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  • The Hidden Princess. An Aaron X Reader Story. (On Hold)
    98.1K 2.8K 22

    You ran away from you parents as a kid. Then, 8 years later you meet Aaron, then man of your dreams.

  • Adopted By Markiplier (COMPLETED)
    132K 4.2K 28

    13 year old Krystal has been in the orphanage since she was 4. Her parents died in a tragic house fire, along with her twin brother, Michael. 9 years later, she would have never thought that this adoption day, she would be adopted. But she's in for a surprise. Mark Fischbach (Markiplier): A man who's afraid to screw...

  • You And Him (House Owner X Reader)
    10.1K 257 8

    It's a breath taking tale about you, Adam, Ross, Barney, and Jin. Everyone will get a partner! You set up all your friends. Will this end happily? Or will something go terribly wrong?