mikasa finds out exactly what kind of person her lover really is,she has to ask herself if this dangerous loving game is really worth it? (P.S.- This is before the Female Titan appears in the anime and manga.)

    Completed   Mature
  • Neko's and Such
    498 19 2

    The crystal Annie was in melted and left a surprise on Annie that doesn't want to leave. Cat ears and a tail. Levi put Annie in Mikasa's care, who wasn't happy. Now, Mikasa has to watch the suppose Female Titan that killed people purposely. But soon, she learns Annie wasn't like she used to. Add an outrageous Eren to...

  • The Black Wolf [ Mikannie ]
    22.6K 948 23

    Once upon a time, there stood a kingdom in the high mountains of a land called " Trystal ". The Leonhardt Kingdom is controlled by three people. Annie Leonhardt. Reiner Braun. Bertholdt Hoover. Faunus is a species where a human is part animal. They either live in the lowered rank in kingdoms or live outside the kin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fall
    48.1K 1.9K 20

    | Modern Mikannie fanfiction | After being assigned a school project together, Mikasa and Annie slowly start to become friends. Annie has a secret she's been keeping from everyone and when she finally has to admit it to Mikasa, Mikasa promises to keep Annie safe from her abusive father. [ DISCONTINUED STORY BY ORIGINA...

  • Two Strong Opposites ~ MikaAni
    1.7K 65 4

    Mikasa & Annie both go to school together w/ friends. They have completely have different tastes and, different personalities. Until one day on a field trip, they were forced to be a group; just the two of them. As they were exploring, they found something they never expected..-

  • Was It All Pretend?
    9.3K 337 9

    Mikasa's life at school has been hell since a rumour went around about her. Now its a new term and the harassment is still going on. But for some reason this time the cold Annie Leonhardt is sticking up for her. But why? What could she possibly have to gain from this sudden act of kindness?

  • TrainTracks ( Mikannie )
    27.8K 1.1K 24

    " You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now, you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for " ------- It's been two years since ' It ' Happened. May 24th, 2015 is today...