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  • Together Forever No Matter What (Septiplier)
    2.8K 249 20

    This story follows Mark and Jack up through each grade and beyond.

  • Secrets And Lies (Septiplier)
    118K 5.4K 53

    Mark Fischbach, the most popular unpopular kid in school, hasn't had the best high school life. Being kicked out of his home, having to take up jobs to pay rent with his brother, not doing the best at schoolwork. But overall, getting bullied everyday by Jack and his group of popular scary kids. It's made life a hell...

  • The Artist Who Painted His Love For Me (Septiplier) [ON HOLD]
    19.3K 989 7

    Mark Edward Fischbach, a young but skilled doctor is known for traveling around the world, trying to help patients in different countries. He visits a lot of amazing places but one in particular opens his eyes; because in Ireland, he met an artist who captivate him. And his name is Seán William McLoughlin.

  • Septiplier One Shots
    612K 18.9K 89

    A collection of Septiplier One Shots, hope you enjoy! Includes: • Fluff • Angst • Light lemon (more than fluff but less than lemon) • Lemon (Book cover art not by me) [FINISHED]

  • online // destiel
    3.4M 183K 163

    Cas is typing ... copyright © officialcastiel highest ranking: #1 in destiel triggers: worst grammar ever and spelling errors

  • Without you [ shoey ]
    3.2K 52 6

    without you - shoey one shot

  • Eternally Bonded
    7.7K 299 24

    There is a boy, a misunderstood boy, he wants love but gets hate. He wants compassion but gets disgust. Joey's life seems to be filled with tragedies. Until one day he might run into some....different circumstances. And his life changes for the better? Or the worse? I hope you guys enjoy this book this is gonna be fun

  • You Belong With Me. -Shoey-
    6.2K 189 15

    Tyler and Joey are happily together, so are Shane and Sawyer. They get invited to Luke's YouTuber party and Joey drinks a little too much, making a big mistake. Things get heated with Tyler finds out what happened. What will Tyler and Sawyer do? Will Tyler forgive joey? Will Shane stay with Sawyer? Or will things get...

  • Best Friend's Boyfriend (shoey) {on hold}
    4.8K 169 6

    Joey Graceffa is in love with his best friend's boyfriend, Shane Dawson. Will he be able to face his best friend, Lisa Schwartz, and Shane? Or will he lose them both, most important people in his life?

  • Somewhere Only We Know (Shoey)
    19.4K 669 17

    Do you have a place you go to when you need to be alone? Where it's quiet? Where you can clear your head? What would happen if the person your trying to avoid finds your 'place'? What will happen when Shane finds one of the causes of his pain, Joey, in the only place he feels safe? (Warning: occasional smut ..)

  • Is Shoey over? | Shoey Fanfic (Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa
    220 5 2

    This is gonna be a kinda sad fanfic because shane finds out about #janiel he becomes sad and depressed because he really loved Joey and Joey finally realizes it...

  • Be my shoey? (Shoey)
    3.6K 154 19

    Joey loves Shane but whats holding back Shane's love? Lisa.

  • Mine {Shoey}
    6.3K 212 28

    Shane is a vampire and moves into town. Joey is the popular boy at his school along with his friends. When the two personalities meet they must have eachother, and one heavy secret is exposed will it create something beautiful or something hard to handle. They get closer and closer and a bond is created. But what if...

  • My College Professor
    391 24 4

    Joey's a sophomore in college, and he's got quite the eye for his film professor... Mr.Dawson. let his punishment begin... (Ok so there's going to be smut _Ash)

  • The Sitter
    1.6K 47 6

    Joey thinks he's too old for a baby sitter. But he gets a surprise when a certain someone is called to watch him.

  • Innocent Love
    392 14 3

    Joey who is a straight youtuber according to social media, ends up having feelings for one of his best mates, Shane Dawson. Shane, who is straight, and also a youtuber does things to Joey, but Joey takes it to another level. He loves what Shane does to him, but does he ever tell him, or anyone? Does he end up giving u...

  • Ask L
    567K 14.5K 483

    A book of questions for our favorite Death Note character, L. (If you haven't watched Death Note- why are you here?)

  • Lost to Me ~A Shoey Fanfic~ *ON HOLD*
    3.5K 129 14

    After Lisa and Shane break up, Shane is lost. The best girlfriend he ever had, gone in a wink. Joey has had a crush on Shane for as long as he can remember and now Shane is single, and Joey decides to tell Shane how he feels. Will the love of his life return his feelings? Or will both Joey and Shane be left heartb...

  • Shane And Joey - Shoey Fanfiction - Happy Valentine's Day <3
    9K 240 20

    When Joey realizes how self conscious he is about being ALONE for Valentine's Day this year, again... Shane decides to help him find someone, a special someone. What happens when Joey realizes that his Special Someone has been in front of him this whole time?! His best friend: SHANE DAWSON. A song helps Shane realize...

  • Illusions (A Shoey Fanfic)
    3.2K 297 1

    "It hurts to know...That you'll never remember the things I'll never forget."

  • Bring Me Back To Life.
    69 4 3

    Turn back the clock. Change my ways. Remove the lock That locks my cage. I want to be free. I want to fight. But what ever you do, please Bring me back to life. (Prequel to Shoey Letters)

  • It was always you. (A Joey Graceffa Fanfiction)
    1.2K 46 6

    Joey Graceffa wakes up from a coma and finds that he is dating his boyfriend, Joey Graceffa. The two boys look, talk, dress, and love exactly like each other. Every scar and pain one feels, the other feels as well. It's like loving a mirror image. But what happens when the mirror is broken. Is this real? Or not? And w...

  • Crazier Than You (Shoey)
    5K 163 8

    AU - Shane has a mild form of schizophrenia where he creates characters in his head. Because of this he has had trouble making friends, but maybe a new kid at school will end up being just as crazy as him. Shoey.

  • Anime Pick Up Lines
    8.6M 351K 217

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪|| Wanna know how to be smooth like me? Then use these pick up lines LOLOL. -this book has been completed *ANIME PICK UP LINES BOOK 2 is out now!!!!!* *ANIME PICK UP LINES BOOK 3 is out now!!!!!*

  • The Youtube Group chat
    40.1K 2.6K 78

    TyOakTree: babe, come over TroyeBoy: I can't, I'm in another country TyOakTree: bitch, start swimming Lots of ships plus not knowing what the hell is going on

  • YouTuber One Shots
    49.2K 875 26

    Just a book of YouTube oneshots on my favorite couples. These stories will be romantic,fluff, smut and au. They will be based around my favorite YouTuber's witch include but not limited to (not in any order)-Smosh and Smosh Games, CinnamonToastken, Jacksepticeye, Rhett and Link, Cryaotic, Tobuscus, PewDiePie, Markipl...

  • Set Me Free~A Shoey FanFic
    1.6K 63 11

    *Trigger warning* Self harm, Eating disorders, abuse, bad language. "All i want, is for you to hold me."