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  • The Star and the Ocean
    387K 17.3K 62

    When May Alana's wish on a star brings a stranger to her remote island home, the pair must survive a deadly magical conflict in order to be together. ***** When May Alana, a scorned and anxiety-ridden young woman, finds a stranger on the beach of he...

  • The Wind and the Horizon
    47.7K 3.7K 62

    May Alana and her Starborn girlfriend, Em have been on the run for a year. Every move they make keeps them one step ahead of the Loyals; a group of zealots who seek to find and destroy anyone born of Star magic. But Em's dangerous past is catching up with them - fast. Soon their desire for freedom-and their relations...

  • One Night Stand (girlxgirl)
    1.5M 34.2K 25

    The twenty four year old Brianna doesn't believe in love. She's never had a girlfriend, she's never been on a date, she hasn't even slept with someone more then once. When she takes home the seventeen year old Jessica one night, that all changes. Despite Brianna's policy about not doing girlfriends, Jessica won't take...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ceasefire {girlxgirl}
    568K 14.8K 15

    Ivy Greene is content. She's a misfit and a weirdo, and more than capable of handling her conservative boarding school surroundings, complete with: -fascist dictator principal, -drug-dealing favourite teacher, and -resident nemesis Molly Townsend. Then Twitch arrives. And everything changes.

  • Beneath the Armor (GirlxGirl)
    71.5K 3K 8

    Lane Grant is a woman hiding in the armor of a man. She and Sawyer, her savior, have a plan to commit treason; murdering the king. Can she carry through the plan of avenging her father while she falls in love with the princess, Reagan, or will guilt cause her to abandon her plan? Cover by PrettyLittleLies

  • The Knight - Lesbian Story
    398K 14.3K 15

    Princess Eleanor is fascinated by the mysterious Knight who has remained undefeated throughout her father's tournament at Bourges. However, as the final battle commences, the truth about The Knight is about to be revealed. _____________________ Get exclusive free content at:

  • The Final Rose
    795K 30K 29

    At the ripe age of twenty-seven, Nokomis Reed's love life has come to a screeching halt -- which is why when her mother nominates her to be a contestant on a reality TV show, she reluctantly says yes. Nokomis soon finds herself in a strange new world, living in a house with twenty other women, each vying for the atten...

    Completed   Mature