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  • New Drawings/Doodles and Redraws
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    Yes !! I'm back !! As some of y'all read from the title, I will be posting drawings and doodles here again !!! Maybe even some redraws of drawings I did when I first got this app. I will post most drawings, but some drawings are exclusively on Tumblr or Instagram so yeah !! Hopefully I'll stick with it this time an...

  • Tutor {LapiDot} *COMPLETED*
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    ART IS NOT MINE!! Don't worry! PERIDOT IS a girl in this one! But she's an extreme tomboy and has a uh flat chest, idk im tired... Anyway! Lapis is a 16 year old girl who thinks she's so cool! But she goes through alot of breakups and her grades are going down... So she ends up getting a blonde tutor. She currently ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidentally ran into her (Ayano X Osoro) DISCONTINUED
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    Ayano Aishi was looking for the cute kitten around the school for a boy who's asking for it suddenly she saw a new girl. The girl looked like a delinquent yet she has this vibe that she's stronger than the other delinquents. Ayano didn't much attention to her then started running around because class was about to star...

  • The Complications-SNK fanfic
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    Once Eren, Armin, Mikasa and bunch of other cadets have joined the Scouting Legion, they meet their superiors. They meet Commander Erwin and Captain Levi and the thing is, Eren fell for Levi as soon as he saw him. Which turns out to be a problem for Mikasa, who's head over heels for her foster brother and for Armin...

  • The Day I Decided To Die
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    When Rachel wakes up in a really strange situation she really can't handle it anymore, but then, in less then a few seconds her whole life changes... --- A story where Rachel doesn't know Chloe or Max yet or any other Blackwell people, she is not on Blackwell because she doesnt have any money, Have fun reading!

  • Betrayed: a NALU fanfic(very slow updates)
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    Typical lucy gets kicked off the team and leaves. But instead of her meeting with a dragon and stuff she simply finds a new family........ Dun-dun-dun Hope u like it please comment and I have school so I will update as much as I can Love you ❤️

  • Tower of Heaven
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    What if Lucy was kidnapped? What if she knew Erza, Milliana, Jellal, Cobra and the rest of the gang? What will happen to her? Days, Months, Years of the same torture... Will she ever get out? Who will there to save her in the end??? Spoiler: If there ever is a hint of Lucy with some character doesn't mean she will end...

  • mr. and mrs. dragneel (nalu) #wattys2017
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    description name:lucy heartfilia age:17 height:5'0 hair:blonde eyes:brown lucy is and undercover spy who is still in highschool she has to search for a guy who she Had been told was gonna be her partner the guys name is natsu. description name:natsu dragneel age:17 height:6'2 hair:salmon eyes: onxy green natsu...

  • Good girls are bad girls (Natsu x Lucy)
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    Lucy was the perfect child. Living in a huge and clean house, eating good food spoilt rotten by her parents.. But all good things have a twist. As Lucy goes into university her whole personality changes and she becomes The 'Gate Queen' known for her sick beats, gothic look and ego. Natsu drageel one of Lucy's child ho...

  • Teenage Spies ( Fairy Tail High )
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    The brains: Lucy Heartfilia Code name: Lucky Star The hacker: Juvia Locksar Code name: Aqua Blue The combatant: Erza Scarlet Code name: Scarlet Knight These 3 teenagers Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Locksar are spies that go to Fairy Tail High. How will they be able to balance their lives? What will happen...

  • swapped ≈ reverse crush (miraculous)
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    What if Marinette never forgave Adrien for the chewing gum accident? ------- #199 in fanfiction (15.9.2016) Cover is mine, don't steal it. Original idea, please if someone sees a similliar idea, please tell me

  • It Takes Time
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    "Don't worry." Marin wanted to make sure she wasn't too panicked. He wanted to keep her calm. He wanted to protect her. "Just make sure you're always with someone. Never go out on your own. I know I might be sounding like an overprotective parent, but..." He sighed, running a hand through her hair. "I just want to mak...

  • Miraculous One-Shots
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    Just a simple collection of one-shots, both regular and genderbent. What can I say? I have a strong love for genderbends. It will be a mix of MariChat, Ladrien, LadyNoir, Adrinette. All good stuff. Happy to take request, simply ask!

  • Miraculous Switch
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    Genderbent~ ❤️ Adrienne and Marin are the amazing hero's of Paris. Over one little incident, the two teens grow closer. What happens when it starts to affect their duties as the hero's of Paris?

  • You and only you
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  • Miraculous Pictures
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    Pictures of our 4 favorite ships! Marinettexadrien Marinettexchatnoir Ladybugxadrien Ladybugxchatnoir #107 in #pictures - 4/26/19 #139 in #pictures - 4/17/19 #147 in #pictures - 4/1/19 #233 in #ladien - 11/2...

  • Miraculous Ladybug One-Shots
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    One-shots of Miraculous Ladybug. I hope you like it!!!

  • Miraculous ~ one shots
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    A bunch of one shots I wrote just for fun (: I write Marichat, Ladrien, Ladynoir and Adrinette imagines. HONESTLY YOU'LL FIND THE WEIRDEST SHIPS IN THIS BOOK. NO KIDDING :P [fin] #279 in fanfiction for some reason idk. (15.9.2016)

  • Nathanette One shots (Nathanael X Marinette)
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    The tomato boy needs a little love right? And so, one shots!! Requests are accepted! Either by commenting or sending me a private message! (Updates are kinda random) Rinku(6/11/18): Hey guys, so from now on I will be posting the summary of the one shot I am currently working on, to give you all a bit of a preview. The...

  • Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots
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    Hey guys! Here's a compilation of Adrienette, Ladynoir, Marichat and Ladrien Oneshots (And maybe some Nalya) :)) I'm having so much fun making these oneshots and I hope y'all will have fun reading it too ❤️ I'll try my best to update everyday! Notice: I do not own any characters in the book unless stated. The cover a...

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  • Meme Posts
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    The long-awaited sequel to Teen Posts! This book is full of memes, tumblr posts, and generally anything entertaining internet. Featuring the new multimedia options!

  • Band Zodiacs
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  • Demon Child
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    Lucy gets turned into a six year old? Sabertooth doesn't exist so the five Sabertooth who were in the games are in Fairy Tail. How can Team Natsu and the most rough people handle a small Lucy but the question is will they survive or not?

  • The Tale of Lucy and Cana
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    As Lucy learns more about Cana, the two girls find a close friendship in each other. But as the time goes by, they start to realize that maybe they should be more than just friends. From there, an epic love and adventure story (full of action and suspense and romance) unfurls. This fanfic will follow the plot of Fairy...

  • The Vixen [Mikannie]
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    This doesn't take place in AoT's setting xD. In it, Annie is a werewolf who continuously attacks the village Mikasa lives in, Eren is apart of an organization called the Silver Corps, they kill werewolves and they don't know Eren is one... But they catch Annie after her and mikasa fall in love...

  • By Her Side
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    Mikasa Ackerman a women who has the equivalents of 100 soldiers and power larger than any. She is Mikasa a women who has had no romance in her life. Til one day she meets one person. This one person will change her. The love story of Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhardt. (This story will be in a first person narrative...

  • Coming Back
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    Annie awakes from her crystal ,ten years have passed,Eren and Historia are now king and queen of humanity and her companions have been executed.A trial is held and it is decided that she will be given a second chance but she is no longer trustworthy enough to be in the military police therefore she must work in the sc...

  • How it started [ Mikannie ]
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    This is the story of how Mikasa and Annie met in my three stories Memory loss, New Life and Live,Laugh,Love. It will end at their senior year when they graduate. And plus this explains why Mickey ruined their first date I said in new life

  • TrainTracks ( Mikannie )
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    " You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now, you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for " ------- It's been two years since ' It ' Happened. May 24th, 2015 is today...